NFL: 7 Reasons Football Is the Most Entertaining Sport to Watch on Television

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIJune 29, 2011

NFL: 7 Reasons Football Is the Most Entertaining Sport to Watch on Television

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    Television has revolutionized the way we watch sports.  Could you imagine being a football fan and not having access to a television?  The thought of no TV makes we want to watch it right now—just to make sure the thing still works.

    There are many great sports to watch on TV such as baseball, hockey, soccer and golf, but the most entertaining sport to watch on television is NFL football.  

    If you don't believe me, here are seven reasons why.

7. Best Commercials

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    I know this doesn't have anything to do with the actual game of football, but if I am watching football, I want to be entertained when the game isn't being played, too.

    No other sport has the type of commercials football does.  The NFL also has the greatest variety of commercials during their games.  When you think about it, does anyone watch the World Series or NBA Finals because of the commercials? 

    Well, I know plenty of people who only watch the Super Bowl to see the new commercials.

6. Best Fantasy Sport

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    For those of you in a fantasy football league, you know where I am coming from.  By watching the NFL on TV, you get all major scores and statistics throughout whatever game you happen to be watching.

    Not only are you concerned with your own real team, but you are also concerned about your fantasy team.  How many points has Chris Johnson put up?  Why didn't I bench Brett Favre this week?

    All these questions are answered while enjoying football on TV.  This same type of enjoyment cannot be matched by any other fantasy sport.

5. Best Commentators

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    With the exception of Monday Night Football and Troy Aikman, the NFL has the best commentator of all the major sports.

    They have the best pregame shows, halftime shows and postgame shows.  Guys like Joe Buck, Terry Bradshaw, Phil Simms and Greg Gumbel are fantastic.

    No other sport has game analysis or play-by-play like football.  I would much rather watch any NFL commentator than watch Charles Barkley. 

4. Non-Stop Action

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    Although I enjoy commercials when I need to watch them, I absolutely hate having to watch too many commercials.

    Massive amount of commercials happen in nearly every major sport.  In baseball, after every three outs you get a fresh dose of commercials.  In basketball, during every timeout you see the same Kia commercial over and over again.

    During an NFL game, there can be extremely long stretches with no commercials.  I think we can all agree that commercials are good, but actually watching the game is much, much better.

3. Only One Game Per Week

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    Some might say they want to watch their team play numerous times during the week, but I don't believe it.

    It is too hard to keep up with your team when there are three or four games played a week.  With the NFL, you know your team is playing on either Sunday, Monday or Thursday.  You can then plan your entire week around that day.

    You know exactly when your favorite jersey needs to be washed and what day to buy the freshest nacho cheese dip.  Having only one game a week in the NFL makes watching it on TV that much more entertaining,since you only have one chance to catch your team playing.

2. Biggest Hits

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    I remember watching this hit between DeSean Jackson and Dunta Robinson in my living room and thinking it actually took place in my kitchen.  Jackson got leveled by Robinson. Being able to watch and hear that on my television was incredible.

    You just don't get the same type of feeling when you watch LeBron James throw down a dunk or Albert Pujols hit a home run.  Yeah, those are nice to watch, but watching football on TV is like being at the game. 

    If you have season tickets in the nose bleeds, TV might even be a better way to watch your favorite team.

1. Game-Day Bars

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    There is nothing like the camaraderie felt at a bar while watching your team play football.  I mean, just look at all these random strangers hugging each other after their team won.

    Have you ever been to a Buffalo Wild Wings on a Sunday afternoon?  Not only is the placed packed out the door, but you instantly become friends with every person wearing the same team color as you.  Do you think that happens on a Tuesday night when baseball is playing one of their 162 games?

    Certainly not.  The game-day bar is the best viewing experience for the most entertaining sport to watch: the NFL. 

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