Jeremy Roenick vs. Mike Milbury Video: Watch NHL Analysts Get in Heated Dispute

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NBC Sports Network analysts Jeremy Roenick and Mike Milbury aren't big fans of each other. They are rarely on the same page and it can lead to awkward situations for their fellow NHL talking heads, as Keith Jones found out last night.

A video of the heated discussion is embedded above.

The pair was discussing a hit by Eric Nystrom of the Dallas Stars on Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins when things began to go haywire.

Once that pebble started rolling down the mountain, it was impossible to stop.

Roenick, who was a tough guy during his two-decade NHL career, wasn't happy about how much the league has begun to crack down on hitting. Due to a rash of concussion issues, including one to superstar Sidney Crosby, there has been a greater focus on the severity and placement of hits.

When Milbury disagrees with his stance, Roenick flips his lid.

He starts ranting and raving about how they should just take hitting out of hockey if it's going to be so tightly restricted and tells his counterpart that he's getting “soft.”

In an industry where fake disagreements and arguments seem to be staged more often than ever, it's actually quite refreshing to see a real debate get heated. Roenick was a trash talker during his career and it has clearly carried over.

It shows how much passion both guys have for the game, and actually paints a better picture for the sport. If the analysts care that much, the players have to be even more intense.

The funniest part of the video is undoubtedly Jones' reaction. His face while Roenick and Milbury are going back and forth is priceless. Maybe Southwest Airlines will call him up to be in one of the company's “Want to get away?” commercials.

Hopefully, the NBC Sports Network keeps putting these guys on the telecast together, because it keeps things interesting. That should be the goal of every pregame, halftime or intermission show.

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