John Elway Announces Engagement to Former Raiders Cheerleader Paige Green

InGameNow .Contributor IISeptember 28, 2008

Denver Broncos Hall-of-Fame quarterback John Elway is now engaged to a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader. The two-time Super Bowl winner proposed to 41-year-old Paige Green during a trip to Italy last week. Elway told the Rocky Mountain News he was “looking forward to a long life together” with Green.

Paige Green Fast Facts
Height: 5′7″
Weight: 120 pounds
Movie appearances: Ray of Darkness, Gory Gory Hallelujah
Occupation: Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader

Green was formerly connected to Reagan Dunn, son of Republican ex-congresswoman Jennifer Dunn. The couple became engaged in October of 2006 after dating for a year.

She was born to Joshua and Pam Green, who founded several banking, boating and real estate companies in the Seattle area (from Mahalo).

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