Toronto Maple Leafs: 20 Best Fighters in Team History

Adam DavisCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs: 20 Best Fighters in Team History

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    Since their inception in 1917, the Toronto Maple Leafs have employed some serious fighters and tough guys. They have had Hall of Fame fighters and brawlers who only enjoyed a short tenure with the blue and white. 

    They were leaders and momentum changers, and most of all they were exciting players to watch almost every time they jumped onto the ice. 

    A good hockey fight could sometimes be used to shift the way a game is playing out in the NHL and some of the players on this list known that all too well. 

    Let's see which guys were important to Leafs history for their fists as well as their sticks. 

20. Rick Vaive

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    Vaive is one of those unique players who finished his tenure in Toronto on the top 10 all-time list for points and penalty minutes. 

    While he goes down as one of the top leaders the Leafs have ever had, he also knew when to throw down the gloves. Maybe that's what made him a better leader...

19. Gary Roberts

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    Roberts was a solid player for the Leafs and always had a short fuse. While he had some big fight years early on in his career, he still managed to rough it up while he played for Toronto. 

18. Dion Phaneuf

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    Big Captain Dion always has a good fight in him. When he's not impressing the crowd with an insane check or wicked slap shot, he can drop the gloves and lay a few good hits on unsuspecting opponents. 

17. Jamal Mayers

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    In his one season with the Leafs, Mayers had 12 fights. That's pretty baller.

    For a guy who didn't do much else on the ice, Mayers' fighting skills are a reason to have him on your hockey club. 

16. Mike Brown

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    Brown is a tough player on a Leafs team that really needs someone who doesn't give up on any shift. He fights, he scores, he blocks shots and he has a sweet mustache. What more could you want? 

15. Pat Quinn

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    Many may only remember Pat Quinn chewing gum and shouting from behind the Leafs' bench, but he also had his share of playing time on Toronto and managed to get into some brawls as well.

    Quinn only had a few fights while playing for the Maple Leafs, but I can only imagine what the other guy looked like afterwards...

14. Shayne Corson

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    Corson played three seasons in Toronto and racked up nearly 20 fights. That's a lot for a guy who was really brought in for veteran leadership and some scoring skills. 

13. Bryan McCabe

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    McCabe wasn't only known for his quick slap shot from the blue line while playing in Toronto. He had a ridiculous signature hip check that sent players flying, and when they took offense to it, he knew what to do with his fists. 

12. Darcy Tucker

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    Tucker was the kind of player who didn't take any crap from anybody. He scored big goals and got involved in big scrums. While not putting up huge fighting numbers, Tucker had his share of brawls and usually came out on top. 

11. Pat Boutette

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    In Boutette's rookie season with Toronto he squared off in 16 fights! He never had such an intense season for the rest of his career but still managed to get into his share of bouts. In any case, 16 fights as a rookie is just straight out impressive. 

10. Jay Rosehill

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    Averaging over three penalty minutes a game in his career, Rosehill is the definition of an instigator. He never shies away from a good fight and coming off of seven fights last season, he could be a solid sidekick to Colton Orr as Toronto's bash brothers this season. 

9. Todd Gill

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    Gill was constantly an intimidating force for the Leafs as he fought in every season he played for them. The highlight of his fighting tenure in Toronto was a 12 fight campaign in 1987-88, a season where he was also -20—probably for being out on the ice to intimidate the best opposing players. Either way he was a tough skater with some decent skills.

8. Rob Ramage

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    Ramage only played two seasons in Toronto, and even though he fought 12 times during that span he was named as the Leafs' captain. 

    Ramage led by example and showed that he never backed down from a fight. 

7. Kris King

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    King came to Toronto near the end of his career, but he showed the fans that he still had some fight in him. Three seasons, 38 fights. Not too bad for a guy already in his 30s when he showed up to join the Leafs. 

6. Colton Orr

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    Colton Orr is one badass hockey player. He fought 23 times in his first season in Toronto, then when he only played in half of season the next year he still fought 13 times.

    With one fight already in this young 2011-12 season, Orr is one reason opposing players are intimidated by the Maple Leafs this year. 

5. Wendel Clark

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    One of the best and most beloved players in the history of the Maple Leafs, Wendel was not only a strong captain with great scoring abilities, he also dropped the gloves and kicked serious ass. 

    Wendel fought 23 times as a rookie, but followed that up with a 29-fight sophomore season. That's just incredible. Wendel followed those big years up with some solid fighting campaigns and remains one of the toughest players to ever skate in Toronto. 

4. Bob McGill

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    McGill started off his career with a 23 fight season, and continued his time in Toronto with seasons that included more than 50 fights. It seems like McGill only had one thing on his mind whenever he stepped onto the ice.

    Wait, 23 fights as a rookie? Wow...

3. Wade Belak

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    The late Wade Belak was known for being a big, bruising player who always looked for a good fight. Over his time in Toronto he fought 17 times in a single season, as well as three more years with nine fights apiece. 

    Belak was a beast while he was a Maple Leaf and he will be remembered for always being able to get his team fired up when they needed it. 

2. Tie Domi

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    Domi was one of the toughest and most feared players in Maple Leafs history. He fought anyone who would get in his way and didn't care that at 5'10", he was shorter than most players he took on. 

    With nearly 200 fights as a member of the Maple Leafs, Domi is second only to the one man who is known for being Toronto's all-time instigator. 

    He even beat up a fan who was messing with him while in the penalty box. That's seriously badass. 

1. Tiger Williams

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    Who else? 

    Tiger Williams only played five seasons in Toronto but still managed to earn the reputation as the toughest player the Leafs have ever known. He had multiple 20-plus fight seasons for the Leafs and in 1977-78 he fought 34 times—almost once every two games he played. 

    Tiger went on to post a few more huge fight seasons after he left Toronto, but he still remains the most intimidating player ever to suit up for the blue and white.