NFL: The 10 Best Coaching Rants in History (With Videos)

Michael Mill@@MikeMill23Senior Analyst IIIMarch 17, 2011

NFL: The 10 Best Coaching Rants in History (With Videos)

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    Some of the most memorable moments in sports don't happen during the game, but during the coaches press conferences afterward.

    Players aren't the only ones with personalities.

    There have been more coaching rants than can be counted in the history of the NFL.

    Every person reading this right now has already singled out the most memorable coaching rant they can recall.

    It was tough to narrow down the list, but here are the ten best coaching rants in NFL history.

    (Warning: All of these videos are edited, but some do contain strong language)

10. Mike Singletary (I Want Winners)

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    Mike Singletary was an amazing player.

    San Francisco fans will be the first to tell you, he wasn't much of a coach.

    He would rather play with ten players and get penalized all the way.

    Mike, that wouldn't be a penalty.

    In one of his first questionable moves as a coach Singletary pulled star tight end Vernon Davis from the game because he wasn't a "team player".

    He wants winners!

9. Bill Callahan (Dumbest Team in America)

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    I still can't figure this one out.

    Was Bill Callahan insulting his players, or himself?

    He says that the Raiders have to be the dumbest team in America, but doesn't that start with coaching?

    Callahan had one successful season as the Raider's head coach.

    The following year the team struggled, and many players called out Callahan for the misfortune.

    Maybe it's because he called them the dumbest team in America.

8. Bill Parcells (Consider Yourself Sucked)

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    Bill Parcells may hate the media, but we love him.


    He gives us awesome one liners like "consider yourself sucked".

    Parcells is asked a question about the attitude issues that are beginning with Terrell Owens, and he fires back like he usually does with the media.

    This is just one of many Parcells' rants over the years.

    He was an icon during post game press conferences.

    His presence is missed.

7. Jerry Burns (All This Because of a Shoe)

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    Well, it's going to be a little difficult to understand what Jerry Burns is saying in this video.

    That's because 80 percent of it is cut out due to swearing.

    This press conference was after a Vikings and Rams match-up in 1989.

    Burns is livid about some mistakes in the game, one of which was a play where running back Alfred Anderson lost his shoe before a goal line play.

    Burns defends his offensive coordinator despite the team failing to score a single touchdown in the game.

    The best part: the Vikings won this game 23-21.

    Imagine what Burns was like after his team lost.

6. Mike Ditka (What Do You Care)

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    Just like Parcells, Mike Ditka had many press conferences that will always be remembered.

    Ditka was aggressive as a player, and was just as aggressive as a coach.

    It made for some great post game interviews.

    One of the most memorable Ditka rants was during a press conference while he was coaching the New Orleans Saints.

    Ditka was clearly not in a good mood, so a reporter asked him why.

    If there was ever a moment where you thought a coach may punch out a reporter, this was it.

5. Jim Mora (Diddly Poo)

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    The New Orleans Saints fall 19-7 to the Carolina Panthers.

    The team is now 2-6.


    Because they couldn't do diddly poo.

    Jim Mora may be one of the most amusing and honest coaches in the history of the league.

    The diddly poo rant was the final press conference Mora had with the Saints.

    He resigned as head coach the following day.

    Because they couldn't do diddly poo.

4. John McKay (We Made Up for It)

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    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a video of any of John McKay's many rants.

    McKay was the first coach of the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He dealt with many difficult situations. Many of these led to wonderful sound bites.

    Since I was unable to find a video, here are some of the best quotes from McKay.

    In response to his team's execution: "I'm all in favor of it".

    During a post game press conference: "You guys don't know the difference between a football and a bunch of bananas".

    The following week a reporter left bananas at McKay's front door: "You guys don't know the difference between a football and a Mercedes-Benz."

    After one of Tampa Bay's many losses: "In that game we didn't block very well, but we made up for it by not tackling".

    (If anybody knows of a link to a McKay video, please share it in the comments below so I can add it)

3. Herm Edwards (Why Do You Play Herm?)

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    Why do you play the game Herm?

    Do you play to just play it? Of course not.


    As a long time Eagles fan, I would like to take this time to thank Herm Edwards for two things.

    First, the Miracle at the Meadowlands.

    Second, being one of the most entertaining coaches in the history of the game.

2. Dennis Green (They Are Who We Thought They Were)

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    Dennis Green was actually a fantastic coach during his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings.

    Many people forget this because his time with the Cardinals was so bad.

    On October 16, 2006 the Cardinals blew a 20-point lead over the Chicago Bears in less than 20 minutes.

    During the post game interview, it appeared at first that Green was going to keep his composure.

    Then, he blew up.

1. Jim Mora (Playoffs!?!?!?!)

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    After his final diddly poo rant with the Saints, Mora went on to become a color analyst for a few years.

    In 1998, he returned to coaching by taking over the Indianapolis Colts.

    His tenure started off slow, but in his second and third season the team made the playoffs.

    In 2001, the team began to struggle again. After a loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the team dropped to 4-6.

    After the game, Mora had his famous "playoffs" rant which is one of the best known coaching rants in all of sports history.

    In case you didn't know, the Colts didn't make the playoffs. Mora was also fired at the conclusion of the season.