5 Wide Receivers the St. Louis Rams Should Target in the 2012 NFL Draft

Doug ZerjalContributor IISeptember 28, 2011

5 Wide Receivers the St. Louis Rams Should Target in the 2012 NFL Draft

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    The St. Louis Rams need a No. 1 receiver to complete their offense. With the 2010 selection of Sam Bradford, the Rams selected a solid centerpiece for their offense for years to come. However, the Rams still lack a dynamic playmaker at the receiver position. They must address this with their first round selection in next year's draft.

    Luckily for the Rams, the wide receiver group for next year appears plentiful. Here are five wide receivers the Rams should target in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Nick Toon: Wisconsin

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    Nick Toon is the opposite of his campy, children's TV reference name.  He's 6'3" and weighs 220 lbs. His combination of size and blocking ability resemble that of Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons.  Toon's biggest attribute may be his untapped potential, which has been hampered by the run heavy Wisconsin offense.

Michael Floyd: Notre Dame

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    Michael Floyd from Notre Dame is the definition of a "go to" receiver. Watch a Notre Dame game any week and you are sure to find Floyd leaping for passes and dominating smaller defensive backs in the run game. He is the centerpiece of the Notre Dame offense, and despite opposing defenses gearing their game plans to stop him, he still dominates.

Alshon Jefferey: South Carolina

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    Alshon Jefferey from South Carolina is a playmaker. Standing 6'4" and 230 lbs, Jefferey could give the Rams the vertical and red zone threat they sorely lack.

Joe Adams: Arkansas

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    Joe Adams is a burner. The Rams need more speed and Adams' low 4.3 speed would be a great weapon for Sam Bradford going forward. By stretching the field vertically, other receivers such as Danny Amendola could find more success in underneath routes.

Justin Blackmon: Oklahoma State

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    The best was truly saved for last. Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State is a complete talent with size, speed and agility, combined with rare ball skills. His production at Oklahoma State has been remarkable. The Rams could pair Blackmon with fellow Oklahoma native Sam Bradford to produce a Matthew Stafford- Calvin Johnson like youthful tandem for seasons to come.