50 Worst Goals in NHL History

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent INovember 9, 2011

50 Worst Goals in NHL History

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    The NHL is home to some of the world's finest goaltenders. However, even the best have embarassing moments.

    Whether it was a full ice shot or a mishandling of the puck or a weird angle shot, plenty of talented netminders have let some silly goals slip by them.

    Let's take a look at the 50 worst goals in NHL history.

Jaroslav Halak

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    Jaroslav Halak has had a tough time keeping the opposition from scoring since heading to St. Louis. He certainly doesn't make things any easier on himself when he scores on himself.

Vesa Toskala

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    Vesa Toskala has made a name for himself with mental lapses like this one.

Oscar Moller First Career Goal

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    Oscar Moller's first goal in the NHL was not how he pictured it, that's for sure.

Al MacInnis

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    Al MacInnis has a hard enough shot to score from any distance.

Lidstrom Snipes on Cloutier

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    Nicklas Lidstrom is a threat from the point and always has been. On this goal he decided to challenge himself by stepping back to the red line.

Brodeur Scoring on Himself

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    Martin Brodeur has always been one for the timely save. However, he also managed to make a huge blunder at the worst possible time.

Rask Loses Focus

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    Tuukka Rask looked like a young goalie on this one.

Bryan McCabe Scores Own Goal

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    Bryan McCabe was so mad about this goal he let some profanities slip in his postgame interviews.

Niclas Wallin Own Goal

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    Who was Niclas Wallin passing this puck to?

Marc Bergevin Uses His Hands

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    Marc Bergevin isn't supposed to throw the puck with his hands. More importantly, if he is going to throw the puck, he shouldn't be aiming for the back of his own net.

Keith Ballard Is a Bit Confused

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    Even Keith Ballard took a while to realize exactly how this goal went in.

More Toskala

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    Like I said, Vesa Toskala has had some terrible luck in his career.

Tough Bounce for Vokoun

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    Tomas Vokoun is a solid, veteran goaltender in the NHL. These types of goals can happen to anyone.

Vokoun Again

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    Sometimes, these goals happen to great goalies more than once.

Steve Smith with a Costly Mistake

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    Steve Smith made the most regrettable mistake of his career on this play, scoring an own goal to help the Flames advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Manitoba Moose Get an Easy Victory

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    We take a break from the NHL blunders to take a look at an AHL miscue. Manitoba will never score an easier game winner than this one.

Owen Nolan with a Clutch Long Shot

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    Owen Nolan didn't exactly envision this puck going in the net when he shot it, but I'm sure he'll live with the result.

Lalime Wants This One Back

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    Patrick Lalime picked a lousy time to lose focus, letting in a weak playoff goal to a huge rival.

Osgood Screws Up

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    The above goal is arguably the greatest moment in San Jose Sharks history. That overshadows the fact that this goal was a complete fluke.

Spezza Sneaks One in

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    Jason Spezza doesn't need a ton of room to put the puck in the back of the net.

Anti-Climatic Game Winner

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    The Philadelphia Flyers have had goaltending issues for years. It's only fitting that a soft goal would end their shot at the 2010 Stanley Cup.

Jimmy Howard Lets in a Softy

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    Jimmy Howard wasn't ready for this shot. That's the only reason I can come up with for this puck sneaking by him.

Bolland Gets a Lucky Bounce

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    Roberto Luongo finally got the monkey off of his back in terms of beating Chicago, but with fluky goals like this one, it is easy to see why Big Lou had such a tough time.

Carolina Sneaks a Victory

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    Communication between goaltenders and defensemen is huge. This is evidence of that.

Tim Thomas Plays Nice

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    Tim Thomas may or may not have let this goal in on purpose. I would hope so, because it was pretty weak.

Cooke Gets a Shorty from a Long Way Away

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    Goaltenders often try to get too cute when playing the puck. It almost always comes back to bite them.

Center Ice Magic

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    For such a talented goaltender, Chris Osgood sure does have quite a few goals on this list.

Lidstrom Comes Through Again

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    Nicklas Lidstrom has a keen ability to score from deep. Just another in a long list of his great qualities. 

Patrick Roy Fumbles

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    Patrick Roy was eager to show the ref that he made an incredible glove save. He should have been a bit more eager to secure the puck first.

A Rare Miscue from Kipper

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    It's not often that we see a miscue like this from Miikka Kiprusoff.

Fake Dump in

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    Mike Smith was totally fooled by a fake dump in. That's pretty humiliating.

Funny Bounce

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    The Atlanta Thrashers truly could not catch a break during their existence.

Chelios Gets Lucky

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    Chris Chelios gets some credit for his pump fake, but this was still a total softie. 

Tricky Backhand

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    Backhanders can be tricky. Just ask Antti Niemi.

Jon Quick Is Upset About This One

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    Jonathan Quick was visibly upset after this goal, and for good reason.

Rick Nash Weird Angle

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    Weird angles are no problem for Rick Nash. He is talented enough to score from anywhere on the ice.

Hartnell Sneaks One Passed Thomas

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    It's rare that Tim Thomas loses his focus, so Scott Hartnell got pretty lucky on this goal.

Jeff Carter Behind the Net

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    Jeff Carter took full advantage of the fact that Marc-Andre Fleury was out of the lineup and threw the puck on net from all over the ice. His shot from behind the net actually made its way through.

Pierre Turgeon

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    Pierre Turgeon was the king of scoring from behind the net. Maybe he was just lucky. We'll never know.

Never Quit

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    This goal is the reason why you never give up on the play, kids.

Pucks on Net

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    Has your hockey coach ever told you to just put the puck on net? This is why. Anything can happen.


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    After such a hard fought series between the Sharks and Canucks, this bounce created an anti-climatic ending.

Lucky Number 500

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    Jeremy Roenick will always remember his 500th career goal, both because it was a milestone and a really weird goal.

Datsyukian Bounce

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    Pavel Datsyuk is a magician with the puck, so it is no wonder he gets bounces like this.

Johan Hedberg Messes Up

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    Johan Hedberg should stay in his crease if this is how he is going to play the puck.

Luongo Lets in a Soft One

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    When Roberto Luongo lets in a soft goal, the entire hockey world has to know about it. That's just the way it is.


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    It's hard enough to keep the other team from scoring on an empty net. The Dallas Stars were unfortuante enough to fumble the puck into their own empty not on this play.

Fleury's Blunder

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    Marc-Andre Fleury is generally a very reliable goaltender, but nobody is perfect.

James Neal Gets Lucky

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    James Neal is lucky to be surrounded by such talented players. He is even luckier when he gets goals like this one.

Fleury Misses the Weird Angle

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    Marc-Andre Fleury struggles from this angle, huh?


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