10 Craziest Hairstyles in UFC History

G DAnalyst IIINovember 8, 2011

10 Craziest Hairstyles in UFC History

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    The sport of mixed martial arts hasn't developed into the world's fastest growing sport solely based on the fighter's performances.

    An added reason for the UFC's success is the different styles and appearances these fighters bring to the table. Specifically, we've some of the craziest hair styles since the organization was first established in 1993.

    So, the following slides display the 10 craziest hairstyles in UFC history.

    Let's take a look.

Dan Hardy

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    Dan Hardy entered the UFC in October of 2008 as he quickly made a run to the top of the welterweight division.

    Hardy not only brought his exceptional skill set but some of the craziest hair the UFC's ever seen.

    Hardy's crazy choice of hairstyle is the pinkish-red, long-haired mohawk.

Chris Leben

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    Chris Leben isn't just crazy—so is his hair.

    Leben's been spotted rockin' several different hairstyles over the course of his mixed martial arts career, consisting of dyed hair, cornrows and even mohawks.

    However, his favorite as of late seems to be the full-fledged pink.

Clay Guida

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    There are many words to describe Clay Guida's hair, and one of those is "crazy."

    Guida's hair may be semi-appealing prior to his fights, but that all changes when action begins.

    Guida has represented the long curly hair since he first entered the UFC Octagon in October of 2006.

Miguel Torres

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    Miguel Torres recently made the transition from WEC to the UFC and brought his hairstyle with him.

    It's hard to deny just how crazy Torres' hairstyles have been as he's presented fans with a rat tail, mullet-type style.

    Torres certainly ranks near the top of the craziest hairstyles in UFC history.

Roy Nelson

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    There are many things that make UFC fans laugh when they think of Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

    And, one of those things are his wicked hairstyles.

    While fans never know what to expect when Nelson enters the Octagon, they do know his hair will stand out as he's recently been recognized for bringing back the mullet.

Josh Koscheck

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    It's hard to describe what exactly is on the top of Josh Koscheck's head.

    Many fans don't even consider Koscheck's hair crazy anymore as it hasn't changed since he entered the UFC in April of 2005, but Koscheck's curly blonde locks are far from normal.

Hermes Franca

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    Hermes Franca is another fighter that keeps UFC fans guessing as it's hard to say what he'll look like next.

    While Franca is no longer fighting in the UFC, he left a lasting impression. That lasting impression is his hair as we've seen Franca enter the Octagon with just about every color on the rainbow.

Heath Herring

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    Heath Herring just might have the craziest hairstyle in the history of the UFC.

    While Herring hung up the gloves after being defeated by Brock Lesnar at UFC 87, his hair will never be forgotten.

    The picture above is just a sneak peak of Herring's different styles over the course of his UFC career.

Jonathan Goulet

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    While Jonathan Goulet had a subpar UFC career, he ranks among the top with his variety of crazy hairstyles.

    And, UFC fans actually enjoyed Goulet's style as he had a new word shaved in the side of his head nearly every fight.

    Goulet may very well have the craziest hairstyle in UFC history.

Scott Jorgensen

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    Scott Jorgensen is one of the newer fighters to enter the crazy hairstyle posse.

    The UFC newcomer has been seen rockin' several different styles as he's represented the mop top, spiked mohawk and the straight pink hair.

    Jorgensen will continue to carry the torch for future fighters with ridiculous hairstyles.