10 Superstars the WWE Should Fire in 2011

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIFebruary 12, 2011

10 Superstars the WWE Should Fire in 2011

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    In my last article, I discussed the "10 Superstars who Should Return to the WWE." This article will focus on those superstars who have either become boring or have nothing left to do in the WWE. These superstars showed some talent when they first began their careers but have now become stale.

    So without further delay here are my "10 Superstars The WWE Should Fire In 2011."

No. 10 Primo Colon

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    When Primo first started his career he was in a tag team with Carlito. Primo won the WWE Tag Team Championship with Carlito in 2008, but since then there has not been much for Primo to do. Primo is now reduced to appearances on WWE Superstars.

    I have one idea that may save Primo's career. If the WWE would call up his cousin Tito from FCW and form a tag team then maybe Primo could get some regular work back on his schedule.

No 9 Yoshi Tatsu

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    Funaki version 2.0, Yoshi Tatsu has not done anything of note in the WWE. Yoshi is another WWE Superstars regular. There is nothing for him to do in the WWE and he does not have any particular skill that sets him apart from the other superstars.

No. 8 Tyson Kidd

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    Since the Hart Dynasty broke up, Tyson Kidd has had nothing to do.

    In the Hart Dynasty, Tyson won the Tag Team Championships with his partner D.H. Smith. Tyson has not been in a serious role since the break up and he has nothing left to do in the WWE.

No. 7 Curt Hawkins

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    Does anyone seriously know anything that Curt Hawkins has done lately? Curt has no future in the WWE, the writers do not have much for him and he is, in my opinion, a boring superstar.

    He is lucky that he has been in the business this long.

No. 6 JTG

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    JTG is another superstar that has not been successful since his tag team broke up. His ex-partner Shad has already been let go and I expect JTG to be gone in short time.

    He is an annoying superstar and does nothing but squash matches and time-filler segments.

No. 5 Hornswoggle

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    Hornswoggle was a comedic superstar that started out as a pretty funny guy. He has now ruined the WWE by tarnishing the Cruiserweight Championship and making the Royal Rumble look like a joke.

    Enough is enough and Hornswoggle has overstayed his welcome.

No. 4 Rosa Mendes

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    Milena Roucka (AKA Rosa Mendes)
    Milena Roucka (AKA Rosa Mendes)

    Rosa has absolutely no purpose in the WWE. She is an attractive woman but besides that she does not have anything going for her. She has been reduced to jumping rope and managing Hornswoggle.

    If I were a creative member on SmackDown, I would have one idea left for her. This goes back to calling up Tito Colon to partner with Primo. Rosa could be their manager and maybe, just maybe, they could all find success.

    Doubting that the WWE would think of this it is time for Rosa to be "future endeavored."

No. 3 R-Truth

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    R-Truth has not been interesting this past year or so. It is just the lack of superstars that has allowed him to be in the Elimination Chamber. Truth will not win that match, Truth is getting older and Truth should be fired.

No. 2 Zack Ryder

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    Ryder has nothing to do and has no storyline left in the WWE. His gimmick is cheesy and is getting very annoying. Woo Woo Woo? How about No No No! Please fire Zack Ryder.

No. 1 (Actually Two Of Them) The Bella Twins

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    The Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki Bella have ran their course in the WWE. This drama with Gail Kim may slow their firing but I think they will still be let go later in the year.

    They can't wrestle and they have no charisma aside from being good looking. At least Daniel's girl can wrestle more than both of them combined.


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    That concludes my "10 Superstars the WWE should Fire in 2011." Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about the list.

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