WWE'12: Ranking the Smackdown vs Raw Games from Greatest to Lamest

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIINovember 11, 2011

WWE'12: Ranking the Smackdown vs Raw Games from Greatest to Lamest

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    Every year, THQ treats us a new WWE game hyped as being better than its predecessor.

    Most recently, we were given Smackdown vs Raw 2011 to play with.

    SvR 2011 was part of the Smackdown vs Raw series of wrestling video games that started in 2004.

    This Smackdown vs Raw series lasted from 2004 to 2010, but for 2011, THQ decided to kill the series.

    In its place, WWE '12 has been announced as its successor.

    So with a new game for a new series coming soon, I decided to look back at the games in the now-defunct Smackdown vs Raw series and ranking them from what I think is the best game of the series to the worst.

1. Smackdown vs Raw 2007

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    It had a Season Mode that was quite lengthy and interactive depending on the superstar that you chose, a General Manager mode where you could control the Raw or Smackdown roster, and a personal locker room for your profile that shows your unlockables, trophies, and completed challenges.

    It was basically the complete wrestling game.

    During certain matches, you could fight in the crowd in a specifically designated area near the commentary tables or have certain environmental interactions that can add extra damage to your opponent.

    Also, varied choices with the ultimate grapples feature were implemented, which helped vary the move sets.

    Then, there was the debut of the Money in the Bank ladder match along with a stacked roster that included tons of legends and then-active wrestlers alike.

    To me, there wasn't many things wrong with this game.

2. Smackdown vs Raw 2006

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    It was the debut of General Manager mode, as well as certain match types such as the Backstage Brawls Fulfill Your Fantasy Match and Buried Alive matches. It also was one of the final games that had a video intro at the beginning, which I actually enjoyed seeing.

    It had a worthwhile Season mode—although not the greatest ever—that kept you enjoyed as you tried to achieve and unlock the trophies that were presented throughout the game.

    You also had the ability to create more than ever before while having a roster that was quite large and one of the best.

    Championships could've also been defended in Exhibition mode as well. 

    Then, there were the little enjoyable things such as changing the camera angle during a finisher to move in different angles or by making the camera angle during a finisher go in slow motion. Try doing the Worm, it takes forever.

    The main focus of this game though was the General Manager mode and, as many would agree, it was possibly the greatest mode that the game has ever seen.

3. Smackdown vs Raw

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    It paved the way for the future games, but aside from the revamped modes, there was nothing of much interest.

    The Season mode, though, was somewhat improved, but the things that stood out and made it unique are the pre-match mini-games as well as the in-game mini-games.

    Aside from that, there really isn't much noteworthy to say, but it was entertaining to say the least.

4. Smackdown vs Raw 2010

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    This game was the debut of Story Designer mode and helped fill in for the absence of General Manager mode.

    It added the Rivals feature as well and improved the Road to Wrestlemania mode.

    The debut of the Championship Scramble match also occurred here as they also improved the Royal Rumble match from button-mashing to a more mini-game approach where you have to time it right, tap certain buttons repeatedly, or press the correct buttons in the correct sequence.

    They added introductions that described the rules and objectives of a match such as the Royal Rumble and Championship Scramble.

    Overall, it was good as there were quite a lot of things you could do to distract yourself as you waited for the next installment of the series.

5. Smackdown vs Raw 2008

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    This game marked a lot of important things in the franchise—even if it lacked of improvements.

    It marked the inclusion of the ECW brand and added the Extreme Rules match type, as well as the ECW arena.

    It also added the different style types that a wrestler could have.

    Aside from those things, though, it also marked the end of General Manager mode. It was the Smackdown vs. Raw game featuring GM mode and Season Mode.

    The addition of ECW marked the end of some of fan favorite modes.

    It was an okay game, but not as good as others.

6. Smackdown vs Raw 2011

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    The start of the WWE Universe mode occurred here. 

    While it was a great idea, the execution didn't really live up to my expectations. It was entertaining, though.

    Then, there was the Road to Wrestlemania modes where you weren't really limited and were able to walk backstage as well.

    The WWE experience improved as it seemed more realistic thanks in part to a new physics engine that was used to improve upon matches that involved weapon attacks.

    This game looked nice, but the looks weren't able to overcome some of the repetitive flaws that often occurred in the games before.

7. Smackdown vs Raw 2009

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    It dropped General Manager mode, had a very lackluster Career mode that really didn't progress as it was basically match after match after match, and didn't add much aside from the Inferno match.

    The Create a Superstar move set was limited as well, more than ever before and more modes were taken out than added. It was more like a miss than a hit.

    The only positives were Road to Wrestlemania which was quite as good before and the focus on tag teams as well as the feature to change a Superstar's brands.

    Other than those things, though, it wasn't a great game in my opinion.

How Would You Rank Them?

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    So there you have it, my rankings for the games from best to worst in the Smackdown vs Raw series.

    Throughout its history, the games evolved and devolved.

    They've had some modes that were quite good, but then there were modes that totally sucked as well.

    Honestly, I would've ignored buying the games at the bottom of my list if I knew how they would've been, but what can I do aside from return it and hope for a full refund?

    Anyways, tell me your favorites of the SvR series and which games you consider the lamest of the bunch.

    Comment below and feel free to tell me if you will give WWE'12 a chance as well.

    I know I am, at least because I have high hopes for this latest installment.

    But do you? 

    Or did you wish for the Smackdown vs. Raw series to continue?

    Let your voice be heard.


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