WWE: John Cena, Randy Orton and the 20 Sexiest Superstars of All Time

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJune 9, 2011

WWE: John Cena, Randy Orton and the 20 Sexiest Superstars of All Time

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    It is beyond hot outside, so I've decided to redirect this heat into an article.

    This way, not only do I please all my girlfriends but my gay friends as well. I have kept an open mind and welcomed their assistance as to who are the hottest guys out there in WWE.

    If my colleague TC Vreeland can write a phenomenal piece on Divas being hot and score galactic results, I am going to think outside the box and hand you a male version.

    I sense confusion...

    As a proud and confident man, Giulio the Phoenix will deliver onto you, the Bleacher Report community, a list of the 20 sexiest male superstars to grace the squared-circle, past, present and future.

    In writing this, I want to sent a special "Shout Out" to Renée Paquette of The Score's WWE AFTERMATH...this one is for you!

    Yes! I am brave. I am confident! I am proud!.............ok....here we go...

Marcus Alexander "Buff" Bagwell

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    Too bad for him he blew his chances with WWE

    Let's start with him...Marcus Bagwell a.k.a "Buff."

    You might wonder why this guy is on the list.

    He was a rather nice-looking lad back in the early 90s. He was also voted WCW Rookie of the Year in 1991. 

    His career, however, wasn't so impressive. I thought his time paired up with Scott Steiner in the NWO was pretty good until they kicked him out.

    This five-time Tag Team Champion had so much potential. Too bad he faked an injury in 2001, which led to his dismissal by WWE.

    At 41 now, Marcus Alexander Bagwell still performs on the independent scene and is married to his third wife since 2001.

The World's Most Dangerous Man: Ken Shamrock

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    Michaelangelo's David who?

    I had to put this guy in there for fear he'd come and beat me up!

    He always served as a model to me for fitness. His shape was and still is amazing, even at the age of 47.

    A former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, Ken Shamrock decided to leave WWE back in 2000.

    He had suffered many injuries during his stint as a pro-wrestler, but his contributions, whether in be in sports-entertainment or MMA, will never be forgotten.

    Now, Ken Shamrock spends his time making sporadic appearances in UFC, coaching a football team and just recently helped his son Sean recover from kidney cancer.

    I wish him and his son the best. I know what you are going through, guys.

The Next Next Big Thing: Mason Ryan

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    For some reason, I see him in X-Men as "Colossus"

    For some who might question why I chose him and not Batista...TATTOOS!

    Mason Ryan has none! 

    He has a better looking face, too.

    When I think about it, he really does look like Colossus from X-Men. Bryan Singer, sign him now!

    I think this guy will go all the way. No right now, but soon, and with a look like that, there should not be any doubts.

    I hope he has the mic skills to be up to par with Batista though.

    He is 29. At 30 is where life truly begins for a man. Could some championships be that far away?  

Jeff Hardy: Not an Enigma When It Comes to Sexy

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    Ladies go Gaga for a bad romance with this guy.

    It puzzles me still as to why the ladies always fall for the bad boys with tattoos and the long hair.

    Girls? Why is that?

    My own sister went crazy whenever Hardy took off his tank top. 

    Jeff Hardy is truly a remarkable superstar. It is unfortunate his career is marred by personal drama and legal troubles.

    Still, he did achieve success. He is a former three-time World Champion, not to mention all the other accolades he acquired as a single and tag team performer.

    Taking some time off now is best for this one, as he just welcomed his first baby girl this past October and recently married longtime girlfriend Britt on March 9, 2011.

    Here's hoping he defeats his demons and returns to prominence. I know for a fact many women and children of the WWE Universe would love to see him back in the ring soon.

"The Ravishing One" Rick Rude: One Word Ladies: Rude Awakening!

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    Mustaches were IN back in 1989...it led this man to win the Intercontinental championship too.

    He was ripped! I love it! He would say to me...BE JEALOUS!

    I am Rick; I really am.

    Back in 1987, he won the "Jesse The Body" Slammy award for sexiest superstar.

    Despite never winning the WWE championship, Rick Rude was one of the greatest "heels" to ever grace the squared-circle.

    He delivered killer promos, was enrolled in epic feuds and had a killer body. The problem was the timing. Things worked very differently back in the day, and champions remained on top for a longer period of time. Thus, the "Ravishing One" simply got lost in the shuffle.

    Richard Rood left us on April 20, 1999 after heart failure. He was 40 years old.

    His end should serve as a warning to those considering mixing products and taking unnecessary risks.

    As a personal trainer, let me tell you this...It is not worth it!

"The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre: Young, Fresh and Single!

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    Women love an accent and the rrrolling of the arrrz

    I think this guys has immense potential in his young career. He definitely has the look of a superstar.

    The sinister scotsman has already claimed some measure of success, as he is a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion.

    This year might be the one for him. The Money In The Bank event next month have some speculating he could walk out the winner. I don't dispute that; I want him to be a star.

    Recently single as a result of his separation from former WWE Diva Tiffany, this guy is a total catch, ladies.

    He is in perfect shape, all proportioned and has the blue eyes to en-trance pretty much anyone. 

    I would love for him to pair up with Sheamus and destroy all tag teams and reign supreme until they are well established for a successful main event run.

    He is only 25.

"The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin

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    What is it with black men that makes their bodies always so superior to many of us?

    His athletic background suggests he has to follow a strict routine to maintain such excellence.

    He is also a talented artist and avid video game player. He almost decided to make art his way of life, but ultimately chose to pursue a career in the ring.

    His accomplishments and talent are worthy of recognition. He has held singles and tag team gold and held the moniker of "Gold Standard" when performing in WWE.

    Shelton Benjamin never made it to the world title, and some, like myself, wonder why not. His release came on April 22, 2010, and he has since returned to Ring of Honor, where he teams up once again with long-time partner Charlie Haas.

    Recently, Benjamin was in a match against Curt Hawkins before a taped edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

    There are still years ahead for this character. He is only 35 years old, in the prime of his life.

"The King of Kings" Triple H: Game On!

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    Hey! He looks like Thor!

    He is the Cerebral Assassin! I'd be dead if I didn't add him in here. 

    The future ruler of the pro-wrestling empire with his queen Stephanie by his side. Triple H has long flowing blond hair and a deep voice. He could very well be Thor in disguise.

    I think the fact he holds power and wears tailored suits makes him very sexy. Chicks dig that. HIs attitude also counts for a lot. 

    From what we hear, WWE behind the scenes is quite different when he is there rather than Vince McMahon. He has an innovative vision, which can only mean good things for the future of the company.

    His evolution days are the best way to confirm what I am talking about. The guy came out looking like a million bucks with his buddies, cars, money and all the power.

    It made guys envy him, hate him and women to go nuts and desire him. All in all, I guess he was successful.

    Though he make take a break from performing in the ring, his career is far from over. In fact, it may have just begun again.

    Triple H is married to Stephanie McMahon. They have three children and he is 41.

The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rollah: Chris Jericho

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    Men, like wine, get better as they get older

    Not only can this man wrestle and talk, but he can dance as well.

    Just having great dance skills is enough to sweep any one off their feet. Chris Jericho is the Madonna of Pro-Wrestling.

    Constantly evolving and reinventing himself, he is quite a character. From frontman to a rock band to wrestler and dancer, what is left for him to surprise us with?

    He is the man who also inspires many of his fellow performers to bring it up a notch. People like The Miz model after him, and with good reason. This guy is a winner.

    Judging from the slide picture, Chris Jericho is a very photogenic man who looks amazing in a suit. That's very sexy if you ask me.

    I own many suits for that simple reason. We guys look great in them, and it attracts attention. That's what I do it for.

    This pro-wrestling legend has all the tools it takes in the ring plus the blond hair and the blue eyes...a total package it seems.

    Look fro his return this year to WWE. I hope it is sooner rather than later. Chris Jericho is 40 years old.

    40 is the new 30 they say... 

CM Punk: Straightedge = Sexy

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    Piercings, tattoos, lady's man...what's his secret?

    Notorious for having dated the likes of Maria Kanellis, Lita and now Beth Phoenix "The Glamazon" herself!

    He is another example of women loving the bad guys. 

    I am very impressed. He definitely deserves a spot here amongst the sexiest WWE superstars. The tattoos and piercings again!

    CM Punk is a womanizer! He has caught some sexy women in his life. I understand why. He is a good-looking man. Nice smile, nice shape, but the best part is his ability to speak, so I imagine him to be quite the smooth talker.

    This superstar has a huge fan base. Though he is viewed as a "heel," it makes no different because when his awesome entrance theme starts to play, if you pay attention, you'll notice how many raise their arms in joy.

    I wonder if the ladies think this guy is a total player. Ladies? What do you think?

    CM Punk has yet to re-sign with WWE as we speak. I personally hope he does, because the company needs his talent.

    He has still a long way to go at only 32. He has not captured the WWE championship yet. That is something to remedy soon, please. 

Alberto Del Rio and His Destiny: Feel the Heat of Mexico

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    Everything he said, that goes ditto for me.

    He has it all.

    Looks, brains, money, power, cars, speaking skills, a killer smile, an amazing body and a wardrobe that makes me want to go right now to NYC and spend my entire month's pay.

    I forgot to say "Latino Heat." I know that counts for something. Sexiness is in their blood.

    There is no doubt, absolutely none whatsoever, he is to make it to the top of the world very soon. His destiny may have been derailed a little with Edge's retirement and transfer to RAW, but make no mistake, he will not be kept down very long.

    The latest rumors have him facing John Cena for the WWE championship at SummerSlam. I'm not so sure anymore. Why just thrust him in there? 

    I wish there was more build-up. With the champion more injured than expected, perhaps Del Rio's time may come sooner than we think.

Ted DiBiase: Here's Hoping He's Gets as Good as He Looks

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    Million Dollar body

    This guy has so much potential. He is young and quite a looker. I just love his body too. He is in excellent shape.

    Ted DiBiase's career has somewhat taken a hit over the last year. What was deemed to be a great one now seems to be hold until he works on shaking away his father's character.

    I'm surprised he never turned "face" after leaving The Legacy. Even his pairing with Maryse didn't help.

    That's too bad.

    I know a lot of people who think this guy is the hottest of all. When you think about it, it is not over the top muscles like Batista or Mason Ryan.

    That is what I perceive to be hot. I just hope he is not on anything, because were that the case, I would be so disappointed.

    The son of the Million Dollar Man is only 28, but ladies, please keep your hands off, as he is married to his high school sweetheart since 2008.

Cody Rhodes: Simply Dashing

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    I wonder where he'll take his character once the "grotesque" storyline ends.

    We need to see this pretty boy's face again. I think that is a money-maker for him. He certainly doesn't follow the diet of his father and half-brother, as he is a fine example of a sliced physique.

    What's even better is the fact he has that rare black hair-blue eyes pairing that I have always envied.

    There is something about men with blue eyes. They have us beat at every turn.

    I like where WWE has gone in the last decades. No longer do we have the 80s fat, hairy characters displayed on television every week.

    Let it be a way of promoting sane, healthy diets and regular exercise. We can't all look like him, but we can try to be in the best shape our bodies would allow right?

    The promos he gives are rich and entertaining. I liked his grooming tips last year, and now with his dark persona, he has become the guy I enjoy most on Friday nights.

    I would have placed the Intercontinental championship on him rather than that boring Wade Barrett. 

    A minor setback. I expect him to be the winner of the SD Money in the Bank ladder match next month.

    One word of advice I'd give him, though...wear knee pads and protect those fit legs.

Dolph Ziggler: Flashing in Neon Lights

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    He is perfection?

    I wonder where he got the idea to start going by that name. Straight out of a 70s series of film, perhaps?

    His theme song starts off with "I am perfection," which could very well be true. Alright, there is no such thing, but there is excellence.

    I admire his very much. There is not a single flaw to this man's body. He also walks around with a great looking face and displays a sexy smile.

    Vickie Guerrero is a lucky girl. Pure humour here, everyone.

    He leaves very little room for imagination also in his skin-tight trunks. Latest expression I got from some people around was Oh my God! 

    Good for Dolph. 

    I only hope he gets to continue giving us some great matches, and he finally showed us he is pretty good on commentary. He does have mic skills!

    His business associate did wonders for him, and now is the time to carry on by himself. At 30 years old, Dolph Ziggler is a former Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion with his sights set on another singles prize: The United States title.

    2011 will be a great year for this carbon copy of Michaelangelo's David.

"The Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison

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    Peanut butter and Johnny

    Was this guy a model before? Not only that...he goes home and has Melina Perez waiting for him wearing just a tie...it's hot in here!

    The Monday Night Delight has always been one of my favorites all the way since his "Nitro" days.

    He and girlfriend Melina have such a sexy chemistry. 

    John Morrison is not shy about promoting his impressive physique. Why should he be? He looks hot!

    I want abs like that! Those are not implants by the way. He is also sporting that sexy long hair.

    The beard needs to go, however.

    We all know he has less than perfect speaking skills. Wouldn't Morrison be better off as a "heel?"

    Let's keep praying for a change of attitude upon his return from injury and also for a reunion on screen with Melina.

    They are just oozing sex, beauty and hotness. John Morrison is 31; Melina is 32. 

Alex Riley: Often Imitated but Never Duplicated

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    Son of a...beauty queen!

    He is very impressive. I like where his career is going. I am glad The Miz will drag him along, right to the top.

    Alex Riley has learned a lot since his beginning last year. He gets a great positive response now the minute he comes out. That is great news.

    I always liked this one. Of course because he was paired with The Miz, but also because I sensed him to have that "IT" factor some others like Christian and Kofi Kingston do NOT possess.

    Just look at him. He screams superstar material. You cannot take anything away from the son of a beauty queen.

    Here's hoping he does things right and learned from his DUI incident last year. I wouldn't want to see young men with potential like that throwing it all away on a whim.

    Alex Riley is a very sexy man. He's got the looks, the in-ring ability we want and can handle his own when given a microphone.

    Take you time with this one, WWE; he is worth it.

    The Miz will still kick his butt.

"The Awesome One" The Miz: Always Number One in My Book

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    Looks like a star, acts like a star, IS a star...and is dating Maryse! Be Jealous!

    My favourite superstar in WWE as we speak. With good reason. He has a great career ahead of him and already carries with him a world championship notch on his belt.

    I see a lot of myself in him. We both have the same taste for fashion and style. We are both cocky, arrogant and have terrific speaking skills.

    He just has to flash those pearly whites and that kick-ass smile and he'd probably become president...alright, let's take it down a little. Snagging the beautiful French Diva scores him a million points.

    If you'll recall, when he came into the company, he did not have the same appearance as today. I believed him to be a little bit chubby to the point even former partner John Morrison made use of it in his jokes.

    We have heard countless times how much of a hard-worker this man is. I applaud that so much. Not only has he given all he had to the bettering of his career, but becoming quite the sex-symbol was another result.

    He is a Must-See superstar. He is a smart and sexy individual who knows the meaning of hard work and determination.

    I love this moniker for him: Grand Mizard of Lust....priceless!

"Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels: He Is Your Sexy Boy

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    I literally went deaf the second this guy entered the arena

    He put sexy on the map. He is the original boy toy and a living legend. Those are set in stone merits.

    The Heartbreak Kid has displayed his "features" many times in the ring. With his sexy dances and incredible promos, it's no wonder I am deaf from all that screaming.

    It even made him a most-hated man, as he was brash and cocky. There are many who'd just love to slap that face silly when looking at the slide picture.

    When everybody else started to go wax-crazy, this guy kept on sporting that hairy chest and still was the sexiest superstar on TV.

    You don't have to be 300 pounds of muscle to be sexy; you just know how to sell what life has given you. Shawn Michaels was indeed a pretty boy when he was younger and now ages gracefully as he enjoys his retirement from the ring.

    He is 45 years old, has two children, a legendary career and is happily married to a former Nitro girl no less. 

    Lucky guy.

The Rock: Finally! He Has Come...on the Sexy List

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    He is the jabroni-beating, la la la la la la laow! pie-eating, People's Champion.

    How many women I know would bear his children in a second. Sigh!

    The Rock is a Hollywood megastar! The embodiment of sexy.

    I placed him here at the end of the list because I couldn't really decide who was the best between my top three.

    I think he has the best smile ever. The white teeth are just so impressive, and they really come out because of his apparently smooth chocolate skin.

    Plus he's got that huge tattoo on his arm, which drives everyone crazy. Now, you probably have as many female fans in the movie theaters when his latest movie comes out.

    I know for a fact they'd love to see him in a love scene just so they could get a glimpse of the People's butt.

    The Rock is set to make his WrestleMania in-ring return on April 1, 2012 when he takes on John Cena

    There is little left for him to do in WWE, but just having him appear every now and then sets our television sets on fire!

    At 39, he had the career of a lifetime.

Randy Orton: God Broke the Mold After This One

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    I had found some other ones but...this is PG!

    This is THE guy I believe is deemed to be sexiest superstar of all time.

    He has the baby blues, a body that is virtually sliced and that new beard he is sporting makes him look like a total bad-ass!

    I still have't learned his tanning secret, though, as he sports the most unbelievable skin color I've ever seen for a white guy.

    The arm tattoos are just so amazing. He truly does look like a killer. It means "don't mess with me."

    Randy Orton is just 30 years old. His career is at an all-time high right now, as he is the reigning World Heavyweight Champion.

    Everyone goes nuts when he comes out. Everyone I know absolutely loves and desires him because he is so damned exceptional.

    Say what you like about his character and attitude; you can't deny he deserves to be the hottest of all time.

    He would be on top of the list, but someone else has that position right now.

    Yes, you guessed it.

    The sexiest WWE superstar of all time is none other than... 

John Cena: The Sexiest Man in Sports-Entertainement Period!

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    Nice picture Champ!

    That is, according to all my entourage and the millions of people going ballistic the minute he takes off his shirt in the ring.

    He is the reigning WWE Champion and the sexiest man in all of pro-wrestling to be honest.

    The poster boy of the company for many reasons. He's got the body, the face, a gorgeous smile. His positive attitude makes even guys like me, who aren't fans of his, feel better sometimes.

    His merchandise sells like hot cakes, and how many of you have kids that have about as many posters of him as you may have had in your New Kids On The Block days?

    Be honest! I just know you either had them, or Samantha Fox stashed away somewhere.

    I may dislike the character very much, but I love the man, the person, for all that he accomplishes.

    The Make-a-Wishes, the putting a smile on kids' faces is worth more than any riches this world has to offer, and that is beyond sexy.

    There is one video I had found of his walking around in a string underwear and Afro wig. I showed some people, and it almost caused them to have a heart attack.

    My apologies.

    You don't get that same effect when you see Brodus Clay now, do you?

    Congratulations, Champ!

    You deserve the honor of being the best of the best. You certainly work hard for it.

    Now let's hope your body is not bruised to the point of forfeiting the title, I want someone to defeat you for it!

What Is Sexy?

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    There are your winners, folks, and remember, not everyone shares the same opinion as to what is sexy. Everyone has their own taste and standards. All have merit.

    I would really love to hear who you'd have placed on a list like that and please don't give me that "I am a man and don't do that kind of stuff" garbage.

    Don't forget to check out the sexy, sultry female version of this counterpart written by my Bleacher Report colleague TC Vreeland.

    WWE Divas: Layla, Kelly Kelly and the 25 hottest Divas of all time

    Look who I chose as the hottest of all.

    She is taken, guys. Be Jealous!