50 of the Most Memorable Touchdowns in College Football

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2011

50 of the Most Memorable Touchdowns in College Football

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    College football has presented fans with so many outstanding plays and moments that have helped make this sports one of the most popular in the nation.

    Standout athletes like Vince Young, O.J. Simpson, Reggie Bush and Tommie Frazier have all left us with our jaws on the floor.

    Some plays are classics that have been ingrained in our minds, while others leave us wondering if we truly saw what we just saw.

    Here are 50 touchdowns that have left us with our jaws on the floor and wondering how did that just happen.

Not Quite Down

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    Kevin Cobb, of the Memphis Tigers, dropped some jaws with his flexibility and balance on this kick return. After the initial hit, most Tennessee players believe the play was dead, but Cobb knew it was not.

Dexter McCluster Fools Everyone

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    In a game between Memphis and Ole Miss, the Rebels dug deep into the playbook for the first play of the second quarter.

    You have to watch the replay to watch this play unfold.

Cam Newton SEC Title Hail Mary

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    Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers knew that a win in the SEC title game would secure their spot in the national championship game.

    With the game still up in the air and seconds away from the half, Cam Newton killed the hopes of South Carolina.

Jahvid Best Makes Six Bruins Miss

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    Up by a touchdown in the second quarter, Cal was backed up inside their own 10-yard line. Looking to get out of trouble, they turned to Jahvid Best who did the rest.

Jimmy Smith Breaks Up the Fake Field Goal

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    After LSU had success with a fake field goal, other teams tried the same play.

    Nebraska made an attempt at it against Colorado, and it went horribly wrong. Watch as Jimmy Smith reads this play perfectly.

Utah Gets in on Fumblerooski

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    While many teams have run their own version of the play called "Fumblerooski," Utah ran it to perfection and saw Jereme Brooks get into the end zone.

LaGarrette Blount Hurdles the Cowboys

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    Everyone around college football had their jaws drop when Knowshon Moreno, hurdled a defender on a run. LaGarrette Blount took hurdling to the next level when he not only hurdled a defender but then took it in for a score.

    Fast forward to 2:25 to see Blount finish off the Cowboys in the Holiday Bowl.

Cam Newton Stuns LSU on 49-Yard Run

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    With the game still tied between these two top-10 teams, Cam Newton did what he did best in 2010, take over a game with a game changing play.

    Watch Newton go 49 yards against the LSU defense.

O.J. Simpson Will Not Be Denied

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    In 1967, USC and UCLA faced off against each other, and running back O.J. Simpson proved to be the difference. Watch this play as Simpson shows off his strength and speed.

Shaun Alexander Rolls Michigan

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    In the 2000 Orange Bowl, fans were able to see two historical programs go head to head.

    Michigan and Alabama were locked at 14 until Shaun Alexander got the ball at midfield.

Seneca Wallace With the Longest 12-Yard Run Ever

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    With Iowa State knocking on the door of the top 10, Seneca Wallace delivered a simply electric play.

    While it may only go down as a 12-yard run, some estimate the overall play covered over 100 yards.

Randy Moss Goes for 90 Yards

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    Before becoming an NFL star, Randy Moss had a tremendous college career. Watch Moss hurdle and stiff arm his way to a 90-yard touchdown play.

Michael Crabtree Dreamed It Up

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    As these two Texas teams went to battle, the game came down to the very last second.

    Looking to get into a more comfortable field goal range, Texas Tech ran another play and witnessed one of the top plays in the program's history.

Herschel Walker Runs Through Defenders

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    Herschel Walker was never short on highlight-reel plays, but in 1980, Walker showed off his strength and speed on this run against Tennessee.

    One thing is for sure. Bill Bates has never forgotten about it.

LaMichael James Reverses Field for 72-Yard Run

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    2010 was also a breakout year for LaMichael James. In an early season game against Tennessee, the Ducks needed a spark after waiting out a weather delay.

    James was able to catch lightning in a bottle as he reversed field and went 72 yards to the end zone.

A.J. Green Is Back

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    During his entire college career, A.J. Green was an explosive wide receiver that made the incredible seem routine. Watch Green go up and bring in this touchdown catch with one hand.

Nebraska's Fumblerooski

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    In 1984, Tom Osborne led Nebraska into the Orange Bowl to take on Miami. Osborne also brought his bag of tricks as he broke out the Fumblerooski deep in Miami territory.

Michael Vick Goes 80 vs Boston College

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    While at Virginia Tech, Michael Vick become a legend with his ability to escape trouble and turn something out of nothing.

    There is no better example of this then his 80-yard touchdown run against Boston College that seemed to be an almost certain sack.

Johnny Rodgers in the Game of the Century

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    Back in 1971, No. 1 Nebraska and No. 2 Oklahoma hooked up for what people were calling the Game of the Century in Norman, Okla.

    The Huskers would leave Norman with a huge victory that was sparked early with this Johnny Rodgers touchdown.

Reggie Bush Cutback

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    Fresno State was doing a good job of keeping pace with the Trojans late in the third quarter of this game, but Reggie Bush was able to change that by hitting the breaks and cutting back across the field.

Eric Couch Goes the Distance

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    It's rare enough to see a player go 95 yards for a score, but it is even less likely that the player is a quarterback.

    Watch as Eric Crouch rips off this 95-yard touchdown run.

Oklahoma Dive Attack

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    Trailing late in the game, Texas took over inside their own five.

    What transpired on the first play may have been one of the greatest defensive touchdown plays of all time.

O.J. Runs for the Roses

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    In 1969, USC and Ohio State met in the 55th Rose Bowl game, and despite the loss for the Trojans, O.J. Simpson provided them with the highlight of the game midway through the second.

Michigan State Overtime Fake

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    In 2011, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio made the best call of the year. Needing a field goal to send the game to a second overtime, the Spartans faked a field goal and went for the win.

Les Miles Rolls the Dice Again

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    Only trailing by a point and watching time tick off the clock, LSU looked deep, when everyone else was expecting them to let the clock roll down and go for the field goal.

David Pollack Steals a Touchdown

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    Backed up inside their own 10, South Carolina looked to air it out, only to have Georgia's David Pollack break through the line and basically take the ball away for a touchdown.

    It would end up being ruled an interception and then a touchdown.

CJ Spiller Goes the Distance Without a Shoe

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    Late in the third quarter, CJ Spiller is back to return a kick and goes the distance even after losing his shoe at his own 40-yard line. Watch Spiller show off his game-changing speed.

Les Miles One Ups the Old Ball Coach

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    During a 2007 game between LSU and South Carolina, LSU was looking to close out the first half with a field goal, or so it appeared.

    Take a look at what Les Miles had in store for Steve Spurrier's club.

The Bush Push

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    With time running out on a possible USC comeback, the Trojans turned to their quarterback Matt Leinart and put it in his hands.

    Fortunately for the Trojans, it was Reggie Bush's hands that helped him get in the end zone.

Last Second Chance

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    Trailing by four points with only one second remaining, Michigan quarterback Chad Henne dropped back and sent the Michigan faithful home happy.

Keith Jackson Goes to the House on the Reverse

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    In 1985, Oklahoma and Nebraska were going at it in Norman. Early into the game, Oklahoma drew up a play that caught the Huskers completely off guard.

Troy Smith Shows Off His Arm

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    One of the most memorable plays of Troy Smith's career occurred in the fourth quarter against Penn State. What looked like a sure sack, turned in to a 55-yard bullet pass.

Desmond Howard Strikes the Pose

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    Not only was the punt return by Desmond Howard fantastic, but he also gave college football fans a sight to remember.

    After getting into the end zone, Howard slowed down and struck the ironic Heisman Trophy pose.

Jim McMahon's Buzzer Beater vs SMU

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    The Holiday Bowl between BYU and UNLV had a fitting end for one of the greatest comebacks in college football history.

    With time running out on an opportunity to complete the comeback, Jim McMahon tossed one of the most famous passes in Cougars' history.

    Watch the full highlight or skip forward to 3:10 to see the final play.

Colorado Is Given a Fifth Down vs Missouri

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    Missouri fans cannot catch a break here on this list. With time running down in this game, Colorado gained a first down inside the Tigers' 10.

    Watch the full highlight to see Colorado rattle off five plays without being caught.

    Fast forward to 2:50 and start counting.

Eric Crouch on the Receiving End

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    During a game against Oklahoma, Nebraska dialed up a play in hopes of catching the Sooners off guard. The run action was set up perfectly and allowed Eric Crouch to sneak out of the backfield and make this play.

Boise State Uses the Hook and Ladder

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    When Boise State and Oklahoma met in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, many expected a Sooners blowout. Instead, the college football world was treated to an outstanding game with an even better ending.

    Here is the first play that helped Boise State get to overtime against the Sooners.

Boise State Strikes Again

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    Again with their backs against the wall, Boise State needed a touchdown and an extra point to force a second overtime.

    If you fast forward to the :35 mark, you can see the Broncos pull off their second trick play of the game.

And Again

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    Despite this not being a touchdown, this was the most memorable play of the game between Boise State and Oklahoma.

    Only down by an extra point and a second overtime, Chris Petersen decided to go for two and the win with this play.

Vince Young Scramble vs USC

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    With everything on the line, the Texas Longhorns continued to turn to Vince Young for answers.

    With under :30 remaining in the game and Texas facing a fourth down, Young answered the prayers of Texas fans around the nation.

LSU Goes Deep on Kentucky

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    With LSU just outside their own 20, Kentucky and its fans believed they had things wrapped up. The players had gone so far as to already administer the Gatorade bath only to watch this happen.

Drew Tate Bomb to Warren Holloway

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    LSU was no stranger to last second Hail Mary's as they were the victim of one in the Capital One Bowl.

    This was one of those moments in which Iowa fans went from screaming at Drew Tate out of frustration to screaming at him out of joy.

Dennis Dixon Fake Statue of Liberty

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    Boise State is the school that made the Statue of Liberty play famous, but in 2007, Oregon put their own twist on it.

    Late in the second quarter, the Ducks were deep in Michigan territory, and Dennis Dixon had everyone fooled on this trick play.

Nebraska Kick Touchdown Against Missouri

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    Trailing by a touchdown, Nebraska drove inside the 20 and needed a touchdown to send them to overtime.

    With a little luck and a lot of controversy, the Huskers found a way to get it done. Take a look as they get a helping "foot."

Peter Warrick Playing the Role of Human Pinball

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    During his time in college, Peter Warrick was one of the most explosive athletes in the nation. Watch Warrick refuse to be denied on this run.

Marcell Dareus Receives a Texas Sized Gift

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    With the first half of the 2010 BCS National Championship coming to an end, Texas was trying to run a shovel pass and catch the Crimson Tide off guard.

    While the idea may have been good, the execution and result was devastating.

Kordell Stewart Stuns the Big House

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    Another Hail Mary that will never be forgotten is the bomb that Kordell Stewart dropped on the Michigan Big House.

    Stewart had to launch the pass over 70 yards, and it immediately silenced over 100,000 fans.

Tommie Frazier 75-Yard Run vs Florida in 1996

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    In this run, Tommie Frazier showed that he would not be denied on his way to the end zone. Watch him go 75 yards in the Fiesta Bowl against Florida.

Doug Flutie Hail Mary vs Miami

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    The Doug Flutie Hail Mary is a play in sports that will never be forgotten and with good reason.

    Flutie is able to evade a defender and then launches a 65-yard bullet to the end zone.

The Play

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    The Play is certainly in the same league as the Flutie Hail Mary.Β It is a play you that you continue to see on highlight reels around the nation.

    With the game seemingly over, watch Cal lateral their way to victory.


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