Gays in the WWE: Myth or Imminent Reality?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJanuary 11, 2012

Even the hottest couples support this. Image courtesy of
Even the hottest couples support this. Image courtesy of

I am really going through with writing this piece. Let me put on my crash helmet.

Homosexuality has been a taboo subject in sports for as long as I can remember and addressing the matter is just almost as awkward for some of you.

Judging from some comments on an article I wrote a few months back about the sexiest men in pro-wrestling, it appears we are still living in the Dark Ages.

Now, I believe the matter has been addressed in another sort of promotion I am not familiar with named Wrestling Revolution Project where a certain character by the name of Chase Walker has surfaced. This Walker is not the stereotypical gay man with all the glam and hand mannerisms but a masculine guy who just happens to like other guys.

It certainly is the time to try and experiment new things, funny as that sounds. The product has fallen from grace since the glory days of the Attitude Era and the ratings are not as they once were. Adding a twist in a story line would most definitely capture everyone's interest.

Remember the Mickie James-Trish Stratus psycho lesbian angle?

There was also the mind games of Goldust towards Razor Ramon in the 1990s. As bizarre as it was, there were times when we all wondered if it really was a gay theme.

The time has come to push the envelope a little further. Forget your puny Puritan views now; this is business.

Even soap operas have begun going there and you don't get more middle class America than that.

There have been so many of those shows canceled over the last few years because of a decline in interest. I would really hate it if that same fate were to happen with WWE someday just because they didn't take a risk.

If we can see the big picture here, we would realize that it wouldn't have to be the queer eye for the wrestling guy type of thing.

There is no doubt some Superstars or Divas are homosexuals. No one is going to be named here and I don't care to know either so no comment-boxing!

Kevin Nash, among others, has been a true defender of athletes who come out and he tries his best at pushing things along so that one day, nobody will ever have to hide. There is honor in this you know. Making the world a better place is everyone's duty.

Check out what Big Sexy had to say here

Do ask, do tell please. I would like you just as much if not more. Not for nothing, but John Cena wears a shirt that says: "Rise Above Hate" or that The Miz and Maryse chose to speak about the NO H8 campaign.

A gay angle in WWE would sell.

It would sell because it would be new, fresh and has never been done. Wrestling is a PG program so there wouldn't be any over-the-top antics. Just some (hopefully) classy and tasteful writing.

What can we say about Superstars? Let's see now.

They are fit, look good for the majority of them, have money and in the 2010s, know how to dress. Sounds quite like some of my gay friends right there. What's the big deal?

Should the lesbian or gay be a heel then I'm sure the heat would be genuine like Vickie Guerrero's and not just some go away heat a la Alberto Del Rio.

If people were to boo a "face" gay, all it would serve would be to remind us how humankind can be weak and stupid.

People fear what they don't understand right? I say go with this angle in 2012 WWE, you won't regret it.