Ryan Giggs: Manchester United's Legendary Hero Gets Caught Cheating Again

Nicolas AnilContributor IIIJune 7, 2011

Not enough with having his reputation tarnished after the affair with Imogen Thomas, Ryan Giggs has been caught offside again as new allegations of him having an eight year long affair with his brother’s wife—Natasha Giggs—surfaces.

His brother Rhodri Giggs, apparently learnt about the affair on Sunday and immediately dumped his wife.

Ryan Giggs, meanwhile has two headaches to deal with at the moment. He was on his way to Spain to save his marriage with his wife—Stacey Cooke—when news of this second scandal emerged.

After she finds out of his latest scoring exploits, his already shaky marriage would certainly come to a halting end. 

There is also rumors circulating that Rhodri Giggs—a former Torquay United player—told friends that he intends to spill the beans on the “the real Ryan Giggs”.  

This could mean many more skeleton’s coming out of the legendary winger’s closet, and no super-injunction or money could stop a deeply hurt, betrayed brother from telling the truth of his cheating, glorified elder brother. 

This affair could very well signal the end of Ryan Giggs' spectacular 20-year career.  He doesn't have much in him; at most he is likely to play through another season as per his contract.

But the thought of getting booed and mocked by every other supporter than those of Manchester United could very well persuade him to hang up his boots prematurely.

His aunt’s referral of him as a ‘dirty dog’ is a sign of things to come; he will be hearing much more derogatory things once the season begins. To cheat on your wife with a stranger is one thing, but to do your brother’s wife is a whole other infidelity most men won’t even dream of. 

Ryan Giggs is still up there as one of football’s greatest ever players, he will always be. 

But as a gentlemen and someone who has always portrayed the Mr. Squeaky Clean image, he will go down as football’s most disgusting player ever, alongside team-mate Wayne Rooney.

One possible piece of good news though, Alex Ferguson might actually save the hair-dryer treatment against the Welshman, after all the years he has served him.