WWE Divas: Power Ranking Brie Bella and the 10 Hottest Divas Champions

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IApril 19, 2011

WWE Divas: Power Ranking Brie Bella and the 10 Hottest Divas Champions

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    Brie Bella became the ninth different holder of the Divas Championship a week ago when she pinned Eve Torres. With a little assistance from her sister, Nikki, Brie won her first gold in WWE and looked good while doing it.

    In fact, since the Divas Championship was created in July 2008, some of the most beautiful Divas have held the championship. A lot of the Divas on this list embody the "Smart, Sexy and Powerful" motto that is attached to the division. So where does the newest champion rank in the only place that it seems to matter to most people: their hotness?

    What else did you expect this slideshow to rank these women on? It's not like they have shown us enough evidence to monitor their in-ring ability.

10) Jillian

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    Let's not get carried away by saying that Jillian Hall is not pretty, because she is. She is just the least pretty of those who have held the butterfly belt. Her gimmicks always made her look uglier than she really was and her attire was never very flattering either. Her pop star gimmick made her promos as ugly as that fake mole they made her wear one time.

    Jillian won shockingly one episode of RAW in October 2009, only to lose the championship minutes later to Melina. That about sums it up in terms of how serious they took her.

9) Alicia Fox

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    Again, this is a list of very beautiful women. While Alicia Fox is a beautiful woman, her gimmick doesn't help her cause much. She often wears a short skirt, which reminds me of a young girl. She also seemed to carry herself in that manner, giving me a very unsettling feeling.

    She is presented as someone who is supposed to be more fierce and fiery, but she leaves something to be desired: her. Maybe she should have stuck to planning weddings.

8) Maryse

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    It only gets harder from here. Maryse is very sexy but she also is a bit one-dimensional as a Diva. She does her little "talk to the hand" thing, flips her hair and speaks in French. She may be sexy when she does it, but I wish she did it a little better... and in English.

7) Layla

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    WWE never recognizes Layla as an official Divas champion. After Michelle McCool won and unified the belt with the Women's Championship, Layla claimed that she was a co-champion with McCool. Layla would defend the championship on occassion, so it counts in my book.

    Layla is also very sexy. She is a far cry from that crazy-haired woman that won the Divas Search a few years ago. She looks like a Diva, but she sounds like a tourist on vacation. Layla's accent seems to change every so often. I have no idea where exactly she is from or what her true voice actually is. It almost ruins it for me.

    I said almost.

6) Michelle McCool

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    The very first Divas Champion is one of my favorite Divas of the last ten years. Her "girl next door" gimmick really worked well in my eyes a few years back. With Layla, McCool did a better job as The Beautiful People than the women in TNA that were actually named that.

    So why do I rank McCool so low? Consistency. There are times where she looks perfect and other times where she almost looks odd at angle. Some pictures she looks good in and she doesn't in others.

    She also looks like she is having a wardrobe malfunction in some photos. That helps her case a little, but not that much.

5) Eve Torres

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    I love looking at Eve Torres. And then she tries to have a match and I don't want to look anymore.

    Torres is athletic but she seems lost in the ring sometimes. Doing flips and somersaults is cute and all but it doesn't make you a WWE Diva. I love the look of Torres but I think that her dancing background has more of an impact on her moveset than her jiu-jitsu background.

    While I hate to downgrade the hotness of Eve Torres for it, she dances way too much. When she followed R-Truth around, she kept dancing like it was a timeout at an NBA game. A lot of the moves weren't very creative, which is a minus.

4) Mickie James

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    I love Mickie James. I don't want to tell you what I would give up for a night with her. With that said, I am looking at her picture and wondering what is wrong with me for putting her at fourth. Perhaps it is the fact that I don't want to put her down as the greatest Divas champion in any sense. It isn't anything that she has done, but I hate the belt and I'm sure she does too.

    This is probably me penalizing her also for leaving WWE just to join TNA and try to be a country singer. I wish her all the luck in the world but I don't see the logic in thinking that TNA can help her be a music star when WWE has sold albums for people. Heck, Lillian Garcia got songs put on the Billboard charts. That is coming from a ring announcer singing songs in Spanish. Big mistake, Mickie.

3) Brie Bella

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    Sure, Brie Bella is a new champion. Sure, her mic skills and in-ring ability is spotty at best. Sure, I have no idea why they made her a champion. So why is she ranked so high?

    There are two Bellas. I can't tell which one is which in this picture. I don't really care which one is which to be honest. Two is always better than one, so two very hot women that are not great as Divas can still beat many Divas champions.

    You'll have to trust my math on that one. I used to be a math major in college. Then again, I switched majors...

2) Natalya

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    Show me someone who says that Natalya is not absolutely perfect and I will show you someone who is about to get hit in the face.

    Am I kidding around? Why bother trying to find out?

    Natalya is gorgeous, can do some talking with a microphone and, best of all, can actually wrestle. There may not be a dumber move in the world than to take this woman out on a date and piss her off. She embodies exactly what I think of when I think about Divas. Considering that Trish Stratus is widely looked at as the benchmark for what a Diva should be, I would say that Nattie is easily the best Diva that came around after Trish left in 2005.

1) Melina

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    So after all of those women, why would I choose Melina as the hottest Divas champion ever?

    Just look at her. She is perfect. She is curvy and flexible at the same time. She screams, but we look past it. A lot of her moves seem too complicated for her but she does manage to impress us still. She could have fit in well if she was around years ago with the likes of Trish, Lita and the other Divas of the turn of the millennium.

    Also, she may have the single sexiest entrance to the ring in the history of the WWE. That sets her apart from the rest.