5 San Francisco Giants Who Could Play Their Way onto the Trade Block

Jason HooverCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2011

5 San Francisco Giants Who Could Play Their Way onto the Trade Block

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    With a mounting payroll and a fanbase forever clamoring for another youth influx Brian Sabean could have some trades to make come midseason. 

    The Giants were racked with injuries last year. The result was a disappointing follow up to their 2010 World Series title. The pressure will mount this year to field a healthy and competitive team.

    The Giants will be poised to make another run at the playoffs, but before that can happen there is a chance that some players may need to be moved. 

Jeremy Affeldt

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    The trade block rumor already swirled around Jeremy Affeldt this offseason. So it should come as no surprise if it stirs up again. The Giants have a luxury with three strong lefties in Dan Runzler, Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt coming out of the bullpen.

    Affeldt's manageable contract and effectiveness in several roles would make him a prime trade target for a team coming down the  stretch. 

Nate Schierholtz

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    If the Giants are going to bring in a midseason bat chances are it will be a corner outfielder. Schierholtz had a breakout year in 2011. Even so, his inconsistency at the plate would make him a likely candidate if the Giants decided to make a move. 

Melky Cabrera

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    Just as soon as he arrived Melky Cabrera could find his way to another team. Playing his final year before free agency, Cabrera could be a fantastic midseason pickup if he and the Giants falter. 

Brian Wilson

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    Hey remember that guy?

    Before the Beard—yes, it should be capitalized—and the TV spots, Brian Wilson was a 24th round  selection in the 2003 draft who had just undergone Tommy John surgery in 2003. He has since pitched his way into San Francisco lore and the national spotlight.

    In his stellar time with the Giants, Wilson has racked up 170 saves. In addition to a dominate 2010 playoff run that culminated in a World Series title. Stack all of this up and Wilson is rapidly becoming a very expensive commodity for the Giants.

    Wilson's current 2-year, $15 million dollar contract makes him near the leagues top paid closers. However, the market for closers has blossomed, and if Johnathan Papelbon's enormous 4-year, $50 million dollar contract is any indication the Giants may be forced to deal Wilson. 

    Wilson's success has made him a highly touted commodity that the Giants might no longer be able to afford. Better to trade him before he seeks a big money contract the Giants have proven they are unwilling to match.

Sergio Romo

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    Sergio Romo has arguably been the Giants' best reliever the past two seasons, even better than Brian Wilson. In 2011 Romo completed a reliever perfect game retiring 30 straight batters. 

    So why would the Giants ever consider trading such a commodity?

    Romo is under team control until 2015. And as a middle reliever he is not likely to command Brian Wilson money. But his effectiveness has been masterful. His 70/5 strikeout/walk ratio was freakishly good.

    If the Giants find themselves in need of a bat at midseason. Which they will. Romo could prove an exceedingly valuable trade chip.

    Now before you go getting into a huff, I said he "could" prove valuable. Not that I would trade him.