Most Iconic Facial Hair in Sports

Patrick DiamondCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2011

Most Iconic Facial Hair in Sports

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    A nice beard or mustache sends a message to your opponents. 

    With the right facial hair an athlete can look intimidating, formidable and distinguished. 

    With the wrong facial hair an athlete can look frightening, homeless or downright crazy. 

    Whether good or bad, these athletes have some of the most iconic facial hair in sports history. 

    Get up close and personal with these memorable beards, mustaches, sideburns and goatees. 

20. Drew Gooden

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    Classification: The Spider Chin

    Upkeep: Braiding, rubber bands

    Downside: Terrifies children, small animals

    NBA player Drew Gooden tried out this frightening number during his tenure on the Chicago Bulls. 

    Even though it was short-lived, this risky facial hair choice will be remembered as one of the craziest in NBA history. 

19. Bill "Spaceman" Lee

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    Classification: The Dirty Hippie

    Upkeep: None

    Downside: Catches crumbs from Cheetos

    Bill Lee pitched for the Boston Red Sox and now-extinct Montreal Expos with a career record of 119-90. Lee was even an All-Star in 1973. 

    Lee, known for a devotion to counterculture and drug usage, earns his reputation as one of the most eccentric players in MLB history with this unruly beard.

18. Adam Morrison

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    Classification: The Teenage Dream

    Upkeep: Surging hormones

    Downside: Makes you look 13, dirty 

    Adam Morrison has had trouble turning his college success into a thriving professional career in the NBA. 

    In more ways than one, Morrison still has a lot of growing up to do. 

    By the looks of his mustache, he should hit puberty any day now. 

17. Sal Fasano

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    Classification: The Union Man/ Horseshoe Hero

    Upkeep: Comb dipped in Milwaukee’s Best

    Downside: Draws attention away from mullett 

    Sal Fasano never hit it big in the MLB. It wasn’t for a lack of trying because Sal played for ten different teams over the course of twelve years. 

    He now brings his manly scruff to the Double A Eastern League where he manages the New Hampshire Fisher Cats. 

16. Ricky Williams

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    Classification: Patchy Wonder

    Upkeep: Marijuana, yoga

    Downside: Ruins NFL career 

    There was a time when Ricky Williams was the most talked about prospect in the NFL. 

    Now, in between snaps for the Baltimore Ravens, Williams receives more attention for his drug use and attitude problems than his play on the field. 

    This spotty beard may be a direct result of Williams’ bad habits. 

15. Jayson Werth

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    Classification: The Wolf Man

    Upkeep: Takes $126 million, 7 years

    Downside: Not worth the time or money 

    Jayson Werth burst on the scene as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies where he became known as one of the best right-handed hitters in the MLB.

    The Phillies couldn’t pay what Werth thought he deserved and he jumped ship for divisional rival Washington Nationals. 

    Long story short, the Nationals overpaid for Werth and his ridiculous soul patch.

14. Baron Davis

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     Classification: The Brother Hezekiah

    Upkeep: Trimming, churning

    Downside: Itchy 

    A California- native, Baron Davis was the third overall pick for the Charlotte Hornets in the 1999 NBA draft. 

    Since then his play has been as equally as patchy as his beard. 

    This Cleveland Cavaliers’ point guard dabbled with an Amish-inspired beard off and on throughout his career. 

13. Johnny Damon

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    Classification: The Caveman

    Upkeep: Grunting, pulling clumps of hair from skin

    Downside: Constantly mistaken for Geico Cavemen 

    Throughout his career, Johnny Damon has been a fan favorite for both the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Not many players can say that. 

    Now with the Rays and clean-shaven, Damon left his caveman roots behind for a much cleaner look. 

    Still this stone age sendoff lands Damon among the worst beards in sports’ history.

12. Jeff Bagwell

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    Classification: The Metal Head

    Upkeep: Rage, fury, tweezers

    Downside: Constantly mistaken for lead singer of Metallica 

    When Jeff Bagwell retired in 2006, he left the game as one of the greatest players in Houston Astros franchise history. 

    When injuries and age started to wear away at his ability, Bagwell derived most of his power from his goatee. 

    Rock on, Jeff.

11. Walt Frazier

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    Classification: Superstar Sideburns

    Upkeep: Disco, frequent combing

    Downside: Overpowers mustache 

    Walt Frazier was a two-time NBA champion, seven time All-Star and one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game. 

    The New York Knicks even retired his No. 10 jersey to honor Frazier. 

    I wish someone would retire the mutton chops look for good as well.

10. Rod Beck

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    Classification: The Outlaw Dad

    Upkeep: Supercuts

    Downside: Almost too manly 

    Rod “Shooter” Beck was a relief pitcher who played from 1991-2004 in the MLB. 

    A three-time All-Star, Beck was known for clinching games for his team when they needed it most. 

    Beck’s mustache was reminiscent of the wild west while his flowing locks made it look like he was trying to be the cool dad.

9. Mike Commodore

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    Classification: The Red Storm

    Upkeep: Grooming tips from Shaun White

    Downside: Consumes entire head 

    The Carolina Hurricanes’ defenseman got a lot of attention for his playoff beard in 2006. 

    After the playoffs were over, Carolina had an interesting idea for this monster of a beard. 

    Commodore shaved his head for charity and auctioned the severed locks on the Internet to the highest bidder. 

8. Scott Spiezio

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    Classification: The Pink Worm

    Upkeep: Hair dye

    Downside: Everything 

    Scott Spiezio, although winning the World Series in 2002 and 2006, is now playing for the Newark Bears in the Independent Atlantic League. 

    Spiezio debuted this creepy soul patch as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals. 

    He may have done it for attention but give the guy some credit. It can’t be easy to walk around with that thing hanging off of your face.

7. Kimbo Slice

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    Classification: The Lunatic Fringe

    Upkeep: Letting self go

    Downside: Looks absolutely horrifying 

    Kimbo Slice may be one of the best fighters in the country.

    If that is the case, it’s unlikely anyone will have the guts to tell Kimbo that he looks ridiculous. 

    The bald head and thick beard combo is a go to look for men who lose their hair. Sometimes it just doesn’t look good.

6. Lanny McDonald

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    Classification: The Super Mario

    Upkeep: Collecting coins, hand drying

    Downside: Catches food 

    Lanny McDonald is a member of the NHL Hall of Fame after playing for over 16 years with three teams. 

    Although his illustrious career guarantees his legacy, this strangely crafted mustache is just baffling.

5. Brett Keisel

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    Classification: The Outdoorsman

    Upkeep: Tree sap, comb

    Downside: Full of birds nests 

    Pittsburgh Steelers’ resident mountain man Brett Keisel has one of the bushiest beards in sports today. 

    This salute to masculinity gives Keisel an intimidating and distinguished look compared to many NFL players. 

    It also just looks dirty.

4. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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    Classification: The Trebek

    Upkeep: Warm water, scissors

    Downside: Not quite manly enough 

    Dale Earnhardt will go down as one of the best NASCAR drivers of all time. 

    Earnhardt’s mustache will go down as one of the most recognizable in all of sports’ history despite its lack of masculine appeal. 

    Thankfully Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t inherit his dad’s mustache.

3. Brian Wilson

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    Classification: The Spartan

    Upkeep: Winning

    Downside: Makes you crazy 

    There may not be a better closer in the MLB than San Francisco Giants’ star Brian Wilson.

    There also may not be a more eccentric player in all of professional sports.

     This beard just screams, “This is Sparta!”

2. Hulk Hogan

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    Classification: The Famous Original

    Upkeep: Steroids, Rogaine, repeat

    Downside: Played out 

    Hulk Hogan swept the country up in Hulkamania during his time as a professional wrestler. 

    Known for his trademark yellow speedo and handlebar mustache, Hogan is by far one of the most intriguing sports figures of all time. 

    That mustache just doesn’t quit.

1. Rollie Fingers

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    Classification: The Classic Villain/ The Robber Baron

    Upkeep: Curling ends, pounds of mustache wax

    Downside: Too noticeable when staring diabolically through cut out eye-holes in a newspaper 

    Rollie Fingers and his curly mustache played 18 years in the MLB and is one of only a handful of players to have their number retired by two separate organizations. 

    He’s also one of the only players to be more recognizable for their facial hair than for their achievements.

    It all grew out of an incentive. Oakland manager Charles O. Finley told Fingers that he would receive a $300 bonus if he were to grow his legendary mustache. 

    Rollie Fingers became $300 richer and that much closer to becoming the type of villain that ties defenseless women to train tracks or perhaps even an 1800’s U.S. President.