WWE Money in the Bank Results: CM Punk Wins WWE Title! John Cena Fired?!

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIJuly 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank has come and gone, and it may very well be the best PPV of the year, surpassing Extreme Rules in that category. The show delivered in every aspect, and may go down as one of the best PPVs ever.

It was very exciting and unpredictable from start to finish, and there was no doubt about it, it was like all of the IWC's dreams coming true, from Daniel Bryan shockingly winning MITB to Christian gaining his second World Title.

But the biggest news by far is CM Punk, in front of an elated and hot hometown crowd in Chicago, shocking the world and winning the WWE Title from John Cena.

With a crowd reminiscent of ECW One Night Stand 2006, John Cena and CM Punk delivered on all the hype and build and put on one of the most amazing, back-and-forth, action-packed matches ever seen in the business.

Arguably a five-star encounter between these two men, it was perhaps the best match of Cena's career and in CM Punk's WWE career. For those who missed the PPV, order a replay and watch this match, I beg of you, for it is truly a must-see match.

Punk proved why he is the best wrestler in the world today, and Cena silenced the critics and proved that he can indeed put on wrestling classics.

As this classic match came to a close, Vince McMahon and his yes-man, John Laurinatis, came out and as Cena locked in the STF, Vince tried to recreate the Montreal Screwjob and screw Punk as he sent Laurinatis to enact it, but Cena cut the man off and didn't want to win that way.

But as he entered the ring, Punk caught him with the GTS and after a 1-2-3, Punk is the new WWE Champion.

In one of the most shocking wins of all time, the Chicago crowd erupted as their hometown savior was announced the new champion. The look on Vince was absolutely priceless as Punk celebrated.

But then, in a move many expected, Vince ordered Del Rio to come out and cash-in. When people saw this, they were booing and a sense of dread washed over everyone in attendance.

But in another shocking moment, CM Punk kicked Del Rio right in the skull before he could cash-in, and with a last goodbye kiss blown to Vince, Punk left through the crowd, and walked out of Chicago and WWE with the WWE Championship.

It was without a doubt a perfectly booked ending to the PPV.

CM Punk winning was a shocking moment in itself, but the fact he actually left the event with the WWE title still with him is even more shocking.

Cena winning, Vince screwing over Punk, and Del Rio cashing in on Punk were both things many people predicted would happen, and they were all teased, but the WWE, in a rare moment of great booking, allowed Punk to get past all of that and leave WWE Champion.

And this also leaves John Cena presumably fired!

While Vince didn't do it tonight, that was the stipulation for the match: if Punk walked out of Chicago champion, Cena would be fired!

And you can bet that tomorrow night on Raw, Vince will make good on his promise! But this also opens up a new feud with John Cena himself for Summerslam!

In what was an amazing show with one of the best endings ever, the question is...what happen next?

Thanks to the unpredictability of Money in the Bank, we have no idea what is going to happen next!

Will CM Punk show up on Raw one last time? Is he leaving WWE for good? Will he be back? What is the fate of the WWE Championship now? What about John Cena? Will he be fired by McMahon live on Raw? Or will McMahon put the former Champ on a Highway to Hell?

All of these questions and more will be in the air as the whole world will tune into Raw to see what is going to happen next!

But for now, ladies and gentlemen, CM Punk is the new WWE Champion!


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