WWE Raw Roulette 2002: TLC Match Once Again Saves the Night

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterDecember 7, 2011

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WWE TLC is less than two weeks away, and the build is getting stronger and stronger with each passing day. On that subject, it is always fun to look back on past tables, ladders and chairs matches.

I already covered Summerslam 2000. I have touched on WrestleMania XVII before. I do not speak of the third TLC match. That brings me to the next installment of TLC.

WWE Raw. October 2002. Raw Roulette! Spin the Wheel. Make the Deal.

I loved the concept. It was based on the infamous gimmick used back in WCW and other variations, but WWE is king of the business. Thus, they stand in front of the pack here.

All in all, the night was pretty entertaining. It had an absolutely shocking ending, but the two hours before the last minute was great. With that being said, let's take a look back at yet another night where TLC saved the show!

Booker T defeated The Big Show in a steel cage match

This was a nice match to start the show. It was clear that Big Show was on his way off the Red Brand, so what better way than to put over a few talents first?

Booker needed a few big wins near the end of 2002. This was another step in the right direction. He was in a World Title match just a few months later at WrestleMania. He rightfully lost to Triple H, but the message was clear. Booker is a great talent.

Triple H defeated D'Lo Brown in a Blindfold match

I always remember this match. It was a little "too" comedic for the World Champion, but it was short and fun. Triple H got the win over Brown, and that was it for his wrestling night.

William Regal defeated Goldust in a Las Vegas Showgirl match

This was more fun for the night, and it did its job. Regal was a nice talent in the mid-card, while Goldust was still a comedy figure. Both guys can go in the ring, but they also have a great sense of humor on WWE TV.

Trish Stratus vs. Stacy in a Bra and Panties Paddle on a Pole match

I really do not even want to comment on this. It was fun 10 years ago, but there is no need to see this nowadays. Trish was the current champion and wasn't going to lose her title here. Let's move on...

Al Snow beat Test in a Street Fight

These two guys were very talented. I like Test in 2002. He was better saved on the Blue Brand, but his 2003 was a lot more entertaining on Raw than the year before. Snow always serves his purpose and was the highlight of Tough Enough many years ago.

Al Snow won the match in a fun street fight, but it was yet another match that meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. Nice job here!

Jerry Lawler pins Steven Richards in a Legal in Nevada match

Again, this was fun many years ago, but it has no place in 2011's WWE. Lawler got to spend the night with some of Godfather's girls, and he loved it. Thankfully, he left Jim Ross to call the main event without him. Blessing in disguise...

Kane and Hurricane beat Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley, Rob Van Damย and Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho and Christian in a four way TLC match

As I said above, this entire match saved the night. The night was full on "comedy," yet it instantly took a serious turn when this match began. JR once again called an amazing match and deserves some props here.

Hurricane was taken out of commission in the back, so he was not even in this match. Kane was at it all by himself to retain the tag team titles. The other teams were made throughout the night, and all the men involved here put on a wonderful performance.

This is often forgotten by many fans, but this may have been the greatest match in WWE Raw history at this time. It has been surpassed many times in the last nine years, but in 2002; this may have been the best Raw match ever!

Kane ended up winning the match after a ton of ridiculous spots. Some were just way too dangerous to even think of, especially on an episode of Raw. Either way, I can't take away from any of the star's efforts on this evening.

When it was all said and done, this night was remembered for three things. Here they are:

1. It was a night filled with comedy. Good or bad, there was a lot of "fun" matches.

2. The four way TLC match was amazing, and it does not get the credit it deserves. It did not have all the "original" tag teams, but it didn't matter. Everybody gave it their all and entertained the fans!

3. The ending of this show was where Triple H revealed Kane "killed' Katie Vick. Yep, that was how this night ended. The awesome TLC match was instantly an afterthought...

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