Chicago Cubs Trade Talk: 5 Players Most Likely to Be Moved

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJuly 25, 2011

Chicago Cubs Trade Talk: 5 Players Most Likely to Be Moved

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    The MLB trade deadline is getting closer and closer by the passing day and we are learning which teams are going to be buyers and which teams are going to be sellers.

    The Chicago Cubs are a classic case of a team that is out of the playoff race and is going to be looking to sell off assets.

    If most Cubs fans had it their way they would get rid of almost every player on the Cubs' sorry excuse for a roster but, of course, that won't be happening.

    With that said, the Cubs will make some moves before the deadline and this list will cover which players will most likely be moved.

Carlos Pena

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    After struggling a little bit out of the gate, Carlos Pena has turned into the power hitter the Chicago Cubs thought they were signing in the offseason.

    Pena has hit 20 home runs so far this season including 13 in the past two months.

    Pena also plays quality defense at first base and would be a nice pick up for a team trying to make a run at the playoffs.

    Pena is on a one-year contract so he would be a classic "rental" player for any team that trades for him, which makes him even more valuable.

    A left-handed power bat in the lineup is a great asset to have for any team and with some many contenders looking to upgrade their lineups, there should be a large market for Pena.

    I think Pena could land in Pittsburgh and turn the Pirates into buyers at the deadline for the first time in what seems like forever.

Jeff Baker

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    Jeff Baker is quietly having a very nice season for the Chicago Cubs and his versatility could be a huge help to any team.

    Baker can play almost any position in the infield and has been a bench player in the past so adding him for pure depth would not be a problem.

    Baker is a quality hitter and a hard worker, and while it is speculated that the Cubs wouldn't trade him, if the right offer came along, why wouldn't they?

    Baker can fill a number of holes for whatever team wanted to trade for him and is a nice player to have along the marathon of a season.

Sean Marshall

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    Left-handed relief pitching is extremely important during the playoffs and any contender in need of it should look at Sean Marshall.

    Marshall is having a great year for the Chicago Cubs, and while it may take a lot to acquire the young pitcher, it could pay off come October.

    The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies could all use Marshall's services and have the assets to acquire him.

    The lefty relief pitching market is small this year which means the price for Marshall could be driven up by itself.

    Marshall could be a part of the future for the rebuilding Cubs but if the right trade came along, it would be wise to move him. 

Alfonso Soriano

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    The Chicago Cubs have been looking to move Alfonso Soriano for the past few seasons and this year the seemingly impossible task might get done.

    The Cubs have stated they will pay for most of Soriano's remaining massive contract even if he is moved, which may have caught a few teams' ears.

    Soriano could fit into an A.L. team as DH perfectly and his power is something that age has not stripped from his game.

    It wouldn't cost much to trade for Soriano in terms of players in return or money left on his contract, and a few desperate teams may be willing to take the risk.

    Most Cubs fans dream of the day Soriano is traded and hopefully their dreams will come true on July 31st.

Aramis Ramirez

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    Aramis Ramirez is the best player the Chicago Cubs have available for trade and if he chose to waive his no-trade clause, there would be a lot of teams interested in him.

    Ramirez is a very good hitter and solid defender at third base and could help a contending team's run production and power numbers.

    It wouldn't take a blockbuster-type deal to acquire Ramirez, and teams that are close to the World Series should seriously consider dealing for the third basemen.

    Being moved to a winning team could be just what Ramirez needs and could jump start him into having a great second half of the season.

    Like most of these players, it is time for the Cubs to move on from Ramirez and they should try and get as much talent back in return for him.