WWE's "Offseason": What We Can Expect After Wrestlemania

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IApril 20, 2011

Courtesy of WWE.com
Courtesy of WWE.com

Written 20/04/11

It is widely known that the WWE product cools off for the majority of the year following Wrestlemania. This period will last until January, when the Road to Wrestlemania 28 will begin, and the quality of WWE television will improve for the biggest show of the year. This period is often referred to as WWE's "Offseason".

Personally, I find this year in the WWE as intriguing as any in recent memory.  However, what can WWE fans expect to see WWE television produce during their offseason?

The WWE "Youth Movement" will take full effect:

The often referred to but rarely seen youth movement in the WWE will come to fruition this year. With Edge's shock retirement last week, the WWE is short of true main event stars. Add to that The Undertaker's annual hiatus, and the possibility of Triple H taking time off and the problem becomes clearer. 

Signs of this were apparent on RAW 2 weeks ago as John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth, all having never been world champion, took part in the number one contenders match. No, I don't acknowledge Ziggler's 5 minute title run.

With John Morrison becoming number 1 contender this past Monday on RAW, a fresh face has been inserted into the main event scene.  

This main event has has a number of exciting results. It will be interesting to see whether The Miz could actually retain the gold, especially against John Cena, who hasn't held the championship in almost a year. I honestly expected The Miz not to make it to Wrestlemania as champion, let alone retain. The outcome I would like to see would be Morrison capturing his first WWE championship. Cena could be drafted to Smackdown, and the youth movement would take centre stage on RAW, as The Miz and John Morrison would feud over the championship.

Moving forward, the WWE will have the task of establishing the younger superstars as legitimate threats, otherwise the fans will be subjected to a plethora of rehashed feuds. We don't need to see another Cena v Orton feud.

John Morrison's Main Event Push Will Finally Happen, Or Will It?:

John Morrison's long overdue main event push was put in doubt last week, reports surfaced of Morrison's disapproval of Trish Stratus taking his girlfriend Melina's spot at Wrestlemania. Morrison was said to have given Trish the cold shoulder, rejecting her ideas for Wrestlemania and becoming hard to work with. For obvious reasons, behavior of this kind could derail Morrison's push.

Many speculated that Morrison would be in the doghouse for his actions, however the events of RAW this week indicate otherwise. As I previously mentioned, Morrison has become the number 1 contender for the triple threat cage match at Extreme Rules. I have yet to decide whether this decision proves Morrison isn't in the doghouse, or WWE simply changed their minds on R-Truth (who's heel turn was well executed on RAW).

The Main Event Of Wrestlemania XXVIII Will Not Ruin John Cena's Year:

Yes, in what was the smartest thing I've seen in quite a while, John Cena proclaimed on RAW that his match against The Rock will be for WWE Championship. It was simple and very effective.  John Cena's year was in doubt, as all wrestling fans concluded that John Cena can't convincingly win the WWE championship, as he will have to lose it by next Wrestlemania. This would result in a number of very predictable John Cena matches (as if they weren't already right?).  

Regardless of whether you think the Cena v Rock match next year will be for the WWE championship, the casual wrestling fan will be remain in doubt as to whether it could happen. Personally I don't think the highly anticipated match will be contested for the championship, nor do I think it needs it. However it's hard to deny that it would make the main event for Wrestlemania 28 legendary.

Christian Will Win His Long Awaited World Championship:

With Edge's retirement last week, Christian became his replacement in a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio. While I'm hoping Del Rio wins, to complete his rise to main event status, I think if the feud is drawn out for a number of months (which I believe it should) Christian will win the World Championship at some point.

Christian has earned it. He has paid his dues over the last two years for deserting the WWE for TNA, and his achievements prior to his TNA stint warrant at least one world title run. Whatever happens, I find this feud is the most interesting across both brands. 

The Women's Division Will Become Relevant Once Again:

With the Awesome Kong promo videos came hope. Hope that the Women's division can return to what it was before the division became littered with models with zero wrestling ability. 

Kong's promo sends the message that she is coming to destroy the "barbie doll" divas, and isn't it about damn time? We'll see if the WWE can follow through on this. Hopefully, after she is finished destroying the current divas, the WWE will be forced to recruit more talented divas.

Even if my predictions don't ring true, I can only anticipate what the year 2011 holds for the WWE.

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