Kasey Kahne's Allstate Ads and NASCAR's 25 Most Hilarious TV Commercials

Paul Carreau@@PaulCarreauAnalyst IApril 19, 2011

Kasey Kahne's Allstate Ads and NASCAR's 25 Most Hilarious TV Commercials

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    TALLADEGA, AL - APRIL 15:  Kasey Kahne, driver of the #4 Red Bull Toyota, climbs in his car during practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway on April 15, 2011 in Talladega, Alabama.  (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Imag
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    It's no secret that the drivers in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series are the best in the world at what they do. As they are the best race car drivers in the world, however, some of them may be hiding talents we didn't know they had.

    One of those talents is acting. Any time you watch a race, there are plenty of opportunities to see your favorite drivers showing off their acting skills. The television airwaves are flooded with commercials featuring various NASCAR drivers.

    Some of them are okay, some aren't bad, but there are some that are just down right hilarious. I am going to take a look at my 25 favorite commercials that feature NASCAR drivers. And for some of these guys, when their racing careers are over, maybe a trip to Hollywood should be on the agenda.

25. Tony Stewart Gets Championship Advice from Lance Armstrong

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    We start off with an older one. Bobby Labonte has masterfully set up his former Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Tony Stewart.

    Stewart meets up with Lance Armstrong, a four-time Tour De France champion (at that time). Stewart heard the rumor that Armstrong shaves his legs, so he wants to find out for sure. Armstrong assures him that it is true, even explaining how it helps.

    Willing to do anything to win, the end of the commercial sees Stewart preparing to shave his own legs, as Labonte realizes the prank worked.

24. DEI Teammates Earnhardt Jr. and Park Mock Michael Waltrip

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    Get used to seeing Michael Waltrip on the countdown. In this particular ad, Waltrip's teammates Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Steve Park drop by to lend a hand in plugging the NAPA sponsorship.

    As Waltrip walks with team owner Teresa Earnhardt, he enters the garage area to see his two teammates and his crew having a good time. Unfortunately for Waltrip, the good time is at his expense, as his teammates are picking on him and the previous NAPA commercials he has done.

23. Gillette Young Guns Take on Wrestling Champion John Cena

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    As a thank you for teaching him how to drive a race car, wrestling champion John Cena is going to return the favor to the Gillette Young Guns and teach them how to wrestle.

    Little does he know, the Young Guns have apparently already had some training. They slam Cena around the ring, as he can only surprisingly remark "Not bad".

22. Carl Edwards Looks for His Subway Soda

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    In this Subway commercial, Carl Edwards is enjoying his sandwich but has misplaced his drink. Showing off the strength that eating at Subway provides, Edwards lifts the car right off the jacks to ask his mechanic if he has seen it.

    After not finding it there, he goes on to locate it under a stack of race tires, that he was able to lift up with one hand.

21. Tony Stewart and His Armor All Crew

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    Have you ever wondered how much easier life would be if you had your own pit crew at home? Tony Stewart doesn't have to wonder—he has that luxury.

    In this ad, we see Stewart's pit crew providing assistance to Tony in the events of everyday life. But, when it comes to taking care of his car and making it shine, Stewart needs no help—as long as he has his trusty Armor All.

20. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gives Sportscenter Anchor John Anderson Directions

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    In this Sportscenter commercial, one of the anchors, John Anderson is in need of directions and he runs into Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    Unfortunately for Anderson, Earnhardt Jr.'s directions are eerily reminiscent of a race track. He is pretty proud of himself for knowing the right directions, but Anderson walks off before Little E. can give him the map he just made.

19. Michael Waltrip Is at the Wrong Track

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    Yet another Michael Waltrip and NAPA commercial. In this one, Waltrip takes the time on a nice quiet morning to reflect about how lucky he is to be racing and to have great sponsorship.

    After reflecting for a moment, one more reality sets in for Waltrip, "I'm at the wrong track!"

18. Kasey Kahne and His GPS Inside the Budweiser Car

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    Thank goodness for modern technology. Not that I think Kasey Kahne couldn't find his way around a race track, but this ad shows us just how today's drivers navigate their way to victory lane.

    Kahne's GPS alerts him not only when the turns are approaching, but when their is an accident ahead. Who needs a spotter now?

    This GPS even instructs him how to do his victory burnout. The only problem is, if you notice, the GPS is telling to him make lefts for his burnout, but the car is actually turning to the right. Minor details.

17. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Returns His Girlfriends Lipstick

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    Dale Earnhardt Jr. shows what a true gentleman he really is in this commercial. His girlfriend is boarding a flight for Los Angeles, and when Jr. gets back in his car, he realizes that she forgot her tube of lipstick.

    Being a speed freak, he decides to bring it to her by making the 250-mile drive in the time it takes her to fly there.

    The plan works to perfection, until his lady friend informs him that that isn't her shade of lipstick. Oops!

16. Michael Waltrip and the Scale Model Diecast

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    Michael Waltrip is at an autograph signing, and one of his fans arrives. This particular fan is a custom diecast maker and has a couple of one of a kind items for Waltrip to sign.

    First, he brings out one of Waltrip's Fontana cars, when the car caught fire. But the prized diecast is the 1990 Bristol crash car that he promptly dumps out, in about 30 pieces.

    If you don't know about the 1990 Michael Waltrip Bristol crash, I would suggest you look it up. It was amazing—and not in a good way.

15. Coca Cola Racing Drivers Earn Their Chug Points

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    The Coca Cola Racing family of drivers started earning points each time they were seen taking a drink of the soda on television. Knowing that, the drivers took every opportunity they could to be seen drinking the soft drink on the television.

    Then, word got out that the money they earned for doing this would be donated to charity, so the stakes were upped even more. Instead of just drinking Coke during race broadcasts, the family of drivers decides to show up on as many different shows as they can.

14. Jeremy Mayfield Picks Up His Date

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    Before Jeremy Mayfield was banned from NASCAR for drug problems, he produced two very amusing commercials. This is the first one.

    Mayfield's girlfriend is getting ready for their date, and she knows exactly what Jeremy likes. After all, who doesn't love a girl willing to use car wax for her hair and dab a drop of octane 93 on her neck. As we found out, Jeremy certainly approved.

13. Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr. Teach Taz How to Drive

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    Who better to teach you how to drive a race car than Dale Earnhardt? The Tasmanian devil is getting instructions—not only from the Intimidator but from Dale Earnhardt Jr. as well.

    The only problem is, Little E. has apparently heard all of his father's lessons a couple of times before, and he isn't enjoying having to listen to them again.

    In the end Earnhardt mans the wheel, and one can't help but think that he was a more suitable driver than everyone's favorite Looney Tune.

12. Kasey Kahne and Jamie McMurray Try to One Up Each Others Magic Acts

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    I never thought this commercial was that great when it first came out. The more and more I saw it, and now watching it again, I can't help but find it quite entertaining.

    Both drivers play their roles very amusingly, but I actually found myself laughing out loud when McMurray gets on his walkie talkie and simply says, "get me a bunny." It's nothing special, but it just worked really well.

11. Matt Kenseth Really Is a Robot

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    Nextel sure produced some quality commercials when they were NASCAR's title sponsor. This one was yet another solid performance.

    A couple of fans are watching Matt Kenseth's victory celebration and assume he must be some kind of robot because he was in victory lane yet again. After a champagne spray gone awry, the fans are proven right.

    Fortunately, the DeWalt team has an abundance of Kenseth robots on hand, to replace the one they just lost.

10. The Coke Racing Family Runs a Remote Control Car Race

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    The Coca Cola family of racers take all kinds of racing seriously. The group has gotten together in the garage area for a friendly remote control car race. They decide to up the stakes and wager a Coke. From then, the race is on.

    One by one, the drivers get eliminated until it's down to Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick. Stewart ultimately wins the race. As he is celebrating his win with the Coke, Harvick's crew chief comes riding into the garage and runs over Stewart's race-winning car.

    "Ah dang, sorry about your little car Tony," is uttered by Harvick's crew chief as the rest of the drivers laugh at Stewart's loss.

9. Kyle Busch Dons the Pink Suit

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    We all saw this commercial many times last season. I, for one, laughed every single time I saw it. Seeing Kyle Busch in that pink suit sitting in front of that pink car is an absolute riot.

    Then came that fateful day, when he actually got to race in the real thing. I have never claimed to be a fan of Kyle Busch, but that was one race that I truly wanted to see him win.

    All in all, everything about this commercial worked. Then it was parlayed into real life—which made it all the more better.

8. Jeremy Mayfield Gets Every Advantage That He Can

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    In an effort to help the driver of his car's hauler, Jeremy Mayfield decides to play the role of parking attendant. In this case, he is using his Nextel walkie talkie to guide the driver into his spot.

    The only problem is, Tony Stewart's No. 20 car is in the way. That doesn't stop Mayfield, however, as he continuously tells his driver to "come on back, there's plenty of room." While Mayfield may not be much to be proud of now, in his time, he was one of the best in television commercials.

7. Michael Waltrip and Martin Truex Sing for NAPA

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    There really isn't a whole lot I can say about this one. We all see it every week, and although I can sing along with it, it still makes me smile every time I see it.

    Michael Waltrip is such a character that you can't help but laugh. When he rips off his suit to reveal his race suit, and then begins to tickle the ivory, it is a thing of sheer commercial genius.

    I had an opportunity to talk with Martin Truex a couple of weeks ago, and he was asked about filming the commercials. He said that he is starting to feel very comfortable doing them and having a good time. It is starting to show, as he delivers a solid performance.

6. Dale Jarrett Still Doesn't Want to Drive the Big Brown Truck

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    When Dale Jarrett signed on to drive with UPS as his sponsor, everyone eagerly anticipated him driving the big brown truck around the track. That parlayed in to many funny commercials.

    Even his younger fans were excited to see the delivery truck out on the race track. This young fan was in no mood to take no for an answer from Jarrett. He even went so far as to hold his breath until he got his way.

    Fortunately for Jarrett, he knows the proper way to put an end to that age old children's trick.

5. Kasey Kahne Is a Dancing Fool

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    After receiving their Allstate safe driver refund checks, three female friends try to decide how to spend their new found wealth. After thinking about it, they decide that sinking in to sponsorship for Kasey Kahne's race car is the way to go.

    Then the daydream begins. Much like Kyle Busch in his pink suit, Kahne looks sharp in his purple number with pink hearts. Then he kicks it up a notch with a wonderful dance routine to the Scorpions' "Rock You Like a Hurricane."

    This was another commercial that I wasn't in love with the first time I saw it but have grown to really appreciate.

4. Elliott Sadler Tries to Give Jimmie Johnson Some Driving Advice

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    Whether you are a Jimmie Johnson fan or not, you can't help but think this commercial is hysterical. Elliott Sadler tries to be a good friend and point out something that Johnson may want to improve on.

    Johnson however, reminds Sadler of just who he is, and doesn't even need to say a word to do it. This is another commercial where everything just really works. Both drivers do a good job of making it look real, and Johnson's "I'm sorry, what were you saying?" is just the perfect touch.

3. Denny Hamlin Knows How to Relax

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    This commercial shows that Denny Hamlin knows how to relax and unwind away from the race track. We find out that Hamlin enjoys the peace and quiet of yard work. The only thing different from Hamlin's yard work compared to others is the high speed riding mower that he uses.

    Not only does Hamlin enjoy cutting the grass, he enjoys turning it into a competition with the neighbor. I love the bump he gives to his neighbors mower, and the look of sheer determination on his face when he makes the pass is truly great.

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tries to Fix Brian Anderson's Computer

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    This commercial is hilarious. I remember cracking up the first time I ever saw it, and I still do every time I watch it. I am by no means a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, but this is my favorite thing that he has ever done.

    I can't add anything to this to make it funnier. When he utters the lines "is she working?" and "that do anything?" I can't help but laugh.

    I have always thought that the Sportscenter commercials were great, and this is undoubtedly one of my all time favorites.

1. Mark Martin One Ups Carl Edwards at His Own Celebration

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    Maybe I am a little biased because I am a Mark Martin fan, but this commercial is great. As he is signing some autographs, Carl Edwards is asked by the fans to do his patented backflip. Edwards politely declines.

    Mark Martin overhears the conversation, and decides to give the fans what they want. He tells Fernando, his new stunt double that he is on. Fernando, dressed like Martin, with a race helmet on, backflips his way through the fans.

    After flipping down behind a stack of tires to where Martin was hiding, Martin himself climbs up on the tires, giving the fans the impression that it was he who had performed the flips.

    Edwards reaction to all of this is simple: "crazy old man."