Jeff Hardy Finally Speaks on Airport Incident

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 4, 2008

As you all well know by now Jeff Hardy was in an incident at the Nashville airport about a week or two ago. There have been many rumors on what happened that he was carrying drugs in his bag and was arrested by police, that he was drunk and caused a fight.

Well now we are hearing the real story from the horses mouth himself, Jeff Hardy. He did an interview with the Baltimore Sun's Kevin Eck, here is the interview:

Jeff Hardy commented on the Nashville International Airport incident that took place the morning after a Smackdown taping during an interview with the Baltimore Sun. "That was extremely blown out of proportion," Hardy said.

"So many wrestlers drink at times and I had been drinking a lot that night. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been on planes a lot drunker than that. There was nothing rude done; I wasn’t violent or anything like that.

"I guess I was stumbling boarding the plane or something and somebody must have just said that I was drunk, because I was asleep on the plane. This is Southwest, you know, open seating and everything.

The first thing I remember is just waking up and security—it wasn’t police, it was security—saying, 'Mr. Hardy, you have to get off the plane. We feel you’ve had too much to drink.' Matt (Hardy) got up and was like, 'What’s the problem?' They were like, 'He’s had too much to drink.' I go, 'I was asleep. I’ll wake up in Raleigh. I’ve been like this before.' But I just cooperated and left the plane."

"Right away, once I got home I called who I needed to call and just told them what happened. It does make me sick when—especially with me—anything negative, the Internet wants to highlight right away,"

Hardy continued, "One [site] actually said that Beth was with me and she was the one that was too drunk and she was handcuffed. I was never handcuffed. There were these crazy things like, 'He got caught with contraband.' It was nothing like that."

Hardy also talked about his high-risk style of wrestling and one of the spots WWE refused to let him do: "One thing that stands out is when Brock Lesnar was still with us, I had this idea of somehow Paul Heyman would be laid out near the middle of the ring, but Brock would be underneath the turnbuckle I was jumping off of. And I’d go to Swanton Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesnar spears me in the air while I’m upside down.

They said no. I was like, 'My momentum’s going that way anyway. I feel confident in it.' But they were like, 'No way.' I needed a couple action figures just to show it to them."

To read the full interview with Hardy, check out Kevin Eck's blog at BaltimoreSun.com. It's really just more of the same however but good none the less. I was surprised however about the missed spot with Brock Lesnar, he was Champ at the time.

And having a potential Brock Lesnar/Jeff Hardy storyline would have boosted Jeff's career a lot. I mean he may have already been champ himself and probably wouldn't of had that two year stint with TNA either.

Oh Well I guess we will never know, or will we? Brock Lesnar has a big fight coming up for UFC Gold and he is really popular in MMA right now. And at Wrestlemania they always bring in an outside sport to wrestling, last year boxing with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This year maybe Brock Lesnar, and possibly having Jeff Hardy and Brock Lesnar go at it would be good, I mean his brother, Matt Hardy, went against Evander Holyfield, so why not? Tell me what you think.


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