NBA Lockout: Kevin Garnett and 10 Players Who Can't Afford a Lockout

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2011

NBA Lockout: Kevin Garnett and 10 Players Who Can't Afford a Lockout

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    The NBA lockout is currently in full effect. Multiple activities and privileges are being put on hold as we wait for the owners and players to reach a deal to save the season.

    As an agreement is pending, there is a threat of losing games or having no season at all. There are a number of players who wouldn't benefit from any time missed on the court come late October.

    Here's a list.

Kevin Garnett

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    After 16 seasons and nearly 48,000 minutes played, saying Kevin Garnett is worn down would be an understatement. His game become limited in the playoffs this past season as we watched him struggle with his lift in his heavily fatigued performances.

    You would think that some extended rest is what he needs right now, but it could hurt him in the end.

    If there is a reduced season, then teams will have less rest in between games. There may even be three straight nights of games two squeeze enough games into a short amount of time. This would be a nightmare for Garnett as he will be severely overworked and perhaps burnt out once the playoffs come around.

    If the entire season is cancelled, that will waste just a little more of what he could have left as he'll be another year older once the 2012-13 season begins.

Tim Duncan

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    Much like Garnett, Tim Duncan has endured an eternity of time on the basketball court.

    He quickly morphed into a shell of his former self last season as his team mates took on more of the slack as his production decreased.

    Rest would be nice for the three-time finals MVP, but more games in less days would age him even faster. And a lost season would waste perhaps San Antonio's last shot at a tittle with their current core.

LeBron James

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    After a hollow a Finals series from LeBron James last month, his image has taken yet another massive hit.

    This summer will just provide an opportunity for the country to reflect on his horrid last four games or so, and bash him even further since there is not much else to currently talk about NBA-wise. The lockout could potentially expand the amount of time people stay on his case.

    The only way for the criticism to cease, or become reduced, is for James to get back to playing. Once he returns to the court, and plays up to his abilities, all talk will be centered around the present and not his inept finals series.

Amar'e Stoudemire

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    Amar'e Stoudemire was an MVP candidate through December last season. After that, the New York Knicks along with Stoudemire were inconsistent the rest of the way.

    He needs as much time on the floor with his team mates as he can get. Every situation in New York City is always urgent so the chemistry building is essential. An abbreviated season will not help the matter at hand.

    Speaking of which.....

Carmelo Anthony

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    For the first half of the season, Carmelo Anthony was the biggest off-the-court issue. He all but forced his way to Manhattan from the Denver Nuggets.

    From there, he and the Knicks struggled to find solid harmony down the stretch of the season, and had spotty results.

    Many feel that Anthony had better find some success in New York considering the whole ordeal he put the Nuggets through in getting there. So far him and Stoudemire haven't shown to be the best duo of stars. A lockout would hurt their progression as a pair.

Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard, to some, appears to be on his way out of Orlando as a free agent next summer. He says that he wants to stay, and is looking forward to the front office to improve the the team for nest season.

    The roster is in pretty bad shape to begin with, and it will be very difficult to reconstruct back into a contender. Management will most likely not have much time to fix things before Howard's contract expires. If the lockout continues through the duration of the summer, then he'll most likely be stuck with more of the same around him in the court.

    As a free agent, majority of the teams who have the money to sign him are not contenders. There's a good chance he'll end up on a squad no better than his current one should he choose to bold Orlando in a year.

Derek Fisher

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    As president of the NBA Players Association, we all had faith in Derek Fisher being a big help in preventing a work stoppage. He's already failed at that, and now all we can hope is that he can prevent the loss of games.

    Even though the issue does not solely rest on his shoulders, but I'm sure a lot of people will give him a hard time if this gets out of hand. The fact that his on court production has been on the decline the last few seasons won't help that either.

    A guy like him does not deserve that kind of fire, and he shouldn't have to focus on this issue for all the months that he may. As an active player, his mind should only have to be on playing basketball.

Brandon Roy

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    Brandon Roy's knees are in as bad a condition that a soon-to-be 27-year-old's knees could be. He missed nearly half the season trying to nurse them back to full strength. If the whole season is nixed, the rest could be used to his advantage.

    If the season is just cut in half, then if might not be so good for him.

    If games begin to be played around January, then that could spell a number of back-to-back-to-backs. That probably wouldn't bode well for someone with chronic knee problems.

    His knees need more rest in between games than that. It's bad enough to have to play two nights in a row, but three puts a lot of pressure on faulty joints. Roy could face many struggles if the season goes this way.

Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin exploded onto the scene with his above the rim style of play in 2011. His season was full of memorable and exciting plays. Almost every second he was on the floor was met with 100 percent effort.

    The lockout could slow down this incredible momentum that he has right now. I'm sure no one would want to see him slumping out of the gate at any capacity. I personally want him to pickup right where he left off, and a season that starts in the fall will almost guarantee that.

    Plus, we already lost a season of his back in 2009-10 and we want more of him rather than less.

The 2011 Draftees

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    The incoming rookies are in a tight spot at the moment. With all types of transactions being unavailable, they cannot sign contracts with their teams.

    Many draftees look at their entry into the NBA as a way to help their family in ways that they never could before. Who knows when they will have the opportunity to get their first checks to support them and the people close to them.

    They also have to be very careful during this time that they do not injure themselves, and miss out on signing a deal right away.


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