EPL Transfer Rumours: The 12 Most Overrated Players About to Be Signed

Jonathan Woo@woo_jonathanwooCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2011

EPL Transfer Rumours: The 12 Most Overrated Players About to Be Signed

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    Perhaps the most exciting part of the summer transfer season is digging into all of the ridiculous and imaginative rumors.

    High-profile clubs linked to the cream of the crop produce enough excitement and hype to last a few weeks.

    But when some teams enter the mix for a footballer, others will follow and influence the evaluation of a player, creating overrated notions floating over his head.

    For much of last season, Fernando Torres' second-half move to Chelsea could be called a huge bust.

    Similarly, there will be summer signings worth more off the pitch than on it.

    Here are the 12 most overrated players about to be signed. Not every player may ink a new deal, but the smoke is there to warrant the interest.

    Note: Overrated could mean just that and/or overpriced.

Charles N'Zogbia

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    The Wigan winger is valued at a somewhat high £9 million fee, as his product seems more hit or miss than anything else.

    Charles N'Zogbia is definitely one of the more skilled wingers in England's top flight, and he put in his best season to date in 2010-2011.

    Aston Villa seems to be the closest to signing the Frenchman, but if the club is looking for an Ashley Young replacement, Villa will be disappointed.

Charlie Adam

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    Charlie Adam has been the center of much negotiation between Blackpool and Liverpool.

    The Tangerines' captain put together fine back-to-back seasons for Blackpool, one in the League Championship and one in the top flight.

    But is he all that much to write home about?

    His 16 goals in 2009-2010 is a respectable number, but against second division type clubs, it becomes less spectacular. His 12 scores last season against England's best is impressive, but he is still generating attention to himself when there are better.

    He was the best player on a Blackpool side that won just 10 matches. His visibility on a more prestigious club will clearly drop.

Joey Barton

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    Although he makes headlines for all of the wrong reasons, Joey Barton is still a solid player.

    But the baggage that comes with his services sometimes may be too much of a distraction and an unnecessary evil.

    Several clubs have put in their interest for the midfielder, but Barton's off-the-field issues may deter them.

    Similar or better midfielders exist without the same non-football concerns.

Shaun Wright-Phillips

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    The speedy winger put up very respectable results in his first two seasons with City after joining from Chelsea. But last season, his playing time took a dive and his numbers felt the beating.

    Wigan is reportedly after the 29-year-old, but where he excels in speed and shiftiness, he lacks in strength and will get out-manned for 50-50 (maybe even 40-60) balls.

    The estimated £7 may be a little high, but for an aging and undersized winger, his production is overrated.

Jack Rodwell

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    The young Everton midfielder consistently rates as one of the top English prospects in the Premier League, but he has seldom flashed that brilliance.

    Word that the Toffees will be looking to unload the 20-year-old U-21 player has become public, with both Manchester clubs, Chelsea and Tottenham, reportedly interested.

    Rodwell has always been forced into a substitute's role with more prestigious and veteran players in front of him.

    A reported £20 million is the transfer fee, but what warrants such a hefty tag for a still very young performer?

Gary Cahill

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    Bolton will be lucky to have Gary Cahill picked up on his £17 million fee.

    The 25-year-old defender is a solid one, but to be valued at such a price puts him into an echelon where he doesn't belong.

    Arsenal is the biggest club looking to snag the Englishman, but the Gunners appear to be approaching with caution at the transfer fee.

Fernando Llorente

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    For £20 million, one would hope to secure a difference maker and game-changer.

    But in Fernando Llorente, one would only get about half of each.

    The Tottenham target has improved his statistics in every season for the past five campaigns, but he was also the feature player for Bilbao.

    If a top club were to hand over the healthy transfer fee, Llorente becomes a good player amongst a bunch of other good players.

Emmanuel Adebayor

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    Emmaneul Adebayor took his out-of-favor status at Manchester City and accepted a loan spell to Real Madrid.

    He returned to City in the summer, and he still appears to be the lone striker outside of regular playing time. With Carlos Tevez apparently staying with the club, in addition to Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli's second seasons, Adebayor could face another exit door out of Eastlands.

    The Togolese striker has always come off as lazy and unmotivated, yet he is still praised for his great strength and ball control in the final third.

    Adebayor has publicly claimed he would welcome a permanent deal to the Bernabéu, but the Spanish giants may be better off going elsewhere.

Stewart Downing

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    Aston Villa has been holding onto Stewart Downing by a thread as Liverpool and others continue to pursue the English international.

    Downing is currently valued at about £20 million, a steep price for a creating midfielder.

    While the 26-year-old Downing is great component in the middle third, overpaying is never a good decision (James Milner says hello).

James Milner

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    A year ago, Manchester City snagged James Milner from Aston Villa on a reported £26 million fee, and we all know what came of that switch.

    Just this past week, rumors of Liverpool and Aston Villa looking to secure the English international popped up, but if anyone is to sign the midfielder, a pretty price must be paid.

    The 25-year-old did little to impress last season, or any season for that matter.

    City could be wise to let the overpriced Milner walk away from Eastlands.

Javier Pastore

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    Javier Pastore has recently become one of the hottest young talents to hit the transfer window, as speculation of his move away from Palermo has enticed all of Europe.

    But does his £50 million tag truly represent his value? Hardly.

    Pastore may be the next best thing to come out of the Serie A, but his performance proves otherwise. In 34 appearances last season, the 22-year-old attacking midfielder compiled just 11 goals and five assists, a line not nearly worthy of a big time transfer.

    The hefty transfer fee will surely turn many away, but he sure is attracting a deal of attention.

Alexis Sanchez

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    Udinese opened the doors to virtually every club in the Alexis Sanchez sweepstakes, with hopes that monster clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona would cause a spike in the Chilean's value.

    That increase came into fruition, and Sanchez's estimated asking price is in the £40 million range.

    The winger made 31 appearances for Udinese, but produced just 12 goals and six assists, hardly the resumé of a £40 million man.


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