Just Why Is Macho Man Randy Savage Blacklisted From WWE Anyway?

Ronnie BryceCorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2008

Just like that commerical that keeps playing for the allergy medicine says..

"Have you ever heard that song Time In A Bottle?"

The question I'll redundantly ask is..

Have you ever heard all the rumors as to why Macho Man Randy Savage is banned from WWE"?

Sure we've all read the countless rumors and one big one.

But at this time when news has recently broke that THQ was prohibited from featuring Macho Man Randy Savage in the forthcoming video game due out next march featuring WWE legends, the long standing grudge that Vince has for Randy has reared it's ugly head once again.

And it's time I tackled this legendary grudge and get to the bottom of it.

Let's start the story.

Flashback to WWF (sorry Panda lover's FU', I refuse to call WWF WWE before 2002.)

The year we flash back to is 1994.

During this time in wrestling WCW was slowly making strides. WWE has just signed Hulk Hogan with much pomp and circumstance that summer, but WWF was still king of wrestling.

Macho Man was secure in WWF with a cushy color commentating position on WWE broadcast and MC of Summerslam that year.

Much is to be speculated as to why Macho Man was now wrestling only part time against the likes of Doink and Crush etc, but it seems Randy was happy with the position

Or so we think.

Macho Man's contract was soon expiring in the fall of 1994.

From what I hear Macho Man gave his word to Vince that he would resign and not leave to WCW.

Supposedly Macho did the opposite and this is what lead to Vince blacklisting Macho Man.

Vince being a man of his word, who has made numerous agreements signing wrestlers see's "Giving your word" and handshake agreements as almost as good as a contract signing.

So as December of 1994 had arrived WWF magazine had featured Macho Man on the cover of their magazine, only to have egg left on their face because Macho Man had did the opposite of what he supposedly promised to Vince.

And that is bolt to WCW.

Not to mention bolt by the time the magazine went to press.

Now while this scenerio seems the most simple, there could be more to why Savage left and why McMahon hates him now. One rumor has it that when Vince was on trial for the steroid scandal, he was losing sponsors left and right. One of those sponsors was Slim Jim and as we all know Macho Man is very well know for doing his Slim Jim commercials. When Macho went to WCW Slim Jim moved their advertising along with Randy and aired Slim Jim commericals during WCW's shows instead which cost Vince loads of money in ad revenue he desperately needed at the time. As a result some say that this is why Vince hates Macho Man.


With WCW now having Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, as well as Ric Flair, and a brash upstart guy at the helm named Eric Bischoff who had a keen eye and Ted Turner's deep pocket's at his disposal, the first strikes had seemingly been taken by WCW at raiding WWF's legendary but slightly past their prime talent.

Vince McMahon retailiated by bringing together what is one of the most entertaining segments in wrestling since Shawn Michaels appeared on a mock Larry King in 2005 as "The Hulkster... Brother"

This segment featured a fake Macho Man and a fake Hogan on a fake Larry King Show as "The Nacho Man" and "The Huckster". In the segment WWF effectively made fun of Savage and Hogan with over the top parodies of their former employees.

Apparently this satisfied Vince McMahon's lust for humilating his former stars.

Time passed and healed wounds and by 2002 Hulk Hogan was back in WWE and main eventing against The Rock at Wrestlemania.

So just what happened with Savage that's different with Hogan.

Hogan has been critical of Vince and WWE before and since then , yet they always seem to put their differences aside and work together again.

There's even rumors Hogan will be back for Wrestlemania 25.

So if both Savage and Hogan both did the same thing and left Vince high and dry so many years ago why is Macho Man blacklisted and not Hogan?

Sure Hogan was the bigger star, but Macho Man is a legend in his own right.

The stories and rumors over the years time and time again tell a story that whenever someone mentions Savage to Vince in a meeting. From suggesting bringing him back for one last run, to even a dvd featuring him, Vince get's very weird and angry and says no and changes the subject with no explanation.

This happened to John Laurantis, just last year when suggesting WWE make a Macho Man dvd.

Vince had the option of making a Savage dvd and mocking him like they did with Ultimate Warrior.

Granted Warrior sued them. I'm sure that wouldnt have stopped Vince.

Bret Hart knocked Vince out cold, and gave him a black eye, Bret spit on him.

Yet as Bret Hart lay in a hospital bed after his stroke 5 years ago, who do you think called him on the phone?

Vince McMahon.

Proof that Vince has forgiveness in his heart.

Even if Vince deep down knows he was wrong what happened to Bret.

Even if he doesnt.

He still made peace with Bret.

Bret who actually struck his former boss, has been blessed with a DVD of his career, numerous Classic WWE action figures, and has been featured in WWE video games

And most of all was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

So what could had Macho Man have done to Vince, if Vince can forgive a guy who punched him out  and bolted to WCW, but he cant forgive Randy Savage?

Now for the sake of legality, I will note anything further in this article is pure speculation.

I have spent days searching the internet trying to find stories that all coincided with each other.

This is all speculatory and I am not suggesting that anyone involved did the following, I'm am just presenting it as a scenerio.

The names are changed to Vance McGuy and Nacho Man Ricky Prowler.

The first story that keeps popping up on the net.

It has no evidence to back the story, but it has popped up often is supposedly

Nacho Man engaged in sexual relations with Vance's daughter Bethanie back in the mid 90's while she was still a minor.

I suggest you all search this story online and see for yourselves.

After doing an extensive search this is the story I see coming up the most.

Now you gotta ask yourself.

Yes Vince McMahon is a forgiving man, but knowing how Vince's personality is I just cant see him not pressing charges agaisnt the "Nacho Man"

If Nacho man had done something like this surely Vance would had prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law.

And surely the long arm of the long would had gotten involved.

I just cant see WWE keoing this hush hush. Now granted a potential minor could had been involved in the person of "Bethanie" but i still think even in 1994 somone how if this were true the story would had leaked even if the internet was just starting.

Someone on the inside would had leaked it and it would had been picked up in a Pro Wrestling Illustrared or something.

It would had been too big of a story not to had been leaked.

So why today then if it did happen is it finnaly turning up on the internet if it is indeed true?

Hard to say.

Vince isnt talking

Macho Man isnt talking.

So somehow this rumor got pretty far on the internet, and I for one do not know who started it.

It just seems odd that Vince would blacklist Macho Man from the history of WWE just because he lost revenue do to the Slim Jim Commerials going with Savage to WCW.

Now I am not personally saying any of this is fact or the truth.

I am presenting a scenerio if you will with names to protect the supposedly involved.

So ask yourself..

What did Macho Man Randy Savage do, to get banned from WWE for life?

Why does Vince get angry and strange every time Savage's name is mentioned and instantly tells the person mentioning Savage to immediately drop the subject?

Why can Vince forgive Bret Hart who hit him, gave him a black eye and spat on him.

Vince has forgiven and brought back countless stars who have wronged him or left him for WCW. or held out for more money* (* see Ultimate Warrior)

So why is it Vince has an unspoken hatred for Macho Man Randy Savage?

If you keep "thinking thinking thinking".

You just may find the answers.

So what do you all think?

Give me your best answers as to why Macho Man is banned from WWE.