The Legend of Tony Plush: Nyjer Morgan's Most Memorable Moments

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIAugust 15, 2011

The Legend of Tony Plush: Nyjer Morgan's Most Memorable Moments

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    A great man once said, "Ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh. That's it, gotta go. Ahhh."

    That man was none other than Nyjer Morgan, centerfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Otherwise known as Tony Plush, Morgan has certainly made his mark on the game over the past few years. Whether it be his questionable on-field actions or his outrageous off-field rants, the legend of the one they call Tony Plush continues to grow.

    So in celebration of Tony Plush, a.k.a. Nyjer Morgan, here are his greatest, wackiest and most memorable moments. 

What Had Happened Was...

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    On May 22, 2010, the Washington Nationals played host to the Baltimore Orioles. In the fourth inning, Baltimore's Adam Jones hit a long drive to center field, where Morgan was playing. 

    Nyjer attempted a jumping two-handed grab at the wall and failed to bring it in. The ball bounced off of Morgan's glove, hit off the wall and landed on the warning track. Unfortunately for the Nationals, Nyjer thought the ball deflected off his body and over the fence for a homer. 

    As Morgan threw his glove to the ground in disgust, Adam Jones continued around the bases for an inside-the-park home run. Whoops. 

Brawl in South Beach

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    Perhaps the lowest moment of Morgan's career came on September 1, 2010 during a game against the Florida Marlins

    After a chippy five innings of baseball that saw the Marlins leading the Nats by 10 runs, Florida's Chris Volstad threw behind Morgan. Morgan then charged the mound and started an extremely violent brawl. Morgan threw a punch at Volstad, only to be intercepted by Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez. The free-for-all proceeded and resulted in an eight-game suspension for Morgan.

    Volstad's pitch was prompted by Morgan's carelessness of breaking unwritten baseball rules. Despite trailing by a bunch, Nyjer continuously stole bases in an attempt to spark his team's offense. The Marlins didn't take too kindly to it and decided to retaliate. 

Throwin' Up the T!

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    On June 8, Nyjer Morgan unknowingly hit a walk-off homer against the visiting Mets. Everyone in the ballpark knew the game had just been won besides the guy who actually won it. 

    This led to an exciting post-game interview...

Pass the Mic

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    Nyjer Morgan with a microphone in his hands is pure gold. But this time, he literally has it in his own hands.


Happy Birthday

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    Nyjer Morgan celebrated his 31st birthday in extravagant fashion. Morgan went 3-for-5, drove in four runs and helped lead the Brewers to an 8-7 victory. The Brewers were trailing 7-0 to Minnesota before the Morgan-led comeback.

    It didn't stop there, of course. Milwaukee's FOX Sports network decided to interview after the win.

    *Note the reporter's awkward use of the word "swag" at the :07 mark.

Dappin' It Up

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    Little did we know, Nyjer Morgan is a very loving man. Just because he is a Brewer, it doesn't mean that he loves all fans.

    Here is Morgan's response to a question regarding his interaction with a Minnesota Twins fan.

2 Outs?

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    After making a running grab during a July 23 affair against the Giants, Nyjer Morgan flashed odd hand gestures to the San Francisco crowd. 

    Some believe he was taunting the fans with the "Hunters Point" hand signal. Hunters Point is a neighborhood in the San Francisco Area where Morgan grew up.

    Others, including Morgan, stick to the story that he was telling the fans that there were two outs.

    Either way you see it, this is just another crazy moment for Tony Plush. 


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    If you were unfamiliar with his Tony Plush character prior to August 2011, Nyjer Morgan made it known to all. Morgan refers to the nickname Tony Plush as his "name on the field" or as his "gentleman's name." Morgan, as always, takes center stage during this postgame interview.

    Watch and enjoy as Nyjer Morgan explains his key to success, Plushdamentals.