UFC 140: Mir Breaks Nogueira's Humerus with Kimura (X-Ray Pics)

Cody SlovenskyContributor IIDecember 11, 2011

Nogueira X-Ray
Nogueira X-Ray

At UFC 140, Frank Mir successfully defeated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in devastating fashion after literally being knocked out. 

In the fight, Nogueira fought a smart fight, by pressing Mir into the cage and then utilizing on his much-improved striking. Mir was able to land a take down on Nogueira, but was unable to hold Nogueira down.

Once both men were back on the feet, Nogueira landed a solid combo that rocked Mir, and Nogueira attacked. It appeared that Mir was unconscious, and a few shots, Mir was recovered and had the right arm of Nogueira and that is what leads us to this article. 

Mir locks in a kimura, and Mir is not afraid to break a fighter's limb. In this sport, it is tap or snap and Nogueira had too much heart to tap, so shortly after making that decision, the entire world saw the snap. (Click here for full image)

Mir was in perfect position to land the submission. With the size and strength of Mir, it doesn't matter what level of a grappler you are, getting out of that kimura would be virtually impossible for anyone. 

Nogueira is headed to Los Angeles today in order to get his arm fixed. The look on his face when his arm popped was a look of shock, and most likely, so much adrenaline was pumping for him that he most likely felt no pain, well until later in the evening. 

An injury like this will keep a fighter out of action for a while. All we can hope for is a speedy recovery for Nogueira.