Chuck Knoblauch: Former MLB Star's Twitter Tirade Has All Signs of Being Hacked

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2011

27 Feb 2002:   A portrait of OF Chuck Knoblauch #11 during the Kansas City Royals media day at Baseball City Stadium in Davenport, Florida.DIGITAL IMAGE Photographer:  M. David Leeds/Getty Images
M. David Leeds/Getty Images

Former Major League Baseball second baseman Chuck Knoblauch was one of the best to ever play the position, but he may have tarnished his legacy with a string of foul-mouthed tweets.

While these are no way excusable if Knoblauch really wrote these things, the odds have his account being hacked or him leaving his phone somewhere are a much more conceivable explanation.

UPDATE: Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10:25 a.m. EDT by Donald Wood

As predicted, Chuck Knoblauch has taken to twitter to not only deny the fact that he would write those things, but that his account was hacked. This has happened many times in the past to big athletes, and it almost always leaves a blemish on their legacy.

Knoblauch wrote on twitter chastising the individual who hacked his account and deny the idea that he wrote those horrible things before:

This is a terrible thing to happen to a guy who has used twitter as nothing but a way to reach out to the people who made his dream come true.

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Knoblauch was always active in the community in New York, Minnesota and Kansas City, and this whole situation was odd from jump street. While it is obvious that his account was hacked, this is the kind of incident that sticks with a person for a long time.

Since joining Twitter, Knoblauch has been a staple of the socializing medium, constantly answering people’s tweets and re-tweeting people all the time.

There has been no evidence that Knoblauch is the kind of person who would go on this epic of a tirade, and this has all the makings of a classic hacking.

Many the stars have faced their Twitter accounts being hacked, and the fact that there are people out there that would do this instead of doing the right thing by returning the equipment to the owner is truly disheartening.

The comments made on Twitter, which are just too graphic to regurgitate here, do not fit the kind of person Knoblauch has shown he is over his time with the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

There is almost no question that this was not the real Chuck Knoblauch that wrote these things, but now there will always be the doubt that he COULD have written these things.

In that one moment, this man went from a solid baseball player who won four World Series titles with the Yankees to the guy who went on a Twitter tirade about his wife.

The tweets have been deleted, and we should expect a comment from Knoblauch sooner rather than later to try to nip this in the bud before he gets destroyed by the media.

Either way, when we think of Chuck Knoblauch now, it will be these tweets and not all the talent he showed through his career, and that's a shame.

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