Mario Balotelli's 10 Craziest Stunts

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IINovember 1, 2011

Mario Balotelli's 10 Craziest Stunts

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    The name Mario Balotelli brings forth a load of different thoughts and moments that leave even the most sane mind wondering just what to think about the young Italian striker.

    Since joining Manchester City the playmaker has displayed his obvious talent and ability to make interesting decisions, to say the least.

    Despite all the antics he's noted for, he also has a side that many people can't seem to figure out.

    He once went to the aide of a young boy who was being picked on at school. Upon receiving a letter from the boy, Balotelli went to his school and confronted the bully.

    For all his trouble he has been a good Samaritan of sorts. But there are plenty more interesting antics to criticize, remember and learn about.

"Because I Can"

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    It's no big deal to rack up £10,000 in parking fines along with 27 total impoundings on his Maserati.

    At least not for Balotelli, when after being pulled over one day, reportedly had £25,000 just sitting on the passenger seat.

    When the officer asked him why he had it displayed that way he simply said, "Because I can."

Trespassing at a Prison

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    When his brother was still in Italy, he and Mario Balotelli were stopped for trespassing at an Italian prison.

    Their fascination with the jail was because it was a women's prison. Upon seeing the gates open, they thought they would just go on in.

Most Dangerous Game

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    Mario Balotelli was fined £100,000 for throwing darts at Manchester City youth players.

    You would think maybe it was a hazing prank until everyone found out he only did it because he was bored.

Alms for the Poor

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    Rather than focus on all his crazy antics, this is perhaps one of Balotelli's greatest acts. He's noted for randomly giving away cash to the homeless around Manchester, but there has been one truly lucky one.

    On a night out with Chris Samba, young Balotelli enjoyed a £25,000 winning night and then gave away £1,000 to the next homeless person he saw.

Scratch and Sniff

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    In the history of the game I think Balotelli is the only player I have heard of having a grass allergy.

    It apparently got so bad that he was forced to leave a match against Dynamo Kiev during an away Europa League match.

Flying Dragon

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    After having to leave the first leg of the Dynamo Kiev clash due to an allergy, Mario Balotelli had to leave the second leg for a much different reason.

    The Italian was red carded for what most closely resembles something you would see from a Jackie Chan movie. He was blamed for having cost the Citizens a trip to the next round of the Europa League.

Four Wheels of Fury

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    Balotelli's latest obsession comes in the four-wheeled form. He has grown famous for tearing around on his quad-bike or 4-wheeler, depending on the part of the world from which you are reading.

    Since moving to his new home on the outskirts of Manchester, he has been seen ripping up his garden with his favorite new toy.

Why Always Me

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    It is still confusing what was meant by Balotelli's bizarre "Why Always Me" shirt. It is definitely just another antic in this long list of crazy stunts.

Skyrockets in Flight

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    The night before the Manchester Derby, Balotteli and his friends managed to set the Italian's house on fire.

    Although he was unhurt, it was back to Roberto Mancini's office following the incident. Ironically after this he quickly came back as a spokesman for a fireworks safety campaign.

More Fines Than I Make in a Decade

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    Mario Balotelli perhaps takes the cake for the baddest boy on any club. In the last year he has racked up over £300,000 in fines from Manchester City.

    That is more than I would make in at least a decade.