Club America and Atlante in a 1-1 Draw in Mexican League Match

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IApril 25, 2011

Memo Ochoa
Memo OchoaKent Horner/Getty Images

Club America and Atlante faced each other in Estadio Azteca for the 2010-2011 Mexican League Season. Club America had to win two of their games to save itself in the Mexican League.

Atlante has to win two matches in order to rise in the Mexican League 2010-2011. The referee for the match was Mauricio Morales.

The match was one in which both teams tried to score but came short with the exception of one goal scored by each team. Club America attempted to score within 27 minutes but Morales annulled the goal.

The first goal which counted (according to Morales) was scored by Angel Eduardo Reyna within 36 minutes. Reyna was assisted by another Club America player and used his head to send the ball into the goal post.

Munoz (the goalie for Atlante) was surprised since he did not expect the goal. Atlante was able to extract its revenge with Jean Carlos Maldonado scoring an equalizer within 38 minutes.

Maldonado took advantage of an open area and kicked the ball towards the left side of the goal post. Memo Ochoa (goalie for Club America) attempted to block the ball with his hand.

The result was that the ball deflected towards the goal post. While the match was great, Morales was not a great referee.

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Morales sporadically awarded yellow cards to Martinez, Munoz,Guerrero, Guardarrama, and Reyes for minor infractions. Morales allowed various offenses to slide which deserved a yellow and/or a red card.

Club America and Atlante have a lot to do in order to advance in the Mexican League. It remains to be seen what will transpire.

Club America 1-1 Atlante

Place: Estadio Azteca, Mexico

Most Valued Player: Angel Eduardo Reyna