Why WWE's Tribute to the Troops Is Their Most Important Event of the Year

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 20, 2011

Every year since 2003 WWE has taken it upon themselves to put on a special show; it is their way of saying thanks to all of the men and women who sacrifice everything to keep us safe.

Tribute to the Troops is one of the most ambitious and extravagant events thrown by any organization that is solely meant to honor the troops.

WWE started doing this after the idea was brought to Chairman Vince McMahon by John Bradshaw Layfield. The basic idea was a USO show on steroids. Most years since the beginning JBL has been involved in some way or another.

The WWE lets soldiers into their events for free all year, but this is the one night when the entire crowd is filled with those who have made the commitment to protect their country.

I am always very proud to be an American when watching these events because it shows that a huge company like WWE, who is worth in the billion dollar range and has worldwide commitments, can take the time out to be selfless and pay back the troops the best way they know how, by entertaining them.

This year the WWE decided to keep the tribute stateside and instead of having a couple thousand troops see a show in the desert they packed the Crown Coliseum in North Carolina, near Fort Bragg, with troops and their families.

This did not stop WWE from going to see the troops overseas though as several WWE talents made trips to military bases to visit with some of the deployed troops.

This is the most important thing WWE does each year for many reasons. The biggest reason, at least where the company is concerned, is that this gives WWE some much needed good publicity.

Wrestling has always been a hot topic for parents groups and advocates for non-violence, so doing this kind of show every year helps them improve their image.

This also gives WWE the chance to show everyone that they are a caring, responsible company and not the evil conglomerate they have been portrayed as in the past.

Selfish reasons aside, this is also important because it gives the superstars a reminder of the men and women who fight for their right to do whatever they want in life.

Many superstars have said that Tribute to the Troops is always their favorite show, even beyond WrestleMania, and who could blame them. Even the superstars who are not from the US love performing at these events.

They consider it an honor to go out and entertain these men and women, and they should, because it is. Whatever your views are, you do no have to support a war to support the troops. We all want them to come home safe.

I am not a soldier, but my father was in the Army and I have had plenty of friends who have gone off to war, some of which did not make it back, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who is willing to give up their family, friends and years of their life to go and defend us.

For WWE to do this without any kind of profit or selfish motivation is amazing, and more organizations should follow suit and do the same thing.

Athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and MLS make trips to different bases and visit with fans throughout the year, but no one puts on a show of the same magnitude (Pop Pop) of WWE.

What do you think of WWE's annual Tribute to the Troops?

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