Super Bowl XLII: The Patriots' Winning Streak Is Over!

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIFebruary 3, 2008

Oh, snap.

This one is going to hurt Patriots fans. Your team was undefeated and you were riding high...only to have the lowest-rated team in the entire playoff picture (the NFC’s sixth seed) make history by becoming the first NFC Wildcard team to win the Super Bowl.


I feel your pain. There's nothing worse than expecting to win and being denied. You can't believe it! Now you know how I felt when my Chargers lost to the Patriots last year.

The Patriots basically rubbed other team’s noses in the dirt by repeatedly running the score up on overmatched opponents and playing dirty. The entire nation had turned its back on the Patriots, and the Giants were the greatest underdog story the nation has seen in a long time.

The will of an entire nation along with the Giants' pass rush was too strong for Tom Terrific.

Eli Manning played like a man possessed at the end of that game. He was simply not going to be denied his Super Bowl.

His pass to David Tyree on that final scoring drive was similar to John Elway giving up his body against the Packers in the ’97 Super Bowl. That was one man’s victory. He silenced the Barber twins, he silenced the New York media, he may have silenced (in the huddle) Jeremy Shockey, and he’s silenced his doubters. He also served notice to the Patriots that he was going to win that Super Bowl.

Former Giants GM Ernie Acorsi claims he won that trade with San Diego. Most everyone else thinks that San Diego won.

Well, Ernie didn’t get hosed after all, because his Giants are Super Bowl Champions.

While my highly-biased opinion is that a healthy San Diego Chargers team would have wiped the floor with both of those Super Bowl teams, it doesn’t count. The final score of the ’07 Super Bowl reads 17-14, Giants.

This Giants team will never be considered one of the best of all time, but they are to me. Look at the teams that were in the playoffs this year:

1. The 13-3 Packers were at Lambeau Field with classic Green Bay weather and a rejuvenated Brett Farve.

2. The 13-3 Cowboys, at their peak, were a machine that just blew opponents off the field.

3. The 13-3 Colts had the look of a champion, but drew a bad match up in the Chargers. I will tell you right now, the Colts would have demolished the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

4. The 11-5 Chargers had won eight straight, but we will never know if they could have beaten the Patriots if they weren’t so injury riddled.

5. The 11-5 Jaguars can play with anybody, but had a horrendous defensive game plan against the Patriots.

6. The 16-0 Patriots were considered possibly the greatest team of all time.

Any one of those teams could have taken down any number of past Super Bowl Champions. 

Are you kidding me? The Giants won the Super Bowl and that was the field? Please.  

It’s time to stop criticizing the teams that lost to the Giants. Dallas wasn’t flat, the Packers didn’t blow it, the Buccaneers didn’t rest too much, and New England didn’t take the Giants too lightly.

These guys took on the best NFC teams and took them down, then followed that up by taking down the AFC’s best team. There is no excuse or argument that is going to make sense. They beat four division champs.

The Giants proved Sunday that they are the top team in the NFL.