Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell: The Arm That Will Win the AFC West

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJuly 15, 2011

Jason Campbell is developing to become a legend in Oakland
Jason Campbell is developing to become a legend in OaklandSam Greenwood/Getty Images

Precision, precision precision! If you are going to become a surgeon you need to have precise cuts to heal the sick. If however you are a QB for the legendary Oakland Raiders, you need precision to pick apart defenses.

The Oakland Raiders had fallen on hard times since their Superbowl appearance in 2002 and it appeared that a young QB named JaMarcus Russell could help the Oakland Raiders in these times. Yet, the young QB had no heart and let owner Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders and the Raidernation down. JaMarcus was a bust and the Oakland Raiders paid dearly for it.

It was obvious that the Raiders needed a worthy QB and for a time it appeared that Bruce Gradkowski was solution. He had not only a will to win but "fire in his blood". Gradkowski is a leader on the field but he was short of being the number one QB that the Raiders needed. 

It was then that owner Al Davis took a QB from the Washington Redskins named Jason Campbell. Campbell is a good QB and has the arm and precision to lift the Raiders to a playoff berth. Although he struggled in Washington he had proven that he could win games with the proper tools and coaching.

The Washington Redskins felt that Jason Campbell could not be the leader they needed and decided to pick former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb. McNabb also failed in Washington.

The time for growth starts in Oakland for the young and talented Jason Campbell. Unlike most QBs for the Raiders , Campbell is a quiet player. He knows what must be done and he does it.Many fans can recall when Jason Campbell was booed off the field against the Rams last season.Yet Jason Campbell maintained his dignity and when the opportunity arose , he basically grabbed the reins and started winning games.

Jason Campbell will be entering his second season as the QB for the Silver and Black. If you have watched his games you have seen that he has a magnificent arm. He gets the ball to hit the numbers with pinpoint accuracy. He can also throw the ball the wide receivers in stride and that is a great quality for a QB. The factor remains regarding his receiving corp and the improvements needed. Yet Jason Campbell will become the future of the Raiders and has already helped the team get to the 8-8 mark.

Jason Campbell will become as great as a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning if he continues to play in a smart manner. He rarely throws interceptions and does extremely well in the pocket. He made history when the Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos 59-10.

He showed even more precision and smart reaction when the Raiders defeated the Seattle Seahawks. In fact it was the first time the Raiders had three back to back wins. This hadn't been seen since the days of Rich Gannon.

The Oakland Raiders have been working on improving the offensive line for the precision QB. In fact if you look around at most Raider Blogs you can see that the fans want to see improvement in the area of QB protection.

Looking at last season, it was remarkable the way the Raiders defeated rivals. The Chiefs, the Chargers and the Broncos had been running all over the Raiders but luckily you cant keep the Silver and Black down. Jason Campbell alongside Darren McFadden defeated rivals twice. It was a great start for the Raiders.

Jason Campbell may not have huge passing numbers, He does however have the smarts to win games.Jason Campbell is a mature player. If necessary he will use that superb arm of his and hit a low flying Marcel Reece or Jacoby Ford for the TD. He has done it in the past and knowing that it is no surprise that he can take the AFC West and also defeat many opponents outside the division the West.

Based on the passing accuracy we have seen so far from the new talent it would be safe to say that Jason Campbell will have a great season. He will get the protection he needs and above all else, when he nails the wide receivers, they will catch the ball. Hue Jackson will see to it.

Jason Campbell has all the talent and arm skill to take the Raiders to a Superbowl win in the next two years provided the wide receivers play like the former greats. One example was Tim Brown who did well no matter who threw the ball at him. He was reliable.

Should the Oakland Raider receivers become as great as Tim Brown, or better yet, just hold onto the ball? They will easily take the AFC West

Wide receivers Jacoby Ford, Louis Murphy and even Darius Heyward Bey need to become reliable receivers and chances are they will. Bey has had some flashes of great but is still a bit inconsistent.

While Jacoby Ford appears to be the one who will step it up two notches. Louis Murphy can also take advantage. Since his shoulder has healed he should be spectacular next season. The duo may even become unstoppable.

The maturity,precision and poise in the pocket will all factor into Jason Campbell development into a Super Bowl Champion. He has the heart and desire to win games and although not as expressive as many, he has a burning desire to become a great. The Oakland Raiders have done just that. They have  given him weapons and soon protection to become on of the best. He has the arm to get it done. He is the Raider future. 


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