Oakland Raiders: Whether You Love Em or Hate Em, They Are Greatest of All Time

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 19, 2011

During the 70's the Oakland Raiders were the most fearsome team on the planet
During the 70's the Oakland Raiders were the most fearsome team on the planet

So what's you favorite NFL football team?

If you are part of the Raidernation, you are pretty much prepared for two responses. The first is: "Alright!, the Raiders are my team, too! What's up, brother?!" The second is the infamous: "A Raider fan, oh my God. I can't stand the Raiders."

It's really a pleasure being part of the Raidernation. The Oakland Raiders have so much history, so many legendary players and for some reason, there is a multitude of people that are against the Silver and Black.

In fact, I would guess that these "Raider Hater" parents probably didn't like the Oakland Raiders and instilled in their offspring to hate the Raiders. So what does this tell you about the "Haters," who were never old enough to see the light? The opposition was brought on early.

It says that they have not taken the time to study the NFL and the greatest teams around. For some it could just be a fear of the dark since the Oakland Raiders are silver and black. Well, "Come to the Darkside." Chances are that if they had the option to choose a team for themselves, they would go with the Silver and Black.

Kind of funny if you think about it.

It is known that for the first 30 years of NFL football there was some serious poundings given by the Raiders. NFL football back in the day allowed a lot more punishment, and the referees allowed the players to play football. Today's football has a lot more rules to protect the players, and it's a benefit since today's players are faster.

Oakland had some of the toughest players around back then. They had huge names and pain givers like Jack Tatum, Otis Sistrunk, Ted Hendricks, Howie Long, Lyle Alzado, Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, John Matuszak, Matt Millen, Henry Lawrence, and, honestly, I could go on forever.

Regardless, these players punished opponents to the point that the Pittsburgh Steeler head coach Chuck Knoll took the Silver and Black to court for being too mean and rough on them. Now tell me: What NFL team has that sort of record?

Yeah, the Raiders are that tough.

The Oakland Raiders under coach Al Davis have been the team to fear for years, and now that the game has leveled out, opponents love to bash on the Raiders.

Sadly, Al Davis would also win for owner most NFL fans want to die. The "haters" are constantly saying that once Al is gone the Raiders will return to the Super Bowl.

We as fans know that Al Davis was a big part of the AFL /NFL merger and made the Super Bowl what it is today. You should also know that Al Davis was promised by the NFL to become the first commissioner and was lied to. Believe me Al has a lot of reason for being the "Maverick" he is.

On that point, all NFL fans that hate the Raiders know the name of its prestigious owner. The Raidernation, however, well, we don't know the names of any owners unless it's Jerry Jones, Paul Allen (maybe), and a few more. So they hate the Raiders but know a lot more than most. I love it!

For the Raidernation, however, fans love it. For some reason, opposing fans love to visit the Oakland Raider fan sites and stir up drama. Where else can they go since they are all aware that the Raidernation will respond back. They know that the Raiders have the greatest fan base, so what better place to go than to the fan sites?

Then you have the jealousy of the "Raider haters." The Oakland Raiders have three Super Bowl wins, and rival AFC West fans will continue to bash on the Silver and Black knowing that the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos have a total of two Superbowl wins as a group.

Those two, of course, belonging to Denver. And from my perspective, they were well deserved as John Elway earned it and played hard for his wins. Yes, Raider fans respect good football.

Outside of the division there are some good football teams, but yet even the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers go out of their way to hate the Raiders. There had been a huge rivalry back in the 70's when greats like Terry Bradshaw and George Upshaw played.

Eventually, the Raiders took over and won the last Superbowl under Tom Flores, as far as the rivalry went back then. In recent times, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a great win.

So love 'em or hate 'em, what makes the Oakland Raiders the greatest team of all time?

Well they have the biggest fan base of all NFL teams, and they have the greatest amount of "Haters." Yet all the "Haters" will buy a copy of Madden annually to take home and share with their family.ย 

Maybe their children will one day ask, "Daddy why is the most played game in our home named after John Madden?" The answer is: Because the Oakland Raiders are the greatest team of all time. People either love em' or hate em', and they all know Mr. Al Davis and John Madden.

Go Raiders in 2011!


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