San Antonio Hurt More Than Most Other Cities by NBA Lockout

Vance PennCorrespondent INovember 5, 2011

Of the 30 NBA franchises, seven are in cities where the NBA team is the only major professional sport—San Antonio, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Utah, Sacramento, and Portland.

What that means is that San Antonio will be disproportionately effected by the NBA lockout. Sure, players and owners aren't cashing paychecks and there is financial impact on the city in that regard. But the greatest impact will surely be felt for those employees whose paycheck doesn't have the term million associated with it.

According to a San Antonio Express News report, "The Spurs stand to lose more than $1 million in gate receipts, concessions, parking and merchandise sales for every canceled..." 

But more importantly, what does the city of San Antonio, and its citizens lose?

"In the short term, workers such as parking attendants, ticket takers, concession workers and the like at the AT&T Center will be looking at reduced hours and pay. Businesses such as sports bars could see a dip, and hotels won't be housing visiting team's players, the media or anyone staying overnight in San Antonio to see a game. It's the small guys that get hurt,

Ticket takers, security, parking attendants, vendors, and janitors just to name a few, all rely on San Antonio's AT&T Center for their paychecks; although many only work there during events each relies on those paychecks just the same. College tuition, Christmas spending, family vacations, and discretionary spending all will be negatively impacted by a continued NBA lockout.

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In NBA-only facilities, that impact is greater than in other, particularly compared to other centers, say a Staples Center in Los Angeles. During the fall and winter months, Spurs' games are the dominant resident, with a concert or event sprinkled in for good measure. Not nearly the number of events a facility in a larger city would host.

None of the people cashing checks from the AT&T Center is cashing an NBA million dollar paycheck. But the paychecks they do cash or, while the NBA lockout continues, don't cash have far reaching negative effects on the community.

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