WWE Fantasy: Night of Champions/Cyber Sunday, Dec. 18

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 20, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Night of Champions/Cyber Sunday, Dec. 18

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    This is Fantasy Night of Champions/Cyber Sunday brought to you by Will Owen (in charge of Raw) and me (in charge of SmackDown). Sorry about the late release, but there were some conflicts.

    For those who have missed this week, check out SmackDown here.

    Now, onto the night, that we allowed our fans to vote upon the stipulations of three out of four of each of our matches along with putting almost every one of our titles on the line.

    The pay-per-view card:

    Air Boom (c) vs. Swagger/DiBiase for Tag Team Championships. -SD

    Kane vs. Unknown Superstar, Mark Henry, or Alex Riley -Raw

    Christian (c) vs. Chosen Opponent: Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara Azul, Zack Ryder, or Mystery Opponent for the Cruiserweight Championship. -SD

    Chris Masters vs. Tyler Black, Joe Hennig, or Drew McIntyre (c) -Raw

    Beth Phoenix vs. Melina v. Kelly Kelly v. Layla El (c) – 4 Women Battle Royal for Women’s Championship -Raw

    Cody Rhodes (c) vs. John Morrison with Chosen Stip: Ladder Match, Falls Count Anywhere, or Tables Match for Intercontinental Championship. -SD

    Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio (c) with Chosen Stip: Lumberjack Match, No Holds Barred Match, or Steel Cage Match for World Heavyweight Championship. -Raw

    CM Punk (c) vs. The Miz with Chosen Stip: Last Man Standing, First Blood, No Holds Barred, or Steel Cage Match for WWE Championship. -SD

    The intro rolls, then we see the normal PPV video this time to the tune of Kasabian's Days Are Forgotten.

Match 1: Air Boom (c) vs. Fortunate Americans W/ Jimmy Uso: WWE Tag Team Titles

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    The Fortunate Americans head to the ring first with their manager Jimmy Uso at their back. Jack Swagger and Ted DiBiase look focused and determined while Uso looks confident.

    They get decent heat as they get in the ring with Swagger getting in the center extending his arms as if he were doing his typical victory lap, and DiBiase gets on a knee in front of Swagger and points to himself with both hands close to his chest.

    Air Boom comes out to a good reaction exciting the crowd as they run into the ring. Swagger and DiBiase back up a bit as the two play to the crowd.

    Bourne and Swagger decide to start as the bell rings. Bourne goes right on the offensive with a flurry of kicks. Swagger loses his footing after a kick to the midsection then a high knee takes him to the mat.

    Bourne plays to the crowd and hits a standing moonsault. He covers: ...1...2. kick out.

    Bourne waits for Swagger to rise and goes for a standing shiranui only for Swagger to catch him mid move and hits Bourne with the Oklahoma stampede. He covers: ...1...kick out. Swagger, angry at the quick kick out, pulls Bourne to his feet and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a cover: ...1...2...kick out.

    Frustrated further, Swagger drags Bourne over to his corner and tags in DiBiase. He holds Bourne down with his boot in the corner as the referee counts. At four, he releases only for DiBiase to choke Bourne with his boot as well.

    DiBiase breaks the hold at four and taunts the live Baltimore crowd. He goes over to Kofi's corner and tries to egg him on. Kofi tries to get in the ring, but the referee stops him. As this is going on with DiBiase telling the referee to stop Kingston, Swagger slips into the ring and big boots a rising Bourne right out of the ring.

    DiBiase turns around to see Bourne on the outside. He heads out there and lifts up the prone Bourne threatening to throw him into the steel ring post. Just as he tries to whip him that way, Bourne catches him reversing the whip so that DiBiase hits that steel full force.

    Bourne tries to get back into the ring to get to his corner, but Swagger takes him out with a huge clothesline to the back of the head. Swagger then helps DiBiase rise, and they both roll Bourne back into the ring.

    DiBiase works over the tired Bourne with quick tags between him and Swagger for several minutes. However, when Swagger goes for a Swagger Bomb, Bourne catches him with his knees sending Swagger careening in pain as Bourne inches his way to Kingston.

    Swagger tags in DiBiase first, but DiBiase doesn't make it in time to stop the hot tag to Kingston who takes down DiBiase with a jumping clothesline then dropkicks Swagger off the apron who lands hard on his back.

    Kofi goes to the top rope at the opposing team's corner and hits a perfect crossbody on DiBiase. He covers: ...1....2...kick out. The crowd lets out a boo as they seemed ready to see Air Boom win. As the action continues, Swagger tries to get into the ring, frustrated about the hard shot from Kingston.

    The referee stops him with Kofi taunting him and picking up DiBiase. Kingston goes for a Russian legsweep with DiBiase pushes Kingston toward the corner. Rather than hitting badly, Kofi runs up the turnbuckle, coming back at DiBiase with a flip forearm smash. He covers: ...1...2...Swagger stops the count.

    Swagger returns to the corner under much insistence by the referee as Kofi tags in Bourne. Bourne hits a rising DiBiase with a gamengiri then he goes up to the top rope looking for the Air Bourne. Swagger tries to get involved with Kofi going to stop him.

    However, Bourne was distracted by the action with DiBiase recovering and knocking Bourne so that he lands hard on the rope. As he sits there in pain, DiBiase grabs Bourne and hits a DDT from the top rope. He covers: ...1...2...Kofi breaks up the three.

    Swagger comes in frustrated with Kofi, and both men are going at it. The referee tries to stop them, but he has lost control. Jimmy Uso slips brass knuckles to DiBiase who looks to use them on Bourne. DiBiase swings with Bourne ducking. During this time, Swagger and Kingston take each other out of the ring by a Swagger clothesline.

    Bourne comes back around and ducks again. This time, he gets a hold of DiBiase's leg, rolling him up: ...1...2...3.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match and still WWE Tag Team Champions, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Air Boom." (Time of contest: 13:15)

    The crowd goes wild as DiBiase cannot believe what just happened. He is freaking out to anyone in sight still with the brass knuckles in hand. Uso runs in and takes the weapon away from DiBiase. Swagger joins the two in the ring as Kingston and Bourne on the outside are given their titles.

    Frustration shows on the faces of all three heels as they must now refocus on how they can beat the champions.

Match 2: Kane vs. Mystery Opponent

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    Kane comes out to some good heat. He waits in the center of the ring. The crowd figures out that the winner is the mystery opponent.

    Kane waits for a few seconds; then the lights turn out. The crowd goes insane. The sound of the Raw Anonymous GM’s chimes in and the message says.

    “How dare you think you can call me out; I CHOOSE WHAT I DO; YOU MAKE ME DO NOTHING.”

    This unknown person seems angry, but so does Kane. He storms out of the ring and takes the ring announcer’s (Lillian Garcia’s) chair. He walks backstage.

Match 3: Christian (c) vs. Mystery Opponent: Cruiserweight Title

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    Christian comes out to the ring with a cocky grin to a mostly negative reaction from the crowd. He grabs a microphone before heading into the ring.

    Christian: "Now, I know I'm about to find out my opponent in this match, but honestly folks does anyone give any of those superstars back there a chance against me? Anyone at all? I didn't think so. The option that should have been included was me.

    "Because there is only one man in this business that can be me, and that's, well, myself. Come on, folks, really. Do you honestly want to see me face Justin Gabriel or Sin Cara or especially Zack Ryder tonight? Let's just get this over with, shall we?"

    A poll goes up on the screen. It plays suspense without showing any numbers for a few seconds before popping up the final numbers:

    0 Sin Cara - 2 Justin Gabriel - 6 Zack Ryder - 8 Mystery Opponent

    The crowd goes wild as Christian goes off.

    Christian: "I didn't prepare from some star I don't even know! This is unfair treatment! I am not prepared for this match, and the administration in WWE should know that. In fact, according to the rules of this title, I don't even have to defend it tonight."

    Triple H comes out to a great reaction with microphone in hand.

    HHH: "Wait! Look, Christian, as COO of this company, I have the power to tell you to get into that ring and stop complaining. You are going to compete tonight, or I will fire you on the spot. Just listen to the fans. They really want you wrestle for them... or maybe they just want to see you lose."

    The crowd goes wild cheering for HHH.

    HHH: "Also, I am here to inform you that the Cruiserweight Championship weight limit has been increased by five pounds to 220, so this new star can compete here tonight for the belt. Now, let me introduce a second generation superstar. A young star who is the son of one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE's history. Weighing in at exactly 220 lbs: Richie Steamboat."

    Richie Steamboat comes out with a smile on his face that shows his pleasure at being on the big stage. The crowd gives him a decent reaction for being a rookie as Christian is not sure what to make of the young star.

    He makes his way quickly into the ring and stares down the wily veteran he must now compete against. The bell rings, and the match begins.

Christian vs. Richie Steamboat Continued

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    Christian smiles at him and raises his hand to lock hands and have a show of strength. Steamboat looks wary eventually raising his arm to lock hands only for Christian to pull back. Richie looks a little annoyed as the crowd boos. Christian does it again with the same result.

    A third time with Steamboat looking to do it again only for him to quickly punch Christian causing Christian to reel back for a second. He points to the kid and smiles then goes for a punch of his own with the rookie blocking it again punching Christian with his own hand.

    Christian starts to get frustrated, running at Steamboat with Steamboat tripping Christian up. Christian gets up and goes after Steamboat only to take a hip toss from Steamboat. Christian ducks out of the ring, and he stares down Steamboat in the ring.

    Steamboat causes the crowd to cheer as he taunts Christian telling him to get back in the ring. Christian grabs the mic he had been using before and starts talking.

    Christian: "You surprised me, Richie. I must say you might be better than I gave you credit for; however, this match will not happen. I am not physically prepared for a star of your size with this changing weight limit. It is unfair to a champion of my caliber to be treated like this."

    He drops the microphone and begins to start walking toward the entrance ramp as the referee reaches a count of six. Richie Steamboat comes in and takes out Christian from behind with a double axe handle to the head. He then rolls Christian into the ring and covers: ..1.. kick out.

    Richie tries to pick up Christian only to take a sharp uppercut to the gut. As he leans over, Christian grabs him and hits an implant DDT. He then slaps on a headlock. He down at the young star as he continues the pressure, taunting him.

    This causes Richie to, after a short while in the hold, begin powering out of the move. He gets to his feet and hits several sharp elbows to the chest. Then he hits a big chop to the chest sending Christian to the floor.

    Richie then decides to go to the top rope with Christian down. He goes for a diving crossbody on the rising Christian only for Christian to duck underneath. Steamboat lands on his feet and bounces off the rope only to be met by a flapjack from Christian.

    Christian waits for Steamboat to rise and picks the star up into a fireman's carry. He lands a gutbuster and covers: ..1....2.. kick out. The crowd is going crazy as Christian reevaluates his position. He looks toward the entrance way then down at Steamboat.

    His decision is made clear when he grabs a rising Steamboat by the hair then locking in a headlock. Christian taunts Richie who tries to feel his way out of the move. Christian says to Richie that he is nothing but a rookie, causing a burst of energy in Steamboat who runs Christian into the turnbuckle.

    He then grabs Christian hitting a nice bulldog, and he comes out playing to the crowd. He hits a nice arm drag with Christian getting and coming at him again only to take a big dropkick. With Christian down, Steamboat goes to the top rope and signals for some move.

    However, he takes just a bit too long with Christian stopping him and catching him on the top rope. Christian grabs him and hits a super hurricanrana and then calls for the Killswitch. He picks the rookie up and gets him in position.

    Richie though reverses the move into a quick roll up with both legs hooked. The referee counts: ..1...2... Christian reverses the move flipping it into his own roll up. He covers: ..1...2 he can feel Richie trying to kick out and grabs a fistful of tights ....3.

    Justin Roberts: "The winner of this match and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Christian." (Time of contest: 12:10)

    Christian ducks out of the ring and grabs his title. He holds him up as Richie Steamboat is in the ring with a look of frustration and disappointment. The crowd boos as Christian looks on happily and confidently as the commentators replay the final minute with Christian grabbing the tights.

    Matthews: "Was Christian really scared of this young star? So much so that he had to cheat?"

    Striker: "No, I just think the veteran instincts kicked in, and he wanted the win. He knew the referee wasn't looking, so he took it."

    Matthews: "I guess we'll see how this all pans out going forward."

Raw Promo 1: Drew McIntyre and Sheamus Backstage

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    Sheamus and Drew McIntyre are walking around backstage together, with Layla.

    Sheamus: “Listen, Drew. If you can help me out tonight in my match, I will help you in the Royal Rumble.”

    Drew McIntyre: “Sheamus, there’s nothing I want to do more than help you tonight. I will do anything I can to help US take back the title that belongs to US.“

    Layla: “Let’s go, your match is next.”

    Sheamus: “Good luck Drew, you’re not going to need it.”

    Sheamus and McIntyre shake hands just before The Chosen One has to go to his match.

Match 4: Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre (c): United States Title

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    Chris Masters comes out to his classic entrance and walks into the ring. He takes a microphone from the ring announcer and starts to speak.

    “Thank you guys for giving me the title shot. I won’t let you guys do-”

    Drew McIntyre’s music hits and he runs down to the ring, with Layla following.

    Drew immediately starts the match with a kick to the gut, followed by a punch to the face. He throws Masters into the turnbuckle and tries to hit a spear, but Masters lifts his leg and McIntyre receives a nice boot to the face.

    Chris Masters starts to clean house for a few minutes, hitting an enormous backbreaker, followed by a Camel Clutch.

    Chris Masters gets up and starts taunting, preparing for the Master Lock. McIntyre reverses it and hits a suplex.

    He then goes onto the top turnbuckle and hits an elbow drop; McIntyre gets to his feet and prepares for the Future Shock. Masters gets a nice chop just before McIntyre hits it.

    Masters hits a body slam, followed by a few stomps to the chest. Once McIntyre rises to his feet, Masters hits a Triple H-esque facebuster, followed by a Master Lock.

    McIntyre cannot hold on long enough. Layla distracts the referee while McIntyre is locked in. The Chosen One makes it to the ropes, the referee sees it and calls a rope break.

    Chris Masters tries to explain what just happened when McIntyre hits an out-of-nowhere Future Shock. He pins Masters, 1…2…3!

    Drew McIntyre and Layla hug in the ring while Masters looks dumbfounded; Layla stays in the ring, her match is next!

Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Kaitlyn vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Melina BR for WT

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    The following is an over the top rope battle royal for the Women's Title.

    Kelly Kelly enters for a nice pop. Beth Phoenix enters to a bad reaction while Melina and Kaitlyn enter for little reaction.

    Kelly Kelly starts with a clothesline on Melina, who ducks and hits an enzuigiri. Kaitlyn hits a neckbreaker on Layla; Beth Phoenix lifts Melina above her head and throws the Paparazzi Princess straight to the ground.

    Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn team up on Kelly Kelly; Kaitlyn hits a huge kick to the lower leg and Beth Phoenix hits a savage clothesline. Kelly Kelly is rolling on the ground and the two large divas start to take out the rest of the combatants.

    Melina is lifted by Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn and thrown onto the ground out of the ring. She's in serious pain. Kelly Kelly does the noble thing to look at her but Layla comes from behind and throws her out of the ring.

    Kaitlyn and Beth Phoenix run at Layla, but she pulls the rope down; Beth lands on the apron but Kaitlyn hits her; Phoenix is groggy while Kaitlyn completely falls out of the ring.

    Layla and Beth fight on the apron, Layla hits a few punches but the Glamazon stays up; she even manages to get Layla on the other side of the rope. Kaitlyn helps Beth Phoenix by chopping at Layla's leg.

    Beth Phoenix picks up Layla and attempts a choke bomb on Layla, but she somehow manages to keep her foot on the rope.

    The two both hit the ground with Layla's back hitting the ground first. The bell rings and Beth Phoenix stands up holding Kaitlyn'shand as the Glamazon is the new Women's Champion!

Match 6: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. John Morrison: Ladder Match for IC Title

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    Before the match can begin, the poll goes up again. Suspense keeps the audience glued to the screen until the match type results pop up.

    0 Must Be a Winner - 0 Tables - 3 Fall Count Anywhere - 13 Ladder

    The crowd pops as we get ready for a ladder match.

    Cody Rhodes is the first to come out with a cocky grin on his face to good heat from the crowd. When he gets in the ring, he takes his title of his waist and hands it to the referee who attaches it to a metal clamp that has been lowered down.

    John Morrison comes out to a decent pop as the chain rises with the belt. He looks up at Rhodes looking fairly confident himself. Before he gets in the ring, he looks under and grabs a ladder that had lain underneath the ring. He pulls it out and brings it with him into the ring.

    Both men stare down as Morrison sets the ladder to the side, and the bell rings. The two feel the atmosphere and quick attempts to try to take the other man down. They end up still standing across from one another.

    Rhodes finds himself standing next to the ladder when Morrison tries to lock up with Rhodes pushing him forward then grabbing Morrison for a facebuster right on the ladder. Morrison is in a lot of pain after the move with Rhodes taking control with a strong headlock.

    He synches in the move, connecting it with a leg lock around the chest. Rhodes smiles as he pressures Morrison. Morrison eventually rolls the move over, so he is on his chest. He pushes himself up and lands a jawbreaker on Rhodes as he rises.

    Rhodes backs up toward the ropes with Morrison coming at him with a clothesline sending Rhodes to the outside near the announce tables. Morrison goes to the top rope near Rhodes and launches himself with a corkscrew plancha straight onto Rhodes.

    Morrison gets up and hits a running knee on a groggy Rhodes. Seeing his opportunity, Morrison runs back into the ring and sets up the ladder. As he starts to climb, Rhodes comes back in and hits Morrison with a few strong clubbing blows to the back.

    Sandwiched between the ladder and the hits, Morrison falls back to the floor from about four rungs up. Rhodes starts climbing the ladder, but he knows he won't make it to the top. He gets five rungs up and jumps onto Morrison with a diving dropkick.

    Morrison and Rhodes struggle to get up with Rhodes eventually rising and taking Morrison in hand. He takes him by the head and throws Morrison into the steel ladder, full force. The ladder falls onto the ring ropes as Morrison falls.

    Rhodes takes his time pulling Morrison to his feet which gives Morrison enough time to fight back with a few strong punches to the chest. He then hits a nice European uppercut causing Rhodes to begin reeling back.

    Morrison hits Rhodes with a perfect capoiera kick which takes Rhodes down. As Morrison sets up for a standing shooting star press, Rhodes rolls out of the way. He moves to the left side (as seen from the entrance) of the ring and tries to recover.

    Morrison sees the prone ladder lying on the ropes facing toward Rhodes. He runs the ladder and hits a diving crossbody on Rhodes as they both hit the barricade. Morrison is the first one up but only after a stiff pause recovering from the shot.

    His run caused the ladder to fall outside of the ring, so he takes it in hand and hits Rhodes hard in the chest. As Rhodes leans over, Morrison runs the ladder through Rhodes, taking him out. Morrison then gets back in the ring with the ladder.

Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison Continued

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    He sets it up with the rungs facing the area where he and Rhodes once were and begins to climb. The crowd is going crazy as Morrison's fingers begin to touch the belt. Just as he starts to try and unhook it though, Rhodes comes in with a baseball slide to the bottom rung of the ladder.

    The bottom is thrown forward, clamping into one straight ladder again, causing Morrison and the front half of the ladder to go falling backwards to the outside. Morrison seems to land hard on the outside. Rhodes takes a while to recover from the hits he has taken, but Morrison doesn't seem to be moving.

    Rhodes repositions the ladder and begins climbing the far side of the ladder from where Morrison fell. He gets about half way up when Morrison finally get back to his feet. Then when Rhodes gets to the top, Morrison almost runs up the ladder to meet him.

    With both men on top, they exchange blows. Several punches from both with Morrison grabbing Rhodes and hitting his head hard against the ladder. Morrison gains enough to advantage to make a grab for the title with Rhodes batting him away and grabbing Morrison by the head.

    Rhodes takes them both off the ladder with a move that looks somewhat reminiscent of a bulldog. Both men land hard on the mat with Morrison's head hitting hardest. Rhodes gets up first, grabbing the ladder. Morrison meets him, hitting a big dropkick on the steel, sending it crashing into Rhodes' face and the protective mask.

    Morrison runs off the ropes hitting a running dropkick on the ladder which hits Rhodes. He then takes the ladder off of Rhodes and uses it as a weapon, sending the top of the ladder into the upper chest of Rhodes.

    He does it again before throwing the ladder down and setting up a standing shooting star press which he hits. He sets the ladder up in the corner and goes to the top rope with the ladder in front of him. As Rhodes rises, Morrison goes flying over the ladder using the ladder to push him further into the air for a plancha to Rhodes.

    Morrison sets the ladder up in the center of the ring and climbs up on the side closest to the downed Rhodes. He tries to make it to the top with Rhodes coming in and undercutting Morrison's left leg. Morrison falls but gets his legs snagged in the ladder. His back hits the steel.

    Rhodes seizes his advantage lifting Morrison forward and pushing him back first into the chair several times. Morrison eventually falls off of the ladder to the feet of Rhodes. Rhodes grabs Morrison and tries throw him out of the ring with Morrison counters as they both go tumbling to the outside.

    Rhodes pulls another ladder from under the ring as they both rise and tries to throw it at Morrison with Morrison ducking as the ladder crashes against the barricade. Morrison hits a spinning heel kick on Rhodes who goes down.

    Morrison then gets back in the ring and climbs as quickly as he can in his tired state. Rhodes on the outside grabs the ladder he threw earlier and gets in the ring. He catches a climbing Morrison by the leg with the ladder clipping him.

    Morrison loses his footing and comes crashing down with his head bouncing off the mat. Rhodes grabs Morrison and delivers a brutal Cross Rhodes to his competitor on the second ladder which lays on the mat.

    With Morrison unconscious from the hit, Rhodes climbs the ladder and grabs his Intercontinental Championship.

    Justin Roberts: "The winner of this match and still Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes."

    (Time of contest: 20:30)

    Morrison still lays unmoving on the mat as Rhodes steps down from the ladder and gets out of the ring. Medics come in to take care of Morrison. They put him on a stretcher rolling him to the back as Rhodes looks on, pleased with himself.

Raw Promo 2: Kane Backstage

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    Kane is walking around backstage, yelling and hitting walls with his chair. He slams Skip Sheffield in the face with said chair. He then throws him into a metal garage door.

    He then finds Alex Riley talking to Kelly Kelly. Kane pulls him aside and throws him into a parked WWE truck. Kane keeps walking around with the chair until he breaks open Triple H’s door with his foot.

    Kane then turns around and the last see you can see is the chair being lifted up, because after that, the cameraman was on the ground.

Match 7: Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio (c): Lumberjack Match for WHC

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    Sheamus enters to good heat. The other Empire Alliance members enter immediately after. Rey Mysterio enters to a great pop. All of the other lumberjacks enter together.

    They include: Mark Henry, Ezekiel Jackson, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam, Abraham Washington, R Truth, DH Smith, David Otunga, Joe Hennig, Tito Colón, Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, The Great Khali, Primo Colón and Vladimir Kozlov.

    Sheamus immediately runs into Rey Mysterio, who could not duck quickly enough.

    Sheamus picks up Rey Mysterio and tries to throw him to the outside of the ring but Mysterio slides off and pushes Sheamus into the rope and out of the ring.

    Regal, Mason Ryan, McIntyre and Wade Barrett run over and attempt to take out all of the other lumberjacks, in an attempt to help Sheamus.

    They cannot fend off everybody, but Sheamus has no problem with the likes of Vladimir Kozlov and David Otunga.

    Rey Mysterio jumps off of the rope to Sheamus but Great White catches him and throws him into the security railing.

    Sheamus starts fighting off more lumberjacks but Tito and Primo do knock Sheamus down. Rey hits a west-coast pop like jump from the barricade and hits Sheamus right in the face.

    Primo, Tito, Tyson Kidd and DH Smith take out most of the lumberjacks while Sheamus tries to recover.

    The lumberjacks keep fighting until the Nation of Domination storms over together, with Booker T and take out the Empire Alliance.

    They roll Sheamus into the ring and then pick up Rey Mysterio and toss him into the ring. Rey Mysterio attempts to hit the 619 on Great White but as his legs swung around the rope, William Regal pulled them away.

    Outside of the ring, Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett batter Mysterio with steel chairs. The Nation of Domination keeps trying to take out the Empire Alliance, but the other lumberjacks are trying very hard to disrupt The Nation of Domination’s assault.

    The Great Khali and Mark Henry get into a brawl away from all of the other lumberjacks.

    Sheamus tells Barrett to roll Mysterio in to the ring. Sheamus hits a Celtic Cross on a groggy Mysterio. He pins Rey, 1…2..kick out! Sheamus is shocked and complains to the referee.

    Sheamus calls Drew McIntyre to bring him a chair. Sheamus throws the chair at Rey Mysterio, who catches it. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Rey Mysterio, who starts to bleed profusely. Sheamus tries to pin Mysterio: 1…2…no. Tito Colón pulls Mysterio out of the ring.

    Tito and Primo enter the ring and take out Sheamus; this angers the rest of the Empire Alliance, who also enter the ring. The Colons attempt to take out the Empire Alliance. Wade Barrett hits his Wasteland on Tito Colon. Drew McIntyre hits the Future Shock on Primo. Mason Ryan hits the Ryan Bomb on Mysterio.

    Sheamus waits for Mysterio to get up and attempts a second Celtic Cross, but Mysterio reverses the finisher and throws Sheamus into the ropes. He hits a 619 on Sheamus, followed by a West Coast Pop. 1…2…kick out!

    Now the Nation of Domination enters the ring and tries to take out the Empire Alliance; Sheamus and Mark Henry start brawling for a little bit. Henry hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Sheamus.

    R Truth hits a DDT on William Regal; Abraham Washington hits a powerslam on Mason Ryan; Ezekiel Jackson hits a sidewalk slam on Wade Barrett and Booker T hits a Scissor Kick on Drew McIntyre. 

    The Nation of Domination and the Colóns leave the ring and defend Mysterio, who hits a THIRD 619 on Sheamus. 1…2…3!

    Rey Mysterio retains his belt against Sheamus!

Match 8: CM Punk (c) vs. the Miz: Match for WWE Title

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    The screen goes blank then pops up the poll one more time for this main event. The audience goes silent waiting for the match stipulation to be announced. Then the results come in:

    3 No Holds Barred - 4 Steel Cage - 4 Last Man Standing - 5 First Blood

    The Miz immediately comes out smiling as the announced Justin Roberts explains the rules of this First Blood match.

    Justin Roberts: "The following contest is a no disqualification match. No pin falls or submissions will end this match. The only way to win is to get your opponent to bleed."

    CM Punk then comes out to a huge positive reaction from the crowd with his Winged Eagle WWE Championship on his shoulder. The two stars lock eyes as they stand in the ring with Punk giving his title to the referee to put away for the match.

    The bell rings, and Punk and Miz lock up viciously with neither man backing down. The Miz manages to get just enough advantage to push Punk into the corner where the referee tries to have the hold broken. The match is no disqualification, so he cannot directly do anything about the hold.

    With Punk's back against the turnbuckle, Miz tries to grind him down only for Punk to answer with a stiff kick to the knee. He keeps them up until Miz lets go. As Miz backs up, Punk comes at him with a roundhouse kick which Miz ducks.

    The Miz transitions through his dodge grabbing Punk from the back already looking for the Skull Crushing Finale with Punk reversing the move by getting his right arm behind Miz's neck and hits a hard facebuster on Miz.

    Punk gets to his feet first and goes for a falcon arrow. Miz blocks it, pushes Punk off, and lands a big boot right to Punk's skull. Miz reads his surrounding and decides to go outside and grab a steel chair.

    When he is about to get back in the ring, Punk baseball slides to the outside hitting the steel chair into the Miz's face. Punk takes the steel chair and sets it up between him and Miz. Punk runs from the steel post, jumps off the chair, and hits a big clothesline on Miz.

    As Miz tries to recover, Punk grabs him and places him back in the ring with Miz's face dangling off the apron. Punk gets on the apron, runs, and hits a falling knee on Miz who after taking the full force of the move rolls into the ring, still laying on the ground.

    Punk looks under the ring, this time grabbing a kendo stick. He gets back in the ring and hits a slowly rising Miz with the kendo stick on his back several times with Miz wincing over in pain. One sharp snap to the back of the head takes Miz down.

    Punk plays to the crowd and drops the kendo stick. He goes to the top rope, hoping for the diving elbow; however, Miz gets up just in time to catch Punk on the top rope by undercutting his right leg. Punk tumbles down to the mat.

CM Punk vs. the Miz Continued

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    Miz takes control with a few rest holds for a couple minutes until Punk finally starts to get back some momentum. However, as Punk tries to rise, Miz grabs him for an inverted facelock backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker slam.

    Miz grins as he grabs the kendo stick Punk used and looks to use it; however, Punk dodges a hit then hits a big roundhouse kick. Miz rolls to the outside followed by Punk. Punk grabs Miz and hits him head first against the steel barricade.

    Miz keeps stumbling away as Punk follows. Miz goes right past the steel chair that was used earlier still set up. As Punk grabs Miz, Miz shoves Punk into the steel chair causing Punk to topple over himself, seeming to tweak his knee.

    Miz grabs the steel chair which had fallen over, and he resets it up. He pulls Punk to his feet and goes for the Skull Crushing Finale on the chair only for Punk to reverse the pressure and get Miz up for the GTS. As Miz tries to fight out, Punk throws him forward as Miz goes head first through the steel chair.

    The Miz is completely dazed, but he is not bleeding after the brutal shot. Punk is surprised and waits for Miz to rise while grabbing broken steel chair. He throws it at Miz who catches it. Punk goes for a kick with Miz throwing the broken steel straight into Punk's right leg who goes down hard from the shot.

    Miz sees an opening, so he goes for the leg of Punk. He picks Punk up and throws him knee first into the ground. Then Miz applies a half Boston crab to the right leg as Punk calls out in pain.

    The referee can only watch as Miz puts serious pressure on the limb with Punk's eyes fading from the pressure. Miz, knowing that he can't win by submission, decided to let the move go with the damage done. Miz grabs the WWE Championship and taunts Punk with it.

    Punk can't rise as Miz takes the championship tries to grind into Punk's head with the championship. Punk swipes at him viciously with all the strength he can muster. One blind hit takes Miz square in the jaw who goes down from the force of the blow.

    Punk takes his WWE Championship in hand and tries to get to his feet, but the pressure on his knee is too much. Punk can only drags himself into the ring where he uses the ropes to say on his feet. Meanwhile, the Miz is up outside and is contemplating his situation.

    He looks around and decides to take the steel steps into the ring with him. He gets in and positions the steps. Punk is still holding onto the ropes for leverage and kicks at Miz to keep him at bay. Miz eventually hits a low shoulder tackle on Punk's injured leg taking Punk down.

    Miz drags Punk over to the steel steps and hits Punk's skull into the steps several times, but Punk is still clean. Miz getting frustrated, throws Punk knee first into the steps and goes outside. He grabs a microphone and begins going off on Punk.

    Miz: "You're broken, Punk. If this were a normal match, I would have already won, but I have make you bleed. Why don't you save yourself now and just give up already? You can't walk. You can barely pull out a bit of offense. Your skin may be strong, but your body isn't sooner or later you will bleed. Everyone here knows it. Tell the referee you want to stop the match."

    Miz is in the ring and holds the microphone up to Punk's mouth. He has a few choice words for the Miz. None of them sound like a man ready to give up then Punk rams the microphone into Miz's face. With Miz down from the shot, Punk drags himself up the ropes to the top and takes Miz with him.

    Punk gets Miz in DDT position, and, with the last bit of strength he can muster in his legs, sends both men crashing onto the steel steps. Miz went head first and is on the ground in serious pain while Punk seems to be out.

    When Miz raises his face, blood can be flowing from a cut on his forehead. The referee calls for the bell.

    Justin Roberts: "The winner of this match and still WWE Champion, CM Punk." (Time of contest: 26:50)

    The crowd goes wild as both men are completely out of it with blood flowing badly from Miz's forehead. Medics come down to help both men. The medics pick Punk up so he can use their shoulders as support for the injured leg.

    The referee runs over to Punk, handing him the WWE Championship and raising his hand as the medics keep Punk steady. Miz is being bandaged up by medics as Punk looks to leave. Suddenly, the lights go out.

    The titantron goes black, and music starts playing (Miseria Cantare by AFI). A man walks out from the back with a hoodie on. His face is covered by the hood and the dark lighting. He makes his way forward with minimal lighting merely showing the area from the entrance down the entrance ramp.

    The man walks down slowly toward Punk. As he gets close, he stops as he looks straight into the eyes of Punk. Suddenly, he gets down on a knee. He looks down at his hand, pointing to a watch that isn't there, then he raises his right hand.

    He keeps his head down for several second before standing with his hand still raised then the lights go out completely. When they come back on, the man is gone. Punk is not sure what to think even with the clear glimpse of the man that he got.

    The show ends with Punk still held up by the medics, looking confused and unnerved.

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