MMA: 10 of the Wussiest Moments in the Octagon

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IJune 1, 2011

MMA: 10 of the Wussiest Moments in the Octagon

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    Whenever we watch any MMA action, we expect to see professional fighters acting like professionals in the cage or ring.

    Sadly, this isn't always the case.

    In MMA, nearly nobody would argue that the sport is more mental than physical. Sometimes, fighters have a mental lapse and choose not to behave like a fighter.

    In other cases, it may be fair to say that they just lost their mind.

    Whatever case may be, these are some of the wussiest moments we have seen in MMA to date.

Kalib Starnes*

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    *Action not included.

    At UFC 83, Starnes faced off against Nate Quarry.

    For the 15 insanely painful minutes, Kalib just ran around the ring, refusing to engage with Quarry in any sort of way.

    Towards the end of the final round, Quarry started clowning Starnes by acting like he was riding a bicycle and doing the whole guarding the face with one hand while donkey punching with the other thing.

    Starnes didn't take very kindly to Quarry's tactics, but the fans took even less kindly to the fight that Starnes didn't exhibit in the Octagon. 

Joey Scarola Quits the Ultimate Fighter

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    During the sixth season of the Ultimate Fighter reality show, Team Serra's No. 1 pick Joey Scarola lost his opening-round match against Mac Danzig.

    As the story goes, Scarola because uncomfortable in front of the cameras and homesick following his loss. Those feelings made him want to go home.

    Matt Serra, Scarola's coach and friend, tried everything he could to get him to stay in the house. But apparently, nothing Serra could say would change his mind, and Scarola bounced shortly after the loss.

    And to pour some salt in to the wound, Serra later fired Scarola from his roll as an assistant coach at his school.

    Lesson of the story—Don't be a wussy.

Georges St-Pierre Nearly Every Time He Is in His Corner

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    Is it just me, or does it seem that every time St-Pierre is in his corner in-between rounds, he starts whining about something?

    "I think I pulled my groin."

    "My eye hurts."

    One has to wonder if anyone besides Greg Jackson could will St-Pierre to continue fighting after he complains about getting an owie.

Michael Bisping Illegally Knees Rivera

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    Photo by Tracy Lee
    Photo by Tracy Lee

    Michael Bisping took on Jorge Rivera at UFC 127. Before the fight, the two fighters exchanged some harsh words, and there was no love-lost coming in to the fight.

    From the fight's onset, it was clear that Bisping was the more technical striker, as he nailed Rivera with everything he threw.

    That includes the "unintentional" knee to the grill of a downed Rivera.

    Bisping looked once, looked again, then unleashed a knee that badly hurt Rivera.

    Despite was Bisping says, everyone who saw the fight can tell Bisping meant to throw that knee.

    But you know what the sad part is?

    Bisping threw the hardest knee of his life at the face of a downed opponent, and still couldn't knock him out.

Mark Kerr vs Hugo Duarte

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    In Mark Kerr's third bout under the Pride FC banner, he fought the experienced Brazilian Hugo Duarte.

    The only problem was Duarte didn't fight back.

    Towards the end of the fight, the fact Duarte didn't want to fight became even more clear. Every time the two fighters were anywhere near the ropes, Duarte would attempt to climb out of the ring.

    After being pushed by the referee to fight on, Duarte continued to escape the ring before his corner finally called a stop to the fight.

The Nashville Brawl

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    After Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson to retain his Strikeforce middleweight title, Jason Miller entered the cage to politely ask Mr. Shields if he could have a rematch.

    That is when all hell broke loose.

    In front of a national audience on CBS, the Cesar Gracie clan jumped Miller in the middle of the cage.

    Gus Johnson, being the expert MMA commentator he is, had to chime in on the situation.

    "Sometime these things happen."

    No, Gus, they don't.

Run Aoki, Run!

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    On New Years Eve 2010, Shinya Aoki took on Yuichiro Nagashima in a mixed rules match.

    The first round would be a three minute K-1 rules round, then the second round was scheduled to be a five minute MMA rules round.

    Knowing he had no chance against Nagashima on the feet, Aoki ran round the ring, and used every stall tactic he could think of just to make it out of the round.

    Then the fight made it to the MMA round, in which Aoki was supposed to own Nagashima.

    If you've seen it, you know how it went down. If you haven't, above is the full fight for your enjoyment.

Paul Daley Sucker Punches Josh Koscheck

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    At UFC 113, Paul Daley got as close to fighting for UFC gold as he ever will.

    After getting dominated by Josh Koscheck for 15 minutes, Daley finally landed the his most significant punch of the fight.

    Too bad it came at the 15:04 mark of the bout.

    After the horn sounded to end the fight, Daley sucker punched Koscheck. Shortly thereafter, he was released by the UFC, but not after getting his butt chewed in ring by Dana White.

    Stay classy Daley.

Was Nick Diaz Scared, Homie?

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    While a bout between Miller and Nick Diaz seems very unlikely now, it was all that Mayhem wanted for the longest time. But for one reason or another, the fight never came to be.

    It could possibly be because Mayhem recently learned that he was banned from CBS and Showtime following the Nashville brawl, but that's another story for another time.

    In an interview I conducted with Miller before the season premier of Bully Beatdown, he told me he would rather fight Nick Diaz than fight Jacare Souza for the Strikeforce middleweight title.

    "Yeah, I kicked Jacare in the head and split him open like a watermelon, but he didn't throw a damn water bottle at my head" Miller stated in our interview.

    As we all know, there are three sides to every story—Miller's, Diaz', and then the truth that lies somewhere in the middle.

    But from all accounts, it seems like Diaz wussed out on this one.

Shinya Aoki and the Phantom Elbow

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    At DREAM 1, Aoki faced off against Gesias Cavalcante in the opening round of the promotion's lightweight tournament.

    About midway through the first round, "JZ" landed an elbow that appeared to hit Aoki in the shoulder.

    Aoki played like it hit him in the face, and the fight was ruled a no contest.

    So was the blow Calvancante landed illegal? Check out the video and form your own opinion.