WWE: Miss Elizabeth and the Top 13 Female Managers of All-Time

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IJune 1, 2011

WWE: Miss Elizabeth and the Top 13 Female Managers of All-Time

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    They say that behind every great man is a great woman. Nothing is more true in pro wrestling history, where some of the all-time greats had female managers, often referred to as valets, stand in their corner. With the recent, untimely death of "Macho Man" Randy Savage, images of his legendary career in WWE were everywhere. In almost all of them, Miss Elizabeth was right alongside of her man. In fact, a big part of their legacies include the mention of one another.

    Managers in the WWE, especially female managers, are seemingly at an all-time low. With a fleeting Divas division, the addition of more female managers may be the way to go with some of these women now. Here are the great women that have come before today's Divas whom they can strive to be like.

Nancy Benoit

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    Known for most of her career as Woman, Nancy Benoit managed some of the best that WCW and ECW had to offer. Nancy is the only woman on this list that never was a part of a WWE roster. From Kevin Sullivan and Tazz in ECW, to Ric Flair and the rest of the Four Horsemen in WCW, Woman was a fixture in the wrestling scene for most of the 1990s.

    For as much as Woman had an impact with tag teams and factions, Woman just disappeared from television in 1997. She literally appeared one week and wasn't there the next with no explanation.


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    Sunny was the original Diva, and while she never did much as an in-ring competitor, the Hall of Famer was a great manager for tag teams in the 1990s. Sunny was at ringside for the likes of The Bodydonnas, The Smoking Gunns, The Godwinns, and L.O.D. 2000. The first three teams were all tag team champions under Sunny, while L.O.D. 2000 won a No. 1 contender's match at WrestleMania XIV with her.

    Sunny's music always told us "I know you want me," which was absolutely true. Not only is she arguably one of the most gorgeous women in WWE history, but she was one of the most successful managers of all-time, male or female.


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    Sunny and Sable did not get along very well, which is one of the reasons Sunny left the World Wrestling Federation back in the day. Their personal issues aside, they were two of the best valets in the world in the late 1990s.

    Sable managed Marc Mero and Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the then-WWF, and wasn't afraid to have matches either. Sable was much more than just a manager, being one of the reasons that the Women's Championship returned in the late '90s.

Trish Stratus

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    One of the best Divas of the last decade was Trish Stratus. Before being a seven-time Women's Champion, Stratus debuted as a valet to Test and Albert in the tag team of T&A, a name that was almost used by another female manager, Debra. Debra does not appear on this list, by the way.

    T&A were a successful fixture in the tag team division until the Invasion storyline in 2001 had Test defecting to the Alliance. Trish also led successful wrestlers like HHH, Christian and Chris Jericho.


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    Melina is one of the top Divas today, even if she doesn't get the consistent matches that she used to in past years. Before being the flexible Diva that she is today, Melina was a Tough Enough reject that worked her way into the WWE as manager of MNM. Melina would manage Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury to tag team gold, as well as managing Nitro to singles gold in his career.

Terri Runnels

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    Originally known as Marlena, Terri Runnels started out as the valet to the bizarre Goldust, whom she married in real life. Terri would move on to manage tag teams like The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. How many other female managers have had a tournament for the services of her as their manager?

    Terri is also known for aligning with Perry Saturn, who then left her for a mop. There's not much more to say after something like that.


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    The 9th Wonder of the World is one of the most dominating Divas of all-time, but was also a great female manager. Unlike any other female manager, Chyna was the hybrid of a valet and an enforcer.

    While managing D-Generation X, specifically HHH, for a long time, she was also aligned with the late Eddie Guerrero for a long time as well. Chyna was a strong woman that was once a member of the Corporation and was probably one of the stronger members during her tenure.


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    Originally showing up as a manager of Essa Rios, Lita would end up latching onto the Hardy Boyz and forming Team Xtreme. The trio was incredibly popular with the fans and Lita was one of the few managers that could perform just as well as those she managed. Lita performed moonsaults and hurricanranas just like Matt and Jeff Hardy would.

    Lita would end up linking to Edge, where she got some of her greatest responses from the fans, even if they were as a heel. Lita was also managing Kane for a time and had a good storyline going with that.

Miss Elizabeth

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    Only Miss Elizabeth would have been capable of keeping up with "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Only Miss Elizabeth seemed capable of managing The Mega Powers, when Savage teamed with Hulk Hogan. While she may have been the reason that the team broke up, Miss Elizabeth would be on the Mount Rushmore of female managers...you know, if someone would actually carve such a thing.

    I can't imagine why someone would take the time to carve their faces somewhere, but still...

Vickie Guerrero

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    Vickie Guerrero is the benchmark for present day female managers in WWE, mainly because she's the only one who does it. Vickie has seen both Edge and Dolph Ziggler become world champions in recent years. Currently, she is in the corner of Ziggler as his business associate. Ziggler seems to be on and off of a repackaging and a change in his image, which may make him a serious world title contender. If that's the case, it will all but cement Vickie's legacy as a great manager.

Stacy Kiebler

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    Her legs alone are enough to probably win matches for whoever she manages. Stacy Kiebler is the definition of a valet and her beauty alone has done wonders as a disadvantage for opponents. I remember Kiebler mostly for her managing skills with Randy Orton, Scott Steiner and Test. Her time with Test was the funniest, where she referred to him as her "Test-icles".

    Yes, she was so hot that even though it sounded like she was saying she had male genitalia, it was still okay.

Stephanie McMahon

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    Vince McMahon's little girl was a good reason that Triple H sustained his status in the main event around the time that The Rock, Kurt Angle and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, among others, all vied for the top spot in the company. The McMahon-Helmsley era was strictly because of Stephanie's business sense and managerial skills...well, that and the fact that she probably booked it that way.

Sherri Martel

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    Sherri Martel, also known as Sensational Sherri, managed a ton in the WWF and WCW. Among her feats was managing the Harlem Heat, The Rockers, The Heavenly Bodies, The Perfect Tag Team, and great singles competitors like Ric Flair, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the late "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

    Martel was just plain scary looking at time. While I thought that Luna Vachon was also intimidating and probably deserving of this list as well, I thought that Sherri did it a little more often and a little bit better.

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