Rory McIlroy: Fast Cars, Jagermeister, Mammoth Mansion and Nights at Ollies

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJune 21, 2011

Rory slugs some Jagermeister from the U.S. Open trophy.
Rory slugs some Jagermeister from the U.S. Open trophy.

You want a replacement for Tiger Woods?

You've got one.

Fact is, Rory McIlroy's got it all over Woods.

No, we're not talking major championships or PGA Tour victories or any of that boring stuff.

No, at age 22, McIlroy is light-years ahead of Woods OFF the golf course.

Now here's a kid who knows how to play golf, live and party. He's a Belfast rock star. His favorite rock band is General Fiasco, which ironically, is what Woods' life has become.

There are no secrets in the United Kingdom and Rory has said he wants to be "open and honest" and that's where he's worlds away from the mysterious hermit that Woods has become.

At age 22, McIlroy likes fancy cars, he's got his own mansion on 13 acres and his hangout is Ollie's Nightclub in Belfast. Jagermeister is his adult beverage of choice. 

His on-again, off-again girlfriend is a cheerleader for the Ulster Rugby Club and Rory likes to throw a few back with the rugby lads when he's in town.

His week-long celebration starts today in Holywood, outside Belfast, then it will no doubt move to Rory's pad, a multi-million dollar mansion he purchased before he turned 20 and installed his own practice facilty that blows away the one Tiger has at his Jupiter Island digs. Rory's place has a 280-yard driving range and short game facility second to none.

Fancy cars?

He's got a Bentley, an Audi RS6 and a Lamborghini LP 560-4—a 550-horsepower machine.

Yes, Rory loves to party and it's no secret. Rory doesn't like secrets, unlike that Eldrick guy.

He bought his parents a beautiful home in Holywood before he started spending on himself. The good son.

He's no recluse and doesn't want to become one.

Europe is and will remain his home base. And they're already lining up to pay him whatever it takes for endorsements. There are already claims he'll become the highest-earning athlete in the United Kingdom, bigger than David Beckham.

He's got nothing to hide.

We're talking about a 22-year-old multi-milionaire in Ireland.

And he's simply doing the things normal kids do.

Good for him. Tiger Woods never had a day of "normal" in his life.

Bend it like Beckham?

How about a bender with Rory? It all starts this week in the lad's hometown and who knows how long it will last? He withdrew from next week's French Open. Too much Jagermeister and golf don't mix.

Heck, Darren Clarke withdrew from this week's European Tour, the BMW International in Germany, stop to join in on the festivities.

Party on, Rory.

See you at the Open Championship.