Alexander Ovechkin Not in All-Star Starting Lineup

Chad AinsworthCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

Alexander Ovechkin has been labeled the Great 8, but apparently NHL fans don't think that's too important when it comes to voting for the 2009 All-Star starting lineup. Ovie wasn't voted to be on the starting lineup for this upcoming All-Star game.

In the NFL, one third of the All-Star voting is up to the fans, another third to the players, and the final third for the coaches, but in the NHL the fans have total control and say over the All-Star starting lineup. Some critics say that the NHL should follow the same voting philosophy as the NFL because it has more truth to the results.

Ovechkin won four awards, including the MVP of the league, last season for his tremendous efforts and results. He finished the 2007-08 season with 65 goals and is well on his way to possibly achieving the same thing again this season with him already having scored 27, but for some reason NHL fans don't think he's worthy of being in the starting lineup at the 2009 All-Star game. 

Ovechkin deserves to be in the starting lineup at the All-Star game. He's earned it. The starting lineup is actually comprised of players from just four NHL teams.  Ovechkin and at least one Bruin and Shark should be in there.

This same thing has seemed to bleed through into the officiating as well in the NHL. If one of the few other "chosen ones" (like the precious Sidney Crosby) get cheap-shotted in any way, penalties will be thrown out left and right to anyone involved, but for Ovechkin that doesn't seem to be the story. Ovie has to fight through tremendous roughness and cheap shots every game, and still comes out the MVP of the league.

Alex is also willing to sacrifice his body with several pounding hits in every game (something Crosby can't even hold a candle to).

Everyone can agree that the voting results for the starting lineup of the 2009 All-Star games are completely idiotic and that Alexander the Great should have been recognized for his amazing record-breaking 2007-08 season (and current results). Next year maybe the fans shouldn't have the total say in who gets to start at the All-Star games.