The Funniest Farting Moments in Sports

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIDecember 13, 2011

The Funniest Farting Moments in Sports

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    While athletic victory requires fearless determination and relentless pursuit of that extra inch, there are those times when comical misfortune takes over.

    As the adrenaline runs through an athlete's veins, oftentimes he'll naturally allow his digestive process to make its presence felt.

    From abrupt flatulence on the bench to a humorous ploy aimed at disturbing a teammate, these instances continue to entertain sports fans.

    Let's take a look at the funniest farting moments in sports.


Honorable Mention: Dick Butkus Is Swept off His Feet

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    This is a moment that will never be forgotten for this young lady.

    It's safe to say most amazed fans would react the same way in meeting Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus for the first time.

    He undoubtedly had that effect on running backs as well.

10. John Wall Is Blown Away

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    While we're unsure whether that was a seal or an aging trumpet, this reporter's alleged disturbance certainly caused 2011 NBA Rookie Challenge MVP John Wall to take a curious look around.

    The dwindling tone of the flatulence leads us to believe this reporter was trying his hardest to keep it in until nature forced his hand.

9. Philly Cheese Steaks Begin to Take Effect

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    During the 2009 AFC Divisional game against the San Diego Chargers, things got a bit exotic on the Pittsburgh Steelers bench.

    Receiver Hines Ward looks to his teammate Santonio Holmes for a quick confirmation.

    Holmes immediately denies it with an exuberant "uh-uh" and quickly looks to his right for another suspect.

8. Joakim Noah Takes an Innocent Plea

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    Considering he noticed the odd stench first, we'd like to believe that Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is the guilty party.

    A member of the 2011 All-Defensive Second Team, this relentless inside presence seemingly gives fans the secret to his lockdown defense.

7. Popcorn Fart Win

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    While the Spanish version of this call is quite iconic, this English version has one unique statement that needs sharing.

    Following Dave Pasch's stellar commentary, former Pro Bowler Ron Wolfley refers to LaRod Stephens-Howling as a "popcorn fart."

    That's all we need to include this humorous occurrence.

6. Brian Urlacher Slows Himself Down

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    Some might say the crackling noise was the microphone, but we believe fearless linebacker Brian Urlacher has the guts to let one loose when necessary.

    His awkwardness during the beginning of the clip quickly dwindles following the alleged noise.

    If that's not enough proof, Ryan Howard's humorous glare should certainly suffice.

5. Von Wafer in a Nutshell

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    While former NBA guard Von Wafer isn't to blame for this accidental release of gas, this occurence's smell was seemingly a metaphor for his career.

    As the newscaster attempts to suppress his laughter, the show awkwardly proceeds.

4. Lomas Brown Can't Contain Himself

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    While ESPN First Take is known for its colorful debates and honest reasoning, the show's producers got more than they bargained for during this humorous episode. 

    Former offensive tackle Lomas Brown certainly made his presence felt following a dedicated laugh that was clearly relieving.

3. Dwyane Wade Gets Interrupted

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    While we must respect Dwyane Wade for laughing about this far-from-subtle fart, we must also commend the reporter who exerted the comical noise for making it happen mid-interview.

    There is essentially no better time for a well-placed rip than right in the middle of a superstar's interview.

2. Rafael Van Der Vaart with the Fart

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    During this game between Romania and the Netherlands, Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart seemingly shared his talent with the rest of the team.

    While the reactions are quite enjoyable, the announcing that takes place following the incident makes us smile considering it is just as proper during this occurrence as it is during routine gameplay.

1. LeBron James Shares the Warmth

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    Some may believe he's called "The King" for his prowess on the court, but after seeing this display of breaking wind, it's safe to say LeBron James is secretly more prolific as a flatulist.

    While Anderson Varejao's disgusted expression is monumental, it's his teammate's subtle glare to his right in preparation of the crop-dusting that has us smiling.