TNA's Mexican America: The Worst Faction in Pro-Wrestling History?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 13, 2011

TNA's Mexican America: The Worst Faction in Pro-Wrestling History?

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    You know, I am always willing to give new things a shot, especially in the wrestling world. But there comes a time where enough is enough with the new thing, and it's to bring in the old and out with the new. Basically what I'm saying is, we need to pull a corporate business and get rid of the new stuff because it's totally failing or isn't proven enough to stay.

    Mexican America really is that thing for me right now. There are quite a number of things I just hate about this group and or TNA for doing with them. They are the newest faction to the wrestling scene and while the idea of the group gimmick is a great one, the players involved aren't pulling if off.

    The one highlight in this group to me is Sarita. She is doing great with what she's been given. However, Hernandez, Rosita, and Anarquia are just plain awful right now.

    I'm going to go through all the things I am hating about this group, and you can judge whether it's warranted or not.


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    Hernandez is supposedly the leader of the group, but you probably didn't know that because it obviously hasn't been clarified very well. The first week we saw the faction together, the addition of upstart Anarquia made us recognize this group.

    Hernandez introduced us to the group and it seemed that we were seeing a faction in which we were going to see a guy get over. The issue is that Hernandez lacks the overall mic skills to be a leader, which is why TNA seems to have backed off of his leader ways and made the team equal.

    Hernandez has performed okay in the ring, but really that is all he has done well since this group has been together. Simply put, this group has been killing the one time rising wrestler. It seemed as a face, Hernandez did well, but as a heel he has sucked horribly.

    The kicker to all of this is that Hernandez is an American citizen, and it has been said on TNA iMPACT that Hernandez was a proud American. This happened when World Elite recruited him and he turned it down. His father was in our wonderful armed forces and he was proud being a known as an American.

    Yet TNA doesn't even touch this subject at all when the group is put together. Now, I would be fine if Hernandez wanted to turn his back on America for the storyline and told us something involving that. Instead, TNA didn't even mention the past when putting Hernandez with this group.

    The guy was sent to AAA, a Mexican promotion, in which he performed for a few months. The moment he gets back, he's suddenly a Mexican who wants to take over? Ok then.

    I want actual clarity when Hernandez is involved TNA. If you wanted to put him in this group, at least have him turn his back on America in some way, and the armed forces could even be involved since his father was in them.

    Yet that is suddenly supposed to be forgotten? Really?

    The funniest part of all of this is that Hernandez has been a US citizen so long, he had to learn Spanish when he went to AAA for those months


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    Now I'm all for the fiery Latina girls. They are usually really beautiful and overall just something a guy likes. Rosita is no different, but she sucks at this thing called entertainment. She has relatively good skill in the ring, at least she's more of a Mexican that Hernandez is.

    Her mic skills lack, which is really why she hardly sees mic time. But not only that, she's not wonderful in the ring. TNA has tried to mask this to the best of their abilities, which is why she and Sarita haven't defended their Women's Tag Titles in some time.

    But the issue is that she has to wrestle some, and she clearly isn't good enough.

    She is quite short, but I don't see that as a flaw, but her overall game I do. How can I take her seriously in the Knockout division?

    This is why I can't take her seriously for this group, especially when it comes to a two on two knockout tag game. She is by no means as good as Sarita. Very few are of course. But, the thing is, she clearly is too green to even be in the position she is in. Which is seriously not good. I know she's a Latina TNA, but I can find a ton of better one's on the Indy circuit.

The Flag

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    No I by no means hate the Mexican flag, so to my Spanish speaking fans, please do not worry about that. My issue is the placement of this flag every week.

    For Mexican America's entrance, they have a giant Mexican Flag fall from the rafters. Now, after this you'd think TNA would have the crew run it back up. But no, they leave the flag there the entire match so it can be camera side the entire time!

    First off, it's distracting to the match itself to see a big flag in the way during it. And then what of the fans?

    TNA, this covers over half of that side in the seats!!

    Hope they didn't plan on watching the match, because if so, they are plain out of luck. Sure, there is a monitor, but many times in the IMPACT zone, you are in bad position to see the big monitor. Usually you're out of position on that very side to the far left in that part of the seating. Simply because of how far you are from it. The flag even covers a good portion of the monitor you can even make out from there.

    Then some have the issue of seeing half of the ring itself.

    I could go on and on. Why in the hell TNA can you not roll up the flag? Throw it down during the entrance and maybe for wins. But during then, roll that big sucker up, because there is no need for it!


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    Now usually Sarita doesn't make me mad at all. I personally love her in ring skill and how well she has evolved in TNA. She went from plain looking face to hot fiery heel Latina and that got me even more on her side.

    But the issue is that she basically carries the load for the team, when she really doesn't have to. She is one heck of an in ring worker and she can talk on the mic relatively well.

    I'm okay with her actually being a Canadian, and not a Mexican. The reason she does work for this group is because she has Mexican roots, and she has the look as well. She also fit well down in Mexico and became one heck of a name down there in almost every notable promotion in the country.

    Mainly she is considered a Mexican because of her time in the country, despite actually being Canadian. But, since her Canadian citizenship has never been spoken about on TNA programming, she works for the group.

    Sarita however, looks out of place. Now, I feel she works better as a heel. So, I am perfectly fine with her being one. But her best work has been as a singles knockout, and while in Mexican America, she has been lost in the shuffle. She is barely wrestling on TV and it seems to be all about the guys.

    Also since Rosita isn't good enough in the ring, she isn't defending her tag title. So we barely see her wrestle sadly.

    Mexican America + Sarita = Potential TNA Release for Sarita.

    Get her out of there TNA!


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    If there was a wrestling dictionary, I think under God awful mic work, Anarquia's picture should be there. He's absolutely horrible to listen to. It's like he is faking his Mexican accent or over doing it one. And it's just an annoying voice to listen to.

    Hernandez is supposed to be the leader and Anarquia gets more mic time? Really?

    Anarquia is also horrible in the ring, it's like watching a train wreck happen and you want to stop it, but you simply don't have control of the situation!

    Also, the name sucks. Seriously, Anarquia ?

    Ok, I know this is a real word mainly for the Latin world as another word for Anarchy. But seriously, it's like TNA is trying too hard to make this guy come off as a Mexican. You stick him with a crappy Mexican name meaning leaderless, yet he's a part of a group. Then you make the message of the group his name.

    Oh how clever TNA!

    There are millions of better guys to play the part, yet you go out and get an unknown of which sucks at every fundamental wrestling ability? Brilliant TNA!

    This guy has a nice look, if worked properly, he could have been a pretty nice addition to the roster. Now, he is ruined in my eyes because of his horrible gimmick, name, and overall skill.

    All he is to people is annoying, and that's not boo hate but channel switching hate. iMPACT Wrestling just barely made a 1.0 this past week, should you really be testing them with more Anarquia?

    Simply put, I am so annoyed with this guy that every time I get a chance, I will talk about how much he sucks and how much I want him released. The last guy I had this much heat for was Manu. Don't know who he is? You're welcome.

Special Words from Joe Burgett

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    I'd like to thank all of you for reading my rant here. It was mainly out of frustration of watching these group on iMPACT every week. There are certain members who would do well to get out now, one should be let go asap! And another needs more polish to be a true part of the roster.

    The real reason I am upset about this is because TNA had a great idea in mind for this faction, but the people involved with it aren't all living up to the standard it should be at. If we can see some improvement, then I may retract what I've said here.

    But until then, instead of this group seeing TV time, why not give to some X-Division guys who actually deserve TV time weekly.

    By the way, I've got a plan involved for a potential big thing for the wrestling section. If anyone wants in, let me know. I'll take on anyone who has writing capability. This means even if you are brand new and even still a simple member, I'll take you in. And I especially need vets. Just send me a PM on B/R and we'll talk