NFL Power Rankings: The 10 Best Stadiums in the NFL

No NameAnalyst IAugust 9, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: The 10 Best Stadiums in the NFL

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    Unlike the NBA and the NHL, the NFL has a very different feel depending on where the game is being played. There are some great locations that can make any game feel unique just by the atmosphere.

    If you are playing a game in January, the game will be completely different if you are playing in Green Bay or Chicago, as opposed to Miami or San Diego.

    Having different field surfaces, open and closed environments and varying weather conditions provide for some exciting football throughout the course of the season.

    While it was hard to leave off the likes of Invesco Field at Mile High, the New Meadowlands Stadium and Bank of America Stadium, I feel like this list is true to its title. These really are the 10 best stadiums in the NFL.

10. Gillette Stadium (Patriots)

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    In each end zone you will find giant HDTV video boards offering a clarity and sharpness that rival any other in the league.

    There are also different bridges and ramps that offer fans the chance to view a game from unique vantage points not found anywhere else.

    The seats are all team colors, which makes a big impact on the beauty, and the LED light illuminates throughout the stadium, really catching the eyes of fans.

9. Arrowhead Stadium (Chiefs)

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    Arrowhead, quite simply, gives the Chiefs one of the best home-field advantages in all of football and the stadium has been host to many dramatic playoff games, as well as some Pro Bowl games.

    There is nothing like driving through Kansas City and looking off the interstate to a giant sea of Red.

    The fans here are some of the most passionate in all of football, making it even more intense.

8. Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles)

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    Lincoln Financial Field has a design that focuses a lot of attention on fan friendly public spaces and architecture that embraces the passion of the Philadelphia sports fan.

    The premium seating and a huge public plaza at the entrance really make this something for the fans.

    There is also an interesting timeline display of the team's history as well as beautiful artwork of an eagle on the floor.

7. Lucas Oil Stadium (Colts)

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    Hundreds of restaurants surround this impressive new structure and the massive retractable roof can be opened in about 10 minutes.

    On top of that, the glass wall on the north side of the stadium also retracts, offering fans inside a terrific view of the city’s amazing skyline.

    There are seven levels of seating in this new building, all with a great view. The building is an architectural marvel, and is the host of this year’s Super Bowl.

6. Raymond James Stadium (Buccaneers)

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    Raymond James is one of the most spacious tailgating areas found in the NFL and the pirate ship located in the north end zone really makes this place special.

    The pirate theme is all around, and really creates a unique atmosphere for all to enjoy. And when the Buccaneers reach the red zone, rally flags are raised on the flag poles around the top of the stadium. 

5. Heinz Field (Steelers)

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    Located along the Ohio River next to PNC Park, Heinz Field is in a truly beautiful setting.

    Configured in the shape of a horseshoe, the south end is completely open to the river, except for the beautiful scoreboard display.

    In the main entrance, there are center posts shaped as massive Vince Lombardi trophies. The Steelers "Great Hall" is by far the nicest concourse in the league.

4. Soldier Field (Bears)

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    This place oozes history and is very good about showing it. With lots of flag poles and American flags, the patriotism can be felt everywhere.

    The unmistakable pillars, located on both sides of the venue, are the signature element of Soldier Field and were kept intact for the stadium's reconstruction.

    The modern futuristic design of the stadium meshes very well with the old colonnades and statues.

3. Qwest Field (Seahawks)

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    This impressive structure features one of the best skyline views of any venue in all of sports and the roof provides protection from the elements to about 70 percent of stadium seats.

    There is a vertical video board that offers fans a pleasant and different view of the game. The pregame festivities and the indoor tailgating experiences make this one of the best stadiums in the league; a real jewel.

2. Cowboys Stadium (Cowboys)

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    This $1.15 billion structure (yes, billion) tops the list of all NFL stadiums to date. This massive futuristic-looking structure trumps anything in its path.

    Being able to seat up to 100,000 people is not surprising at all. The massive steel arches remind you of Qwest field, but the roof placed on top is something that renders a UFO.

    It would be nice to have a TV that big in your house, but it might actually be bigger than many people’s homes.

1. Lambeau Field (Packers)

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    It seems as though the Packers just have it all these days. The Lombardi Trophy, the championship belt, and one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

    Lambeau meanwhile is one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL and has just about every historical name in NFL history has step onto its field.

    It is the top of the ladder when it comes to historical venues, still edging out newer stadiums that continue to break the bank.