WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 12/16

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 16, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Friday Night SmackDown 12/16

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    This is the ninth edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the eighth episode here.

    For those further behind, I will post a full list of episodes at the end of the article to help those who missed a week.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10 i.e. "8/10," as this is a competition between SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen). Also, there will be voting details at the end of the show that pertain to the next Fantasy PPV for those who have not yet voted.

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls, then we are treated to a recap for last week.

    The Miz is out explaining his attack on CM Punk. A recap of the brutal attack ending in a bloodied Punk is shown in flashes as he speaks.

    Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt him only for Michael to get involved as well. The Miz is named the No. 1 contender with Punk coming out.

    He unveils the new WWE Championship, the former Winged Eagle belt. The Miz and Cole try to ambush him only for Cena to come in for the save.

    Cena looks down at the new belt with a mixed and complicated expression, then hands it to Punk, raising his hand. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    The commentators greet us to the show and send us to the ring, where The Miz is already sitting on a steel chair.

    Miz: "Sunday. The night I take my rightful place back as the premiere star in WWE. You fans can boo all you want, but let's face facts. It doesn't matter what you think. It matters what I can do. I can beat CM Punk with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.

    "Anyway, shouldn't you be thanking me? I sit here in front of you as the most must-see man in this company. Do you know who gets invited to the talk show? Who is begged to go and show himself on the red carpet at every event? If you think that man is CM Punk, you're more idiotic than you all look.

    "I offer this company a chance in the spotlight. I offer them the opportunity to make history. What does Punk offer them? Controversy, bedlam and a new pipe bomb to ponder each week? That might sound fine to you all, but that is not good business.

    "Oh, but don't misunderstand me. Last week, I told Punk he should give me the title, but it wasn't because I can't beat him. On the contrary, there is not a match that I cannot beat Punk in. The option chosen by you in the audience doesn't matter.

    "Four choices: a steel cage match where I can wreck havoc on Punk without him being able to get away, a no-holds barred match where I... (he stands up and picks up the chair he sat upon) can use this chair along with every other vile instrument under that ring to leave Punk a broken and bloody mess.

    "Then, there is the Last Man Standing match. Honestly, I will admit my knowledge in such a match is limited. In fact, I've never been in one; however, do you know what man has never won a Last Man Standing match? C...M...Punk. Don't expect that to change when he faces me.

    "And finally, my personal favorite, the First Blood match. Everyone saw the destruction I brought to Punk two weeks ago. I left bloody in battered without a thought. Do you honestly believe that won't happen again? The truth is that Punk can't make me bleed.

    "Just my poison all you wish WWE 'Universe', it won't matter. Because I'm the Miz and I'm..."

    CM Punk interrupts Miz to a raucous reaction. He stays up at the top of the ramp with the Winged Eagle WWE Championship on his shoulder.

    Punk: "Look, you know I hate interrupting a guy when he's talking, but what can I say? Your words inspired me. Throwing out those impressive words like that. My 0-1 record in Last Man Standing matches, the fact that you bloodied me once and threatening me with a steel chair."

Opening Segment Part 2

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    "Wow, it just sent chills down my spine. How about we talk about another piece of history, shall we? Six years, that is the number of years more I have been wrestling over you. In 1999, I started competing with a wrestling promotion known as Steel Domain Wrestling in Minnesota.

    "I work my ass off to get anywhere, going from the IWA, to ROH, to TNA. All my plans were to make it to one place: the WWE. When I finally made it, I saw so many "superstars" around me. They didn't wrestle; they entertained. One of them was a punk kid who was only there for being a reality TV star.

    "I had bled on independent mats for years on end and had learned to wrestle, yet you just had to drop out of college and act in a series of reality TV shows for a few years. Somehow, I managed to rise out of the muck because I knew how to entertain as much as I knew how to wrestle.

    "I watched some amazing stars never make it to this company and this pinnacle because of guys like you, Miz. Guys who could talk the talk but had no concept of how to walk the walk. Do you know how many people deserve to be in your spot right now? More than I can count.

    "You tell me that you're going to beat me. Entertaining in the ring will never beat wrestling in the ring. It doesn't matter if I have to make you bleed, escape a cage or just make you go to sleep. I will beat you for this company, for this title and for each one of those stars who deserved to be in your place."

    Miz: "You think it was easy to get here? You think I was handed anything? I had to prove to every man in the back from the wrestlers to the promoters that I deserved to be here. I didn't get any special treatment. I was almost thrown out of the company because some people refused to give me a chance.

    "Sure, you had your ways of getting here, and I had mine. But don't discount me. Don't you dare say that I didn't work to get to where I am. I may not out-"wrestle" you on Sunday, but I can outperform you. Doesn't matter what you call it, Punk. All that matters is whose hand is raised at the end of the night."

    Cole: "Can I have your attention, please?"

    Michael Cole walks from the back and looks over both men.

    Cole: "No matter how I feel about either of you personally, I'm here as SmackDown General Manager. Do you know how much time you two have been taking up insulting my company on my show? That is enough. I will tell you two what you need to do.

    "Punk, you will wrestle in our champion vs. champion main event as you take on the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Miz, you will face off against the No. 1 contender for that belt, John Morrison; however, you'll wrestle in a specialty match that we could see on Sunday.

    "You and Morrison will wrestle in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Now, both of you need to head to the back so that my show can properly continue as planned. Thank you!"

    Cole walks to the back as Miz and Punk stare down. We head to commercial break.

Match 1: Jack Swagger and Ted Dibiase vs. Local Talent

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    The No. 1 contenders to the tag team titles come out with Jimmy Uso at their back. He has a microphone and introduces them personally as they make their way to the ring.

    Uso: "As I understand it, there are many new stars in WWE after a huge roster expansion for Raw and SmackDown. However, there still is no one that can beat this team. No one. That is why we will take the tag team championships this Sunday.

    "Air Boom, I'm sure you're listening. If you had plans to hold onto those titles past Sunday, think again. We have beaten you too many times to count now. The only worry I have is after Sunday, there simply won't be anyone else left. I mean, look at what we have tonight."

    Swagger and Dibiase head into the ring and stare down two local competitors from Raleigh, North Carolina. Both are made to look extremely nondescript. The announcers say that the two weigh in at a total of 415 pounds.

    The bell rings with Swagger in the ring. He takes down the competitor with a basic takedown and holds him a strong side headlock. He puts pressure on the man's head to the point where he seems completely out of breath.

    He lets the man go and wails on him with a few hard stomps. Swagger then drags the stars into the corner and lifts him his shoulders. He tags in Dibiase, who goes to the top rope. He grabs hold of the man's head from behind.

    Swagger runs forward, and Dibiase hits the man with a neckbreaker off Swagger's shoulders. He lands with a thud, and the commentators think it is over. Instead, Dibiase takes the man up and hitting a spinebuster that sends him over to his corner of the ring.

    The second man seems wary about tagging in, but Dibiase goads him into the ring. Dibiase tries to hit a clothesline, but he gets ducked. The man then trips Dibiase up and goes to the top rope. Just as he tries to fly and hit a crossbody, Dibiase gets up and catches the man, turning the move into a snap scoop powerslam.

    Swagger calls for the tag, and Dibiase obliges. Swagger clamps on the ankle lock, and the man surprisingly holds on for several seconds. Instead of letting him tap out, Swagger lets up and lifts the man into position for the gutwrench powerbomb.

    He tells Dibiase to tag in as he lifts the man up. Dibiase comes in and grabs the man by the front of  his neck. He comes down hard with combined forced of Dibiase and Swagger on the back of his neck. The pinfall victory is academic.

    Tony Chimel: "The winners of this match..."

    Uso runs over and grabs the mic from Chimel. He announces the victory.

    Uso: "The winners of this match, the soon-to-be tag team champions of the world and the undisputed greatest tag team in WWE today, Jack Swagger and Ted Dibiase, the Fortunate Americans."

    Uso then gets in the ring to raise the hands of both stars as we head to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Zack Ryder

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    Zack Ryder is heading around backstage. He seems less jubilant than usual, as he seems to be searching for someone.

    He runs into Santino Marella and Big Show, who are talking together. Santino is air boxing while Show simply stands there.

    Ryder: "Hey, bros. I'm wondering if I could ask you guys to help me out. See, last week, I got destroyed by Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. I know that I can't beat them alone, so I was looking for a partner to match Reks' strength."

    He looks up at Show, only for Santino to respond.

    Santino: "Look, the Big Shows have been training all week. I am already becoming more stronger and more fast than ever before. If you need help with your T-Reks problems, I am your man."

    Ryder: "Look, bro, no offense but..."

    Santino: "No, you can count me on this. No dinosaur ever put me down, and I am seriouser than ever before. Trust me. The Cobra has been replaced with a deadly weapon as you have ever seen."

    Show: "Don't worry, Zack. I'll be out there, watching both of your backs."

    Ryder looks a little bit more confident until Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins come running in behind Show. They take him out at the knee, and then Reks spears Show straight into the wall.

    Ryder and Santino try to come in and help, but Hawkins gets in their way just long enough for Reks to finish the job with a vicious big boot, sandwiching Show's face with the wall.

    Security tries to come in and break up the action, but Reks and Hawkins are already gone as Santino and Ryder stand over a barely conscious Show. Ryder's look of worry has intensified as we head to the ring.

In Ring Segment: Divas

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    We see that all of the divas on the SmackDown roster are in the ring. Maryse, Natalya, Eve Torres, AJ and new acquisition Tamina all stand facing the entrance ramp with Natalya holding a microphone.

    Natalya: "Enough is enough. Seriously, an entire division is being assaulted every week, and no one seems to care. If CM Punk and John Cena were taken out on TV, investigations would be afoot before the news of the attack reached the public. Why are we left unsafe and ignored in this dangerous work environment?

    "Even the newest women signed to this brand have agreed that we will not wrestle on this show at all until we are promised a safe work environment. In fact, since many will simply ignore us if we just leave, we will not leave this ring until our grievances are addressed."

    Michael Cole comes out after a short lull with microphone in hand.

    Cole: "Look, this is my show, and I will not have women who can't sell a cent wasting my time. The attacks on you have raised ratings lately for each Divas segment, so I don't see any reason to help you. Now get out of my ring before I fire each and every one of you!"

    Just as he finishes, the lights go out. When the lights go back on, the cameras pan over the women in the ring who are still standing. They then flash to the entrance ramp, where Cole is laid out with a banner over him.

    The women move out of the ring, slowly, in shock. They head to the entrance ramp and read the banner. This time, the message is as clear as day. This time it is not a message but a warning: "Next week, answers."

    The women all look at one another, unable to process what they are seeing. We head to commercial break.

Match 2: John Morrison vs. the Miz: Falls Count Anywhere

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    John Morrison greets the returning viewers as he enters the ring. He looks focused and determined to wrestle this match. Just as he is about to get into the ring, The Miz comes from behind with a double axe handle to the neck.

    Morrison falls hard on the ground as Miz begins beating down on him. The referee comes to the outside to try and break up the action so that he can start the match. As Miz tries to back up, Morrison comes at him. He punches and kicks at Miz's ribs.

    The brawl is too much for the referee to handle, so he gives up and just rings the bell. The two stars don't even notice as Morrison whips Miz into the barricade. The two don't let up for a second. Each man gets in a lot of hard hits on the barricade and the ring post.

    The match finally slows a bit when Morrison hits a running corkscrew flying forearm smash on Miz as they both crash into the barricade. They struggle to find their footing with Morrison getting to his feet first. He then grabs Miz and throws him into the ring.

    He gets a headlock on Miz and pressures him to the ground. Miz finds the ropes and pulls himself out of the grip and to the outside. Morrison looks onto his competitor with contempt, signaling to the crowd, which gets a decent pop.

    He then runs off the opposite rope for a suicide dive to Miz, where they both land on the ground. We go to commercial break with both men down.

    When we return, Morrison is in complete control. He holds his advantage until Miz backs out an attempted Russian legsweep and hits a big boot.

    Miz takes Morrison and drags him up the entrance ramp to the top area. He tries to hit a neckbreaker with Morrison pushing him out of it. Morrison then hits a big dropkick on Miz, but they both land badly, with Morrison landing on the unpadded floor below him.

    The non-stop action between the two has them both tired, and they take a while to find their footing. Morrison grabs Miz and threatens to throw Miz into the WWE sign, but Miz blocks it. He gains control and tries the same, only for Morrison to block it.

    Morrison gains enough leverage to hit Miz with a European uppercut, and he then hits a standing shooting star press. Morrison covers Miz: ..1...2.... kick out. The close pinfall has Morrison frustrate but determined.

    He sets up Miz for his old Moonlight Drive until Rhodes runs in and bashes Morrison in the back of the head with his mask. He then hits the Cross Rhodes on Morrison with Morrison hitting the ground hard. Rhodes drags Miz over Morrison, and the referee has to count as the match was considered no DQ: ..1....2.....3.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, The Miz."

    Cody Rhodes taunts Morrison as Miz tries to get to his feet. Morrison is on the ground in pain, eventually leading to medical staff coming in to help him as we head to commercial break.

Backstage Segment: Christian

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    We are backstage as Matt Martlaro is interviewing Christian.

    Martlaro: "Christian, are you absolutely confident that you can win on Sunday when you don't even know who your opponent is?"

    Christain: "Do you know who I am? I am no mere man. I am Captain Charisma, the most charismatic and talented competitor in WWE today. I have no equal and not even a single peer. I am a World Champion for a reason, Matt. I can beat every single cruiserweight on this roster.

    "On my possible opponents, Justin Gabriel shouldn't even be an option after his two straight losses to me. Zack Ryder could not be an less threatening than he now is. Seriously, I would be more worried about fighting a little girl in a princess costume. He should just stick to his little internet show.

    "Sin Cara 'Azul' might have a great singles record, but do you know who ended his streak? Me. In unfair lighting with all his ratlike scurrying, I speared him into the next millennium, and that will happen again if we meet."

    Martlaro: "What about the possible mystery opponent? I heard that Cole actually decided to raise the cruiserweight weight limit to 220 lbs so that this star could compete for the title."

    Christian: "Yes, I heard, but a rookie? Against a master of my caliber? That is a death sentence for the poor star in the making. Trust me, no one can beat me. There isn't a man on Earth that can take this title away from me. Understand that? Good."

    Christian walks off as we go to commercial.

Match 3: Santino Marrela and Zack Ryder vs. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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    We return Tyler Reks entering with Curt Hawkins behind him. Reks looks focused while Hawkins has a confident smirk. The two enter the ring without worry, not even affected by the entrance of their opponents.

    Zack Ryder enters with Santino behind him. Ryder looks angry but nervous. Santino still seems oblivious, threatening the two stars as he enters with some air boxing. Both men enter the ring, with Santino telling Ryder that he will start.

    The bells rings as Reks and Santino look on. Santino taunts him as Reks looks on. Santino takes a step forward, only to get nailed hard by a big boot from Reks. He covers for barely a two count.

    Reks forces Santino into a stiff headlock. He then adds Santino's arm to the hold and pressures Santino down. Hawkins taunts Santino on the apron as Ryder halfheartedly cheers Santino on.

    Just as Santino begins to get in a bit of offense, Reks throws him into the corner and tags in Hawkins, who moves quickly and stomps on Santino straight to the four count before stopping. He lifts Santino up, whipping Santino toward Ryder, only to pull him back and hit a big clothesline.

    He smiles cockily at Ryder as he tags in Reks, who continues the pressure. Both men continue tagging in and putting pressure on Satino for a couple minutes until a miscue between the two opens up a Santino jawbreaker, taking Hawkins and Santino down.

    Ryder gets the hot tag as he plays to the crowd and takes out both men. He then throws Hawkins into the corner and hits the Broski Boot. He covers with Reks breaking it up after two. Then Ryder hits a flapjack and goes to the top rope.

    He hits a huge dropkick with the cover again being broken up by Reks. Ryder tags in Santino much to the pleasure of the crowd as he pulls out a series of boxing punches to Hawkins. He then signals as if going for a chokeslam.

    He gets Hawkins in position, but Hawkins battles out and scurries over to his corner. Reks tags in. Santino hits a big clothesline and looks focused. He calls to the crowd and forgets himself. He calls for the Cobra as Hawkins goes around and takes out Ryder.

    Santino hits the move, but Reks, just as Christian did two weeks ago, seems completely unaffected. Reks smiles quickly before kicking Santino in the gut and hitting the Burning Hammer for a three count.

    Tony Chimel: :The winners of this match, the team of Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks."

    Santino rolls to the outside, holding his head with almost no confidence anymore. Ryder is getting up from the takedown he got from Hawkins, and there is no sense of anger or frustration in his eyes.

    Instead, Ryder shows pure fear. He looks at the two tag team heels and can't hide the despair. Reks and Hawkins in the ring look unstoppable as we head to commercial break.

In-Ring Segment: Daniel Bryan

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    We return to Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring. He looks tired and frustrated. He grabs a mic and heads to the ring.

    Bryan: "Angle, Kurt Angle, enough with the games. Get out here now!" He holds the mic in hand as he motions to the entrance ramp. Kurt Angle's music hits as he enters with focus and a mic.

    Angle: "Look, Daniel, about last week..."

    Bryan: "I've had enough. Why don't you just throw the entire roster at me next? I am sick and tired of your games. How did that match last week help me?"

    Angle: "Listen to me before you continue your raving, please. What happened last week showed me more about you then any of your wins. You fought two top competitors went far beyond their bounds, and you almost beat them. That was damn impressive."

    Bryan: "So..."

    Angle: "No test this week. You need to rest up after that. As I understand it, you don't 'officially' have a match on Sunday, but getting injured never helped anyone."

    Bryan seemed to look at him warily before looking down at his briefcase suddenly understanding. Angle smiled, and Bryan still looked wary. Suddenly, Brodus Clay hits the ring with looking confident and frustrated.

    Clay: "Enough of this love fest. You two won't be wasting anymore of my time with your little, well, whatever this is. Real stars need to compete. Get out of my ring, Bryan, or I'll force you out!"

    Bryan drops his mic, motioning to Clay who gets in after him. Angle isn't sure what to make of the scene as the two face off, and a referee runs down the ramp.

    This is an official match as the bell rings, though we have to go to commercial break.

Match 4: Daniel Bryan vs. Brodus Clay

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    We return with the larger Clay manhandling Bryan. He lifts Bryan into the air and then turns the move into a falling powerslam. He only gets two. Then he lifts Bryan up again and pulls him into a bear hug.

    Bryan is in pain as Brodus throws him around in the hold. Bryan suddenly switches up the pressure as he snaps on the guillotine choke. Clay tries to get out by running Bryan into a turnbuckle, but Bryan holds on. Clay does it again, and he has to grab the ropes this time after the move to force a break.

    Bryan uses his momentum though to pull out some big kicks to Clay's legs, who eventually falls to his knees leading to a final vicious kick to the head, but Clay's leg lands below the bottom rope. Bryan, realizing Clay's positioning, rolls a leg around by placing him in a single Boston crab.

    Clay's massive leg is barely in Bryan's hold. Bryan just tries to put on as much pressure as possible, with Clay eventually again making it to the bottom rope. Bryan releases the hold goes to the top rope. He jumps off for a missile dropkick, with Clay catching him.

    Clay throws Bryan onto his shoulders, hitting a front powerslam. He grabs a prone Bryan and throws him into the turnbuckle, then hitting a big corner body avalanche. He covers for two.

    He waits for Bryan to rise and hits a running crossbody. Bryan barely kicks out before three. Clay gets frustrated and waits for Bryan to rise; however, as he grabs Bryan, he gets caught for a sudden LaBell Lock.

    The crowd goes wild as Clay is fading. Bryan finally gets full leverage on the large Clay, who looks ready to tap.

    Bryan looks toward Angle, who has been watching the whole time stoically. Clay can't hold out in the pain, and he taps out.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match, Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan."

    Bryan celebrates in the ring as Angle claps at ringside. Bryan holds up his briefcase toward Angle, who gives very little reaction as we head to commercial break.

Main Event: Cody Rhodes vs. CM Punk: Champion vs. Champion

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    We return with the commentators reminding us about the full card for Sunday.

    Matthews: "On Sunday, we finally get to see what the fans have voted for. First, we find out what opponents they have decided upon for Christian on SmackDown and Kane, along with Chris Masters on Raw. Then we will witness great matches with the fan's voting upon the stipulation for each match."

    Striker: "Yep, we will see the WWE, Intercontinental, World Heavyweight and the Women's Championship all on the line. That is why they call it a Night of Champions. I can't wait."

    Cody Rhodes comes out now with an angry and aggressive look on his face. He is quickly followed by CM Punk, who plays to the crowd and a monster pop. The two stare down ready to go.

    As the bell rings, they lock up, and Punk manages to gain an advantage early on. He gets Rhodes in a headlock and pressures him to the ground, adding a leglock around the chest to the hold. As Rhodes tries to fit out, Punk gets in a few elbows to the chest with his free arm.

    Rhodes rolls Punk to a position where he can fight out arms, grabbing Punk's head and pressuring him on his shoulder. Punk and Rhodes both have these holds until Punk reaches the ropes, breaking up all of the holds.

    Punk gets to his feet first and begins trading kicks and punches with Rhodes. Neither man backs down, with Punk eventually pulling out a big roundhouse kick that knocks down Rhodes. Punk gets a two count. He then gets Rhodes in the Koji clutch, with Rhodes slowly making his way to the ropes.

    When the move is broken up, Punk waits for Rhodes to rise and charges at him, only to take a stiff kick to the gut. Rhodes hits a bulldog and then a knee drop. He only gets two. After that, Rhodes pulls Punk to his feet and goes for a front suplex.

    Punk blocks it, hitting his own suplex. Punk goes to the outside and sets up the springboard clothesline. As he jumps, Rhodes hits a dropkick, leveling Punk. Rhodes taunts to the crowd and goes to the top rope. He hits a moonsault for two.

    Rhodes stomps on Punk before locking in a figure four leglock. Punk fights eventually flipping Rhodes over to put the same pressure on Rhodes, who lets up the move. Punk hits a clothesline, taking Punk to the outside as we head to commercial break.

Main Event Part 2

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    We return with Punk setting up Rhodes. He executes the Beautiful Disaster, only with Rhodes ducking the move. Punk hits a big double axe handle to the head with Rhodes then going to the top rope.

    Punk hits the diving elbow on Rhodes, only getting a two-count. Punk calls for the GTS, and he gets Rhodes up on his shoulders, only for Rhodes to turn it around into an Alabama slam. He only gets two.

    This time, he hits the Beautiful Disaster, but he can only get two again. He taunts the crowd as Punk tries to rise. He pulls Punk in for a Russian legsweep, but reverses the hold into a whip in the corner.

    Punk then runs into the corner hitting a high knee, followed by a bulldog. He then goes to the apron, where he hits a springboard clothesline on Rhodes. He covers, but he only gets two.

    Suddenly, The Miz's music hits. Punk is distracted as Miz walks out and down the ramp, allowing Rhodes to come from behind. Rhodes hits a clothesline to the back of the neck.

    He then goes to the second rope for a crossbody. Punk catches Rhodes and gets him up on his shoulders. Punk is about to hit the GTS, but Miz runs in and hits Punk with a low blow. He then grabs Punk and hits the Skull-Crushing Finale.

    Rhodes looks on, and he then decides to join in hitting Punk with Cross Rhodes. Both men stand tall over the WWE Champion staring down at him with arms raised.

    Tony Chimel: "The winner of this match by disqualification, CM Punk."

    Miz grabs the WWE Championship and stands over Punk, who is writhing in pain. He holds his chest as the Miz tells him that the title will be his soon.

    The show seemingly ends...

Promo: The Final Cut

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    Static fills the screen. A soft whisper can be heard over the static.

    "Tick, tock, tick, tock, the time is coming. Salvation for the savior and destruction for the pardoned. No one will be safe once he is re-enlightened. I come not to trick or deceive. I only will arrive to help him perceive."

    Flashes of each video seen earlier appear: Punk's ECW promo, the video of him winning his first World Title, flashes of his time as the Straightedge Messiah.

    Then, a graveyard is shown.

    A man walks slowly toward the camera. He eventually makes it to the screen and raises his hands.

    On them are red and black sleeves that are in the same style as Punk's.

    "CM Punk, once my savior, now I come to save you. You may not welcome me at first, but you will see too. I only come to take you back. Back to the beginning and back to the righteous path."

    The screen fills in red and black, then goes silent.

And That's a Wrap

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    And that's the end.

    Tune in this Sunday for a phenomenal show in Fantasy Night of Champions (official schedule here). Also, check out next week as always to find out the fallout.

    Remember to rate this show on a scale from 1 (horrible) through 10 (awesome). Also, this week (for those who haven't already), there is voting to be done for this Sunday's PPV. Three of the four matches now confirmed for the event have stipulations that you can vote upon:

    Christian © vs. Chosen Opponent for the Cruiserweight Championship

    a. Justin Gabriel

    b. Sin Cara Azul

    c. Zack Ryder

    d. Mystery Opponent

    Cody Rhodes © vs. John Morrison for Intercontinental Championship with Chosen Stipulation

    a. Ladder Match

    b. Standard Match, There Must Be a Winner

    c. Falls Count Anywhere

    d. Tables Match

    CM Punk © vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship with Chosen Stipulation:

    a. Last Man Standing

    b. First Blood,

    c. No Holds Barred

    d. Steel Cage Match.

    If you enjoyed the show, keep a watchful eye for the show each Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., their official release time.

    Leave any comments—and thanks for reading!

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