MLB Power Rankings: The 25 Worst Uniforms in Baseball History

Doug Mead@@Sports_A_HolicCorrespondent IApril 14, 2011

MLB Power Rankings: The 25 Worst Uniforms in Baseball History

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    Photo credit tobaker70 via Photobucket
    Photo credit tobaker70 via Photobucket

    In the 140-year history of baseball, fans have witnessed a sport that has prided itself on standing the test of time.

    Other than the adoption of the designated hitter by the American League in 1973, and the adoption of a 162-game schedule in 1961, very few changes have been made since the turn of the century.

    Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about what has been worn on the baseball field.

    Oftentimes, marketing gurus of the MLB dictate the selection of uniforms that ballplayers wear, either for some promotional effort or just to make a switch for whatever reason.

    In many cases, the fashion police should have been handing out tickets galore.

    Baseball has NOT been blessed with fashion designers, for sure. With some of the Houston Astros uniforms over the years, you almost have to wonder if an alien was being consulted over at NASA.

    However, the fashion designers employed by baseball teams still keep trying ("trying" being the key word).

    Here is our take on the 25 worst team uniforms in Major League Baseball history.

    There's no doubt that you may have your own opinions, so please feel free to chime in with your choices in our comments section down below.

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25. 1969 Seattle Pilots

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    The Seattle Pilots were an expansion team in 1969, playing for one season in Seattle before moving to Milwaukee and becoming the Brewers.

    Take one look at their uniform, and you can see why they were run out of town in Seattle on a rail.

24. San Diego Padres Camouflage Uniform (Current)

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    There is probably no team in professional sports that honors our nation's military more or better than the San Diego Padres.

    However, their camouflage uniform, in this particular instance, should have been marked as "classified."

23. Philadelphia Phillies (1979)

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    The Philadelphia Phillies wore a variety of different uniforms from 1970 to 1990. However, this particular one was introduced in 1979 and was, in a word, colorful.

    Just as colorful as the man wearing it in the photo.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate Jersey (2008)

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    There are three teams that made this list multiple times, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of them. This particular home alternate jersey was worn for one year, and then scrapped.

    Good idea.

    I've often wondered: Do teams just make up bad jerseys to try to take the fans' minds off the terrible play happening on the field?

21. Baltimore Orioles (1971)

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    Last year, the Baltimore Orioles put out a throwback uniform, honoring the 1971 Baltimore Orioles and the orange uniforms worn for two games that season.

    The '71 Orioles were certainly special, but I don't remember them playing on Halloween.

20. Brooklyn Dodgers (1944)

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    In 1944, the Brooklyn Dodgers sported their normal home/road jerseys, but also decided to go with a powder-blue look for their alternate jerseys.

    They may have been known as "The Bums," but they were sure purdy-lookin' Bums.

19. Cincinnati Reds (1991)

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    The Cincinnati Reds, the oldest professional sports franchise in America, have certainly had their share of uniform changes over the years.

    This one from 1991 wasn't meant to be a throwback, but it should have been a throw-away.

18. Milwaukee Brewers (1978–Early '80s)

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    I absolutely loved the Milwaukee Brewers back in the late '70s and early '80s. The Brew Crew were always fun to watch.

    But powder blue with yellow trim on the road? Really? Someone actually thought that up and ran with it?

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (1977)

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    Back in the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the dominant team in the NFL, winning four Super Bowls.

    My only guess here is that the Pirates wanted to represent their intra-city brethren.

16. Washington Senators (1950)

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    The 1950 Washington Senators were not a very good team, kind of like most Senators teams over the years. However, in 1950, they apparently tried to spice things up a bit.

    The Senators always wore some of the plainest uniforms in all of baseball throughout their for one year.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks (1990s Alternate Uniforms)

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    The Arizona Diamondbacks decided to make a splash in the 1990s with their alternate uniforms.

    A splash is one thing. Downright bold purple is another entirely.

14. Colorado Rockies Purple Uniforms

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    You know, I've been to the Rockies a few times. It's surely one of the most beautiful settings in the country.

    But I don't ever recall seeing anything purple while I was there.

13. Montreal Expos (1970s)

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    The Montreal Expos joined the National League as an expansion franchise in 1969, and they were named in honor of the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal.

    Apparently, the team wanted to put its players on display as well.

12. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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    It's pretty bad when players extend their careers to pad stats and play for some less-than-stellar teams.

    But to have to do it in uniforms like

11. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

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    Obviously, this is not a major-league team. However, there was NO way this uniform couldn't be included.

    Minor-league teams will go to great lengths to try to draw in more fans, and having players come out in pseudo-tuxedos is definitely an eye-catcher.

10. Boston Red Sox (St. Patrick's Day Uniforms)

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    For several years now, the Boston Red Sox have honored the Irish on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17.

    However, how about honoring them in another way?

9. Florida Marlins (1993)

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    When the Florida Marlins joined the National League in 1993, they made a splash right away with their teal uniforms.

    I actually own one. Seriously. I was not of a sound mind when I bought it, but I have it proudly hanging in the very dark recesses of my closet.

8. San Diego Padres (1972)

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    The San Diego Padres and Pittsburgh Pirates both at one time in their franchise histories decided it was a good idea to wear all yellow.

    These uniforms have since been worn on a few occasions on throwback nights. I think they should rename those nights "Throw-Away" or "Throw-Up" Nights.

7. Chicago White Sox (Mid 1980s)

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    About all I can say about this particular uniform, worn by the Chicago White Sox in the 1980s, is that the clubhouse manager must have had to keep a LOT of Purex and Woolite around to keep those colors looking fresh.

6. Kansas City Athletics (1960s)

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    Wow. To think that the great manager, Tony La Russa, once had to bear the indignity of wearing this particular uniform.

    And then he went back and managed them later on. He got over the embarrassment quickly.

5. PIttsburgh Pirates (1979)

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    Dorkish, garish, outrageous, color-blind. Call the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates whatever you want.

    But they were family. And they were champions, no matter what they were forced to wear.

4. Chicago Cubs Road Bear Jerseys

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    Rod Beck was a pretty intimidating-looking closer during his major-league career.

    But couldn't the Cubs have at least put a meaner-looking bear on the jersey?

3. Kansas City Royals (Late 1990s)

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    This particular Kansas City Royals uniform, aptly modeled by the fashion-conscious Johnny Damon, is a train-wreck turned into a monstrosity.

    It's no wonder Damon headed to Oakland. At least their uniforms were bad, but tastefully bad.

2. Houston Astros (1970s)

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    Houston, we have a problem...

    There has already been more than enough said about this particular uniform over the years. I really don't think at this point that there is anything more witty that I can add...

1. Chicago White Sox (1976)

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    Yes, this was actually an idea that someone came up with.

    This was by far the worst uniform ever made. Even opposing players thought so.

    Opposing Kansas City Royal John Mayberry once exclaimed, “You guys are the sweetest team we’ve seen yet.”

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