Tim Tebow: The 20 Best Tebowing Pictures from Around the Internet

Peter Emerick@@peteremerickSenior Writer IIDecember 4, 2011

Tim Tebow: The 20 Best Tebowing Pictures from Around the Internet

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    We have Tim Tebow to thank for a lot of things in the world.  

    We have him to thank for being authentic in a place where most people aren't. We have him to thank for the Denver Broncos' recent success, but most of all we have him to thank for the new found art of "Tebowing." 

    If you don't know what "Tebowing" is, shame on you.  

    Tebowing: "(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."

    Tebowing is an art form. It is something that has to be experienced to be fully understood.

    Here is a list of photos of people Tebowing from the site www.tebowing.com that truly show what Tebowing is all about.  

Tebowing on Two Water Fountains in Mile High Stadium

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    Tebowing on two water fountains in the Broncos' Mile High Stadium? Check!

    This tebowing fan shows some serious commitment by getting the right knee wet all for a good tebowing opportunity.  

    Word to the wise, this kind of tebowing is for this person. If a bigger man had tried that, it would have undoubtedly resulted in two busted water fountains.  

Nothing Like Some Black Friday Tebowing

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    It takes dedication just to go out and shop on Black Friday. These patrons of, I'm assuming Wal-mart, took it one step further by tebowing in the middle of a busy walmart. 

    I sure hope that these guys didn't miss out on their $2.96 waffle maker by tebowing.  

The Classic 135 Lb. Neck Tebow

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    I'm assuming that this is fake, but who knows, maybe this guy really can balance 135 pounds on his neck while tebowing.

    If this is real, I hope that in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games there is a new power lifting competition called the "tebow neck hold."

Breaking News: Tim Tebow's Face to Be Added to Mount Rushmore

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    Tebowing at Mount Rushmore is a great idea. It's such a great idea, I'm pretty sure someday Tebow's face will be right aside Lincoln's on the great American "monument."

    Kudos to this guy for getting his body lined up just right to make this tebowing moment even more classic.  

Even Superheros Take Time to Do Some Tebowing

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    Between saving the world from evil supervillains and trying to win the affection of Mary Jane, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman can  be found tebowing on trash cans.  

    I didn't know spidey was such a huge Tim Tebow fan, but I do now. 

The 2 Inch Gymnastic Bar Tebowing Move

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    It's nice to see other sports like gymnastics and weight lifting adopting tebowing into their official set of moves. I'd give this gymnast a 9.8 for her tebowing on the two-inch bar.

    The only way to get a 10.0 for a tebowing move in gymnastics is to use it as your final move after a dismount—everyone knows that!

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Doing the Championship Belt Tebow

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    Jon Jones is absolutely dominant in the octagon, and it is most likely because he can be found tebowing in his spare time.  

    While other fighters are training and training and training, Jones is doing what is important, tebowing with the hopes of becoming more like Tim Tebow himself. 

    This is the move Tebow will be doing when he takes the championship belt away from Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl.

Tebowing on a Horse Is Always a Stellar Idea

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    While riding a horse and getting it to go where you want it to go is difficult, it apparently is much easier to do when you are tebowing. I wish I had known that the last time I rode a horse. 

    Tebowing on a horse is quite a feat. I am, however, a little disappointed the horse isn't tebowing as well.

Surfboard Tebowing in Shark Infested Water

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    Tebowing has already made its way into many sports, like gymnastics, UFC and horseback riding. Now it is officially a move in surfing.

    What I want to see next time is someone tebowing a huge 85-foot wave in Hawaii. If someone can do that, they will undoubtedly make the top of this list next time around. 

Tebowing in a Hostile Environment

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    This only worked out well because it was an attractive woman. Any other human being, especially a man, would have gotten obliterated by Oakland's insane M.O.B if he tebowed in front of them. 

    It still takes a lot of guts to start tebowing anywhere in the Raiders stadium, so mad props to this lady. 

Synchronized Tebowing Is Always a Classy Move

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    There is a new sport out there, and it is called "synchronized tebowing."

    Synchronized tebowing involves getting seven or more individuals to start tebowing in a funny place at the same time.

    While we can't be certain what is happening with this synchronized tebowing team's legs, I'm pretty sure they are the front runners to win the first ever synchronized tebowing championship. 

Tebowing with an Angry Santa (He's Probably a Raiders Fan)

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    First of all, it takes some serious guts to go see Santa when you are over the age of 15. In addition, it's pretty impressive when you continue tebowing even when it displeases good old Saint Nick. 

    Santa must be a Raiders fan because there is no other reason I can think of as to why he wouldn't be supportive of tebowing.  

Tebowing with the REAL Santa (That Last One Was an Impostor)

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    See, I knew Santa approved of Tim Tebow and tebowing. I was embarrassingly fooled by that Santa impostor on the last page, and for that I apologize.  

    Kudos to this lady for finding the real Santa and then getting him to show his support for Tebow by tebowing with her.

    There is no chance the Broncos don't make the playoffs—Santa is on their side! 

Dangerous Tebowing Is the Best Kind of Tebowing Around

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    I'm not really sure where this guy is, but I want to go there. It looks like the guy could fall off the side of the mountain if he sneezed, and yet he still finds the strength to do some tebowing. 

    I'm impressed by this guys ability to look danger right in the face and say, "you know what, go ahead danger, hit me with your best shot, you ain't got nothing on me while I'm tebowing."

Military Tebowing: A Patriotic Move

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    Tebowing in front of a massive transport aircraft is always a top notch way to show your support for Tim Tebow.

    Tim Tebow was technically born in the Philippines, but I think I can speak for all American's and say that Tebow is considered one of the greatest American's alive, right up there with Chuck Norris.

    USA! USA! USA!

Firemen Tebowing in Front of a Burning Building

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    Way to go firemen, good job showing us what is really important in life—tebowing. 

    While I'm sure the firemen later put the fire out and saved everyone from the burning building, it is still pretty epic that they would take the time to do some last minute tebowing beforehand. 

    The only thing on fire that this group of firemen can't put out is Tim Tebow himself.  

Elephant Tebowing, Well Sort of

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    At first glance I really thought this woman was tebowing on an actual elephant, which would have been absolutely epic. 

    Unfortunately, the elephant is not real, but that doesn't mean this tebowing moment isn't worth mentioning. The fact that this woman is tebowing in such a small space, and that she made me think she was really tebowing on an elephant, is reason enough to be on this list.  

A Very Muppet Tebowing by Kermit the Frog

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    I always knew there was something I liked about Kermit the Frog.  

    Kermit is clearly a huge Tim Tebow fan, and that is what makes him the best Muppet of all time.  

    When inanimate objects start tebowing, you know there's something very special going on. 

Even Pancakes Are Tebowing

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    There really isn't much that needs to be said here. It's a pancake that loves Tim Tebow, and is tebowing to show his support for him. 

    I sure hope this masterpiece didn't get eaten. 

The Ultimate: Tebowing with Tebow Himself

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    There is nothing more amazing than tebowing with the man, the myth and the legend himself, Tim Tebow. 

    While this woman is very far away from Tebow and is tebowing with the incorrect leg and arm, I am still impressed that she took advantage of the opportunity to do some tebowing with the man who created it. 

    Tebowing is still in its infancy, but believe me, it will only continue to get bigger. I'm pretty sure at the next Presidential inauguration the 45th President of the United States will be forced to do some tebowing. 

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take your most outrageous tebowing picture and post it on www.tebowing.com so you can be on this article next time.