WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Dec. 23

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 23, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown, Dec. 23

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    This is the 10th edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the ninth episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10, i.e. "8/10," as this is a competition of SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen). Also, there will be voting details at the end of the show that pertain to the next Fantasy PPV for those who have not yet voted.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week.

    The Miz and CM Punk come out then a poll comes up showing the close race with the First Blood match winning. Both men lock up as the bell sounds coming at each other with malice.

    They exchange hard shots left and right eventually leading to the outside. They end up using steel chairs and a kendo stick to inflict pain on each other.

    Shots to Punk's leg lead him to being unable to stand, so Miz grabs a microphone, taunting Punk only for Punk to knock out Miz with a hard shot from that microphone.

    Punk drags himself to the top rope and takes Miz with him. Punk hits a DDT on the steel steps from the top, breaking Miz open for Punk's win.

    The medics come out and help Punk toward the back. Suddenly, Miseria Cantare starts playing, and a man comes out, getting on one knee in front of Punk.

    CM Punk look on in utter shock and confusion. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    The show opens with the lights out. The audience are making sparse sounds until Miseria Cantare by AFI starts playing. A light comes up illuminating the entrance way, up the entrance ramp, and the ring. 

    A man with a hood over his head makes his way down the entrance ramp. He gets into the ring and picks up a microphone. He sits down Indian style and begins to speak.

    Man: "Punk... CM Punk, all I'm out here to you is speak to you. You probably don't even know me. So caught up in your web that you can't even remember the stars that you pass by, but it doesn't matter. My name doesn't matter. My identity doesn't matter. What matters is my message to you, Punk.

    "I am the messenger in the wind. I am the voice of reason. Punk, I have followed your career from the beginning. Always making it to the big time. Always finding your way to the top, but you never changed. You natural ability was enough to lead you to the top while you became better than everyone with your passion and lifestyle.

    "I admired that drive you had. I drove myself to make it in every business that you made it into though I never made it until now. Again, this isn't about me. I never questioned your rise, ability, or motivation. That was until June 27. I was about to debut in WWE's developmental program FCW, and I sat down to watch an episode of Monday Night Raw.

    "Your words on that night worried me. While you claimed to be the best, while you claimed to be the greatest, and took the title of the voice of the voiceless, I just shook my head. You never fought to make money or control the company. You wrestled for the thrill and for your beliefs.

    "Yet you took those words, and you changed, Punk. Sure, now you sit on top of the WWE as the 'best in the world' with the entire fan base on your side; however, you aren't the man you once were. You don't speak for me. You don't speak for the locker room. You certainly don't speak for the 'voiceless'. You speak for your self."

    Suddenly, the lights go up as CM Punk hits the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd. The man seems completely unfazed in the ring as Punk limps down to the ring with a brace on his leg and a microphone in his hand. He gets into the ring, looks down at the man, and sits down Indian style with him.

    Punk: "Please continue. I just wanted to be upfront and personal as you gave me your message."

    Man: "All right then.... I'm not here to mess with your mind, Punk. I'm here to save you. Show you the light and the fact that you are wrong. I'm here to remind you what it means to be a Straight Edge competitor."

    Punk: "So... you think that all I've done is for me? You really think that I have changed under these lights. The money has driven me away from what exactly?"

    Man: "You've turned away from what makes wrestling mean something. Look around you! These fans are completely enamored with you and your controversy, but they don't see the money you drag in and the people you influence. All you do is makes millions and help you friends reach the top. That isn't the CM Punk I admired."

    Punk: "First, I'm not oblivious. I remember you. What was your name again? Dean Ambrose. I may barely know you, and I may have no idea why you feel admiration for me; however, I can remember every man I have wrestled. Second, you know nothing about me, so stop your little quest now."

    Ambrose: "I'll make you understand. I will make you realize your folly sooner than you think. Because I'm here to save you, Punk. This is not about me. It's about you."

    With that, Ambrose stands up and exits the ring. He walks to the back as Punk looks on. We head to a commercial break.

Match 1: Sin Cara vs. Trent Barreta

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    We return with the newly signed Trent Barreta entering to Paralyzer by Finger Eleven to a minimal reaction.

    He is followed by Sin Cara Azul who as he stands at the top of the stage gets taken out from the back by Sin Cara Negro.Negro hits Azul hard then throws him into the screen at the entrance. Then he hits Azul with a swinging Samoan drop on the entrance area.

    While medics run in to try and help Azul, Negro makes the usual Sin Cara entrance but without music. The referee doesn't know what to do as Negro motions for the ref to ring the bell. When Barreta agrees, the referee rings the bell.

    Negro makes swipes at Barreta as he dodges. On the fourth attempt, Negro catches Barreta's leg; however, Barreta congratulates him with an enzuigiri that takes Negro down. When Negro rises, Barreta hits him with a running single leg high knee.

    He goes to the top rope only to get caught by Negro who goes for a powerbomb off the top after he climbs to the top. Barreta reverses it into a frankensteiner off the top rope. He then hits a springboard moonsault for a long two count.

    Then he plays to the crowd who has turned to his side after some great moves. He then goes to outside apron and jumps for a slingshot elbow drop. Negro catches him by bringing up his knees, placing them so that Barreta's leg hits badly.

    Negro takes control for a few minutes after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He gets a few near falls before pulling Barreta to the top rope. He is about to go for a moonsault side slam when Sin Cara Azul's music hits again.

    With Negro distracted, Barreta elbows him so that Negro falls to the mat. Then Barreta hits a diving corkscrew senton on Negro and covers him for the three count.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Trent Barreta." (Time of contest: 7:22)

    Sin Cara Negro gets up as Barreta celebrates. Negro attacks Barreta from behind and takes him out. He then hits a senton bomb from the top rope. As Barreta lays out in pain, Negro leaves, and we go to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: John Cena

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    John Cena is walking around back when Michael Cole, the SmackDown General Manager, comes up to him.

    Cole: "John, John, hey, I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have you on my show. SmackDown is becoming the premiere program for WWE, and I can thank you at least partly for that. I also wanted to tell you that I have been in talks with WWE high officials, and we finally have everything back in order.

    "Your match against the Rock at WrestleMania is still happening with you as a SmackDown star. I have talked with the Rock, and he will be here next week to, as he puts it, 'put you back in your place'. I hope you are ready for anything."

    Cena: "I didn't know the match was ever off. Sure didn't seem any different for the Rock. Not here or not here. I'm sure he will be here 'via satellite' next week. Seriously, do have some real news for me, Cole?"

    Cole: "Actually, I do. Tonight's main event will be a twenty man battle royal where the winner will earn a number one contender's spot at the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. You will be allowed in the match, but I cannot allow you any more WWE Championship shots after that because you already have a main event WrestleMania match.

    So this is your last shot. Oh, and I am even allowing Dolph Ziggler in the match, so you might want to be careful."

    Cena: "I'm supposed to watch out for Dolph Ziggler? Sorry, I appreciate what he is doing, but he can't scare me. One last opportunity is all I need. The Rock will be coming back next week, so I can tell him face to face that he will be fighting me for that WWE Title at WrestleMania. No one will stop me match that goal."

    Cena walks away from Cole as Cole's facial expressions change slowly. His face seems contented while a bit frustrated by Cena's attitude as we break to commercial.

Match 2: Ted DiBiase vs. Justin Gabriel

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    We return with a recap of last night's tag team match. Then Justin Gabriel enters the ring excited and focused.

    The Fortunate Americans come out with Jimmy Uso at their back. Ted DiBiase enters the ring as Jack Swagger and Jimmy Uso stay outside. All of them look angry after their loss last night.

    As the bell rings, DiBiase comes right at Gabriel battering on him with hard shots. Gabriel backs into a corner as DiBiase just beats on him. The referee counts to four and then pulls DiBiase off. As the referee helps Gabriel out of the corner, DiBiase takes Gabriel down and keeps hitting him.

    Gabriel can't get a move in as DiBiase picks him up and hits a scoop powerslam. As Gabriel is still down, DiBiase doesn't even cover him. He stomps on him then hits a few fist drops.He just keeps up a rugged and violent offensive on Gabriel with headlocks and punches.

    He never even goes for a cover as he beats on Gabriel who has not even had a breath of air to make a decisive move possible. DiBiase then kicks Gabriel out of the ring and follows him outside.

    DiBiase throws Gabriel into the barricade which doesn't give at all. He picks up Gabriel and hits a big spinebuster on the ground outside. The referee keeps counting as he beats on Gabriel further.

    With the count at 8, DiBiase goes for a clothesline to a propped up Gabriel on the steel post. Gabriel ducks at the last second causing DiBiase to crash and burn. Gabriel rolls into the ring to beat the count, but DiBiase can't.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match by count out, Justin Gabriel." (Time of contest: 3:15)

    Gabriel has trouble even standing as Swagger comes in and attacks Gabriel. DiBiase enters the ring, and, while Swagger picks Gabriel up for a jackknife powerbomb, DiBiase grabs Gabriel's neck. The two force Gabriel down with the full force hitting his neck.

    Uso goes and takes the microphone away from Chimel and makes his way into the ring.

    Uso: "You see that? This team is not going to be put down by one mere loss. Air Boom may have defeated us once, but the men standing in this ring right now are coming for that title. The score is still 4-1, and that score will only expand until these two take those titles."

    The three stand in the ring over a beaten down Justin Gabriel as we go to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Santino Marella

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    Santino Marella is walking around backstage, talking to himself.

    Marella: "Without the Great Show, without the Cobra, without help, I am wrenched. I don'ts even know where to start."

    He runs into Zack Ryder.

    Marella: "Ah, the Zach riding man, I am in need of someone to pump the fists with."

    Ryder: "Not now, bro."

    Marella: "It is okay. I have the wig for the hair spiking and everything."

    Ryder (turning to face Santino angrily): "Santino, I am not in the mood. I have a possible WWE Championship opportunity coming up tonight, and I have bigger things to worry about than you!"

    Ryder marches off with Santino left standing alone.

    Marella: "But..."

    As Santino looks hurt, we go to ringside.

Match 3: Richie Steamboat vs. Heath Slater

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    Heath Slater is in the ring, and Richie Steamboat makes his way out from the back. As he starts walking down the ramp, the commentators send us to a video recapping the debut of Steamboat to WWE as he fought in a losing effort against Christian for the Cruiserweight Title.

    He and Slater stare down until Christian's music hits. He comes out in a suit with the Cruiserweight Championship on his shoulder. Steamboat looks on as Christian makes his way to the commentary booth.

    Matthews: "We are joined now by the man who is still Cruiserweight Champion, Christian."

    Christian: "Josh, you sound as if you're surprised. This rookie against a long veteran of my caliber? He didn't have a chance."

    The bell rings, and Slater and Steamboat go at it.

    Matthews: "Really? If I remember correctly, you were waving off the match, feeling it was unfair, and you cheated to win."

    Christian: "All mind game, teaching this young star the ropes as only a legend can."

    Striker: "Not that I'm complaining, Christian, but why are you out here tonight?"

    Christian: "I'm here to watch this rookie actually face a star that is closer to his level in experience. Both stars could be contenders in my division with the weight limit expanded, so I wanted to see what both these guys can do."

    Striker: "Well spoken... wow, what a move!"

    Slater had Steamboat positioned for a flapjack, but, as he released, Steamboat turned the move in midair into an inverted DDT. He only got a two count.

    Christian: "The kid has some skill, but it is unrefined. He comes out in spots though. He might have wanted to debut as a tag team competitor. Then he could work off his partner to improve. Not that I ever needed to do that. While Edge went on to more championship titles, we all know, if anything, he used me to hide his weaknesses."

    Steamboat has Slater in an armbar with Slater pulling himself up. Steamboat releases the hold and hits a sharp superkick. He then goes to the top rope. He propels himself off the top rope for a perfect crossbody only to get two.

    He calls for Slater to rise and gets him in suplex position. Instead he lifts Slater up and hits a jackhammer elbow drop. That is enough for the three count and the win.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Richie Steamboat." (Time of contest: 6:10)

    The crowd seems very into the win by the young star as he celebrates Christian enters the ring. He stares down Steamboat then, much to everyone's surprise, extends his hand. Richie reluctantly accepts. The two shake hands with Christian pulling away and exiting the ring.

    No one is sure what to make of the situation as we head to commercial break.

In Ring Segment: Divas

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    We return as all the women wrestlers on the SmackDown are in the ring. The full ensemble after recent signings is Natalya, Maryse, Eve, AJ, and Tamina. The only one missing is the still kidnapped Gail Kim. Natalya has a microphone and addresses the audience.

    Natalya: "Each one of us is a member of the SmackDown roster. We expect equal and fair treatment and an honest shake. Over these past few months, we have been attacked, brutalized, and marked. This unknown force has promised answers tonight, so we are here to learn why are we being attacked."

    Natalya simple stands there with the rest of the Divas expecting an answer. They stand around for fifteen second, and then Maryse takes the microphone.

    Maryse: "I am done with this. All these signs, attacks. I need answers. Where is Gail Kim? Why am I being targeted?"

    Suddenly, the lights go out. Then a laugh echoes across the arena. Kharma comes out as the lights turn back on though another woman precedes her. She has a microphone in hand.

    Woman: "Divas, frail, insignificant creatures. You worry about your hair, nails, make up. Kharma and I aren't here to break any of your nails. You should more worried about leaving a ring with a single bone left unbroken.

    "I mean, I've watched each of you in the ring, and you might be decent; however, you all still pray to be looked at. You are more concerned about your next photo shoot than you are about your two minute match. You are looking at the two greatest women's wrestlers in the world.

    "We aren't here to took photos or to prissy up for the audience. We are here to wrestle, and it makes me sick that I have to share a ring with any of you. That is why we attacked each of you. The reason behind the kidnapping of Gail Kim was mere payback. Kharma and Kim go back a ways. Kharma, you can get her."

    Kharma heads to the back as the woman continues.

    Woman: "I used to go by the name Sara Del Rey; however, you can all just call me Death Rey. A simple forewarning: this isn't the end. There may not be a championship here on SmackDown, but we are here to prove a decisive point. Besides, Kharma and I can out-wrestle most of the men on this roster, so championships won't be a problem."

    Kharma comes back with Kim on her shoulder when she sets Kim down hard on the ground. The camera shows bruising around Kim's ribs and forehead.

    Rey: "You see that? She's only the first, so don't get comfortable, ladies. A new sheriff is in town, and, as they say, she's a bitch."

    Del Rey and Kharma walk off as the woman all stand in the ring, not even moving from the shock as we cut to commercial.

Match 4: Daniel Bryan vs. Tyler Reks

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    Daniel Bryan comes out to a good reaction. He grabs a mic on his way to the ring then enters ready for his scheduled match though he has a few words for Angle.

    Bryan: "Kurt Angle, I respect you to no end. You are simply one of the greatest in-ring technicians in professional wrestling's history. I will never question what you did or what you can still do; however, these games need to stop. I have far past every obstacle. I am challenging you to step into this ring one more time.

    "Not tonight of course, I have a match but at the Royal Rumble. Just you and me with the world watching. You've seen what I can do, and I know what you can do. This time, I can beat you, but let me remind you tonight of what I have 'learned'."

    Tyler Reks comes out with Curt Hawkins behind him. They look focused but confident if not cocky. Reks steps into the ring, towering over Bryan with a seven inch height difference.

    Kurt Angle appears at the top of the ramp as the bell rings. Bryan feels out the larger Reks trying to get some feel for the star who he has never faced before. He goes some swift kicks, but they don't seem to affect Reks.

    He tries to lock up only getting shoved down. He slides over the top rope and jumps for a missile dropkick only to get swatted down. Reks then grabs Bryan for a powerful headlock.

    Reks uses his size advantage to keep Bryan down for over four minutes as Bryan cannot seem to get any offense. We go to commercial with Reks on top of Bryan.

    We come back with Reks having a hard armbar on Bryan. Hawkins can be seen at ringside cheering Reks on. A loosening of Reks' grip allows Bryan enough to reverse into a heel hook. With the pressure applied, he turns the move into an Indian deathlock which has Reks in pain.

    Reks has to use his height to get to the ropes and break up the hold, but Bryan won't let his advantage die easily. As Reks rises, Bryan hits a high knee to the skull. He goes to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt for two.

    When Reks gets to his feet, Bryan hits repeated kicks to the chest to Reks only to miss the final kick to the head. Reks ducks it and grabs Bryan's leg. He throws Bryan knee first into the ground then picks him up executing a gutwrench elevated gutbuster for a long two count. He drags Bryan to the top rope and seems to be going for a powerslam off the top.

    Only Bryan reverses the attempt into his guillotine choke. As Reks is squirming to get free, Bryan gets his feet planted on the top with Reks feet planted as well. Reks seems to flip over as Bryan does, and Reks lands neck first on the ground with Bryan on top.

    He covers for a long two then hooks in the LaBell Lock. Reks has nowhere to go, so he taps out.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan." (Time of contest: 12:05)

    Before Bryan can celebrate, Angle is talking on a microphone.

    Angle: "Impressive though did you really show you are any better than our first encounter? I mean you didn't cash in and win the WWE Title on Sunday, so you haven't become smarter. You just won with the main finisher in your arsenal, so you haven't really evolved.

    "Next week, you face a final test. If you win there, then I'll accept your challenge."

    The two stare down as we cut to commercial break.

Main Event: 20 Man Battle Royal to Crown Number One Contender for the WWE Title

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    As Dolph Ziggler hits the ring, the full count of stars in the ring for the battle royal is: Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, Zack Ryder, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Ted DiBiase, Christian, Santino Marella, Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Brodus Clay, Trent Barreta, Richie Steamboat, Jimmy Uso, and Sin Cara Negro.

    John Cena hits the ring to round out the group with Miz, Show, Sin Cara Azul, and Gabriel being replaced from the original line up do to injury.

    The bell rings with chaos around the ring. Many men meet up. Jimmy Uso, Jack Swagger, and Ted DiBiase go right after Air Boom. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are a solitary force as they move around.

    After about a minute of strong brawling, Heath Slater is charging at Santino Marella with Marella ducking, and Slater barrels over the top rope. Eliminated: Slater (by Santino)

    Santino is celebrating with his trombone sliding which causes Clay to take him out and throw him out of the ring. Eliminated: Marella (by Clay)

    The action is still fierce with a few near calls with both members of Air Boom. The Fortunate Americans with Jimmy Uso are looking dominant until Kofi skins the cat after a near loss and grabs Uso. He throws him out with a hurricanrana while Uso is trying to follow his tag team. Eliminated: Uso (by Kofi)

    No one else seems to be ready to be eliminated until an unfortunate top rope crossbody by Trent Barreta gets Barreta caught and eliminated by Clay. Eliminated: Barreta (by Clay)

    As Clay turns back around to continue, he bumps straight into Reks. The two stare down until Hawkins comes from behind, clipping Clay at the left leg. Reks takes advantage with a huge big boot sending Clay to the outside. Eliminated: Clay (by Reks)

    Cena during this time has been in a back and forth struggle with Del Rio. Ziggler on the other side of the ring has been wrestling with the rookie Steamboat. Both men have an advantage but not enough for an elimination.

    Sin Cara Negro has been fighting Ryder with Ryder seeming to intentionally avoid Reks and Hawkins. Ryder reverses an attempted senton into a positioning into a powerbomb position. Ryder throws Negro out, but he gets caught with Negro's legs which cause him to fall to the apron. Eliminated: Negro (by Ryder)

    As Ryder tries to hold on to the apron, Christian come in to try and push Ryder off. Ryder holds on and slips inside as the two begin fighting and we go to commercial break.

    As we return, a recap shows how Ryder was eliminated during the commercial. He went for the Rough Ryder on a dazed Rhodes only to get hit by a Christian Spear midway through the run. Christian and Rhodes threw Ryder over. Eliminated: Ryder (by Rhodes/Christian)

    The action between the thirteen stars is fierce as the three tag teams all try to use their numbers advantage. Steamboat shows off some impressive agility and grip when he survives a near elimination by Reks and Hawkins and ducks out of their way, so they don't even know he survived.

    Christian decides to move to the outside as the congested fighting is too much for him. He walks around surveying the scene. Morrison notices Christian on the outside, and the two meet, brawling outside. Meanwhile, in the ring, Bourne and Kofi are separated by the two heel tag teams.

    Kofi is trying to hold off Swagger and DiBiase, but he is forced into a corner. DiBiase stomps on him, and then Swagger chokes him out with a boot. They have a devious look in their eyes as they try to set Kofi up for their tag team finisher.

    Kofi battles out though and hits Trouble in Paradise on Swagger causing him to fall over the top rope. Eliminated: Swagger (by Kofi)

    Bourne during that time had much less luck. Reks and Hawkins keep him grounded. As Kofi tries to get over there, an angry DiBiase cuts him off. Reks sets Bourne atop the turnbuckle, and a sharp neckbreaker on the apron from Hawkins takes out Bourne. Eliminated: Bourne (by Hawkins)

    Steamboat helps Morrison on the outside get Christian into the ring though a miscue between them gives Rhodes enough time to come in and take out Steamboat for the elimination. Eliminated: Steamboat (by Rhodes)

    Morrison forgets Christian and goes after Rhodes after the elimination. He hits a nice spinning heel kick then tries to pull Rhodes over. While this is happening, Ziggler hits Kofi a clothesline sending him to the outside. Eliminated: Kofi (by Ziggler)

    After that, Cena hits DiBiase with a sharp AA to the outside for the elimination. Eliminated: DiBiase (by Cena)

    Ziggler and Cena finally meet up in the center of the ring as we again go to commercial break.

Battle Royal Continued

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    Returning, there have been no eliminations though one looks close. Morrison is on the apron against both Rhodes and Christian. He fights them back with back and goes for a shoulder block though the second rope, getting caught.

    As Rhodes pulls Morrison into the ring, Morrison shifts his weight landing on his feet in the ring and hitting a big flapjack to eliminate Rhodes. Eliminated: Rhodes (by Morrison)

    An enraged Rhodes gets back in the ring as Morrison turns around and hits him with a hard shot to the head. He then hits Cross Rhodes before leaving the ring. Christian quickly takes advantage and after some difficulty takes Morrison out of the equation. Eliminated: Morrison (by Christian)

    Del Rio is fighting two on one odds against Hawkins and Reks. Reks takes a big enzuigiri from Del Rio, but he stands tall which surprises Del Rio. Fazed by the incident, Del Rio is unaware as Hawkins hits Del Rio from behind with the Taste of Pain, and the teammates eliminate Del Rio. Elimination: Del Rio (by Hawkins/Reks)

    We are down to five men who managed to all get into separate corners besides Hawkins and Reks who are in the same corner. Hawkins and Reks go after Ziggler as Cena fights Christian. Reks and Hawkins get a fairly large advantage against Ziggler on his own.

    Christian and Cena exchange lefts and rights. They back up with Christian actually coming in and slapping Cena with a snap. Cena comes back at him as Christian bails from the ring. Cena follows, and he comes back into the ring with Christian only for Christian to take advantage and beat down on Cena.

    During this, Reks and Hawkins are beating on Ziggler exchanging hard shots and slams. One miscue allows Ziggler to come back with several right hands and a superkick that knocks out Hawkins. Reks and Ziggler grapple with Ziggler coming out on top and latching on the sleeper hold.

    Christian hits Cena from the top rope with diving reverse elbow. He beat down hard on Cena then tries for the Killswitch. He almost hits it, but a struggling Reks with Ziggler on his back knocks into Christian knocking Cena out.

    Reks grabs Ziggler, but Ziggler gets out. He keeps enough force to hit the Zig Zag as he releases the sleeper. He looks to pull the big man over the top, but Hawkins comes in from behind. He attacks Ziggler though Ziggler comes back with a dropkick that is positioned well enough to send Hawkins to the outside. Eliminated: Hawkins (by Ziggler)

    Reks is still not moving as Ziggler gets up. Christian is looking for a Spear on Cena, but, when he runs, Cena ducks it. Christian hits Ziggler. Now, Cena and Christian are the only men left standing. Cena catches a Christian right and hits a spinebuster.

    He hits the five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA. Reks is up and goes after Cena getting caught for the AA instead and getting eliminated. Eliminated: Reks (by Cena)

    Three men remain as Ziggler gets to his feet with Christian attacking Cena from behind. Christian tries to push Cena over the top rope and looks almost successful. Cena lands on the apron and manages to stand up. With Cena groggy, Christian sets up the Killswitch over the ropes.

    He hits it on the ropes, but, as Cena bounces down, Ziggler runs in and clotheslines Christian out of the ring. Both men are eliminated. Eliminated: Cena (by Christian); Eliminated: Christian (by Ziggler)

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this battle royal and new number one contender for the WWE Title, Dolph Ziggler" (Time of contest: 36:50)

    Ziggler stands tall as the referee raises his hand. The show ends with Ziggler's hand raised ready for whatever is next.

And the Credits Roll!

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in next week to see how Punk handles both his new "savior", Dean Ambrose, and his new number one contender, Dolph Ziggler and how the women of WWE will be able to survive against the new force of Kharma and Death Rey.

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