Freeway Face-Off: Five Facts You May Not Know About the Kings/Ducks Rivalry

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIINovember 15, 2011

Freeway Face-Off: Five Facts You May Not Know About the Kings/Ducks Rivalry

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    While it doesn't grab the headlines of other NHL rivalries, the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings have slugged it out with the best of them over the last 15 years.

    The two clubs rekindle the "Freeway Face-Off" with a home and home series beginning Wednesday night at Staples Center, and ending the following night at Honda Center.

The Origin of the Term "Freeway Face-Off"

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    Prior to the 2007 there was no nickname given to the rivalry between the Kings and Ducks. Fox Sports Net conducted a poll to give the rivalry an identity, and Freeway Face-Off received the most votes amongst the 12,000 or so people who voiced their opinion.

    In addition to Freeway Face-Off, other nicknames for the series included the "Freeze-way Series" and the "Ice-5 Series."

Ducks Narrowly Lead the Series (46-45-11)

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    Though there have been 102 games played in the series, there is only one game separating the Ducks and Kings in the win column. Anaheim holds a 46-45-11 overall series lead dating back to their first game against each other in 1993.

Kings and Ducks Have Never Faced Each Other in the Playoffs

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    Not only have the Kings and Ducks not faced each other in the postseason, it wasn't until the 2010-2011 season that they both made the playoffs in the same year.

    Los Angeles last played for the Stanley Cup in 1993 (lost to Montreal 4-1), while Anaheim has reached the finals in 2003 (lost to New Jersey 4-3) and 2007 (beat Ottawa 4-1).

Kings Hate Ducks' Fans Because of Emilio Estevez

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    Well, not specifically because of Emilio Estevez, but there is certainly a bit of disdain of the Ducks' franchise from Kings' fans due to the fact the team was spawned from a Disney movie. Especially considering the Los Angeles Kings arrived in 1967, when the city was awarded an expansion team. It took the club over 25 years to reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Coach Bombay and his "flying V" led Anaheim to the Finals after just 10 years.

Ducks Hate Kings' Fans Because of Los Angeles

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    Anaheim fans dislike Los Angeles fans for one major reason: Los Angeles. It's why Angels' fans cringe at seeing their team represented by "LA" in the box scores. The fans of Anaheim do not want to be associated with the fans of Los Angeles, and the culture between the two cities are sharply contrasted.

    Ducks' fans also feel they should be given more respect, not only from Kings' fans, but from the rest of the NHL, considering they have been to two Stanley Cup Finals in the last 10 years, and the Kings haven't been anywhere close.

    Anaheim, much like every other team, chants "Beat LA" and calls the Kings "Queens." It is not much different than what all other Los Angeles sport's teams deal with on the road, but there is something special about a solid Los Angeles/Anaheim rivalry.


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