WWE Hits: 10 Surprises So Far on SmackDown and RAW in 2011

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

WWE Hits: 10 Surprises So Far on SmackDown and RAW in 2011

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    I was going to do this article in a couple of weeks' time, but 2011 has already had a chance to create some memorable moments.

    I think it would be more interesting to do it now, when it is earlier in the year, which will make this article more challenging.

    We have seen four RAWs and three SmackDowns in this time, so it is my job to research and try on 11 surprises so far this year...and is it your job to chill out and enjoy the read.

Shawn Michaels Being Unvieled As The First Hall Of Fame Inductee Of 2011 Class

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    Please do not see this in the wrong way. We all know that Shawn Michaels in the Hall of Fame was inevitable, without doubt.

    However, it is the first Hall of Fame since his retirement and WWE have just thrown him in there.

    Steve Austin and Ted DiBiase Senior had to have waited years since their retirement whilst WWE legends The Rock and Bruno Sammartino and more have are still waiting for the nod.

    As I said, the only shock is how quick they announced his Hall of Fame induction and not the fact that he will be in the Hall of Fame.

Justin Gabriel Beating Edge In SmackDown Main Event

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    Justin Gabriel is a top talent and the fact that he main evented SmackDown is terrific for everyone involved.

    It makes Wade Barrett's promise of equalia look true, it makes Gabriel look strong and with rumours brewing of Edge's fitness and retirement plan it shows he can keep up with WWE's new breed.

    I know, Gabriel did not actually with the macth cleanly but in the WWE and any sport really, a win is a win.

    I expect great things from Justin Gabriel in the upcoming months and years as he will play a key part in WWE's future because of his talented.

Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim All Along

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    I know it is kayfabe and a little a childish but, I was genuinely shocked, it was a great twist by WWE Creative, nowadays in the WWE it is not often their Creative make smart programing and that is most surprising.

    As well as the fact that finally, Gail Kim may be getting some sort of a push because she is most deserving in more ways than one.

    Daniel Bryan was gaining a little personality with The Bella's but now hopefully with Gail Kim we will see an in-depth look at his character that has been dominating RAW's mid-card.

Mason Ryan's Debut

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    I loved his debut, it had great impact, had a great twist and caused John Cena a problem they are the thing I love to see in an angle or storyline.

    He entered the ring and at first I was like Holey S%*&, WTF and then I saw his face and though oh no he is going to be a face. That was my initial reaction when I seen him and CM Punk have that stare down.

    At then when CM Punk "sacrificed" himself I knew that Mason Ryan was going to be the latest member of CM Punk's "new" Nexus.

    He is a tremendous athlete and if anything, I think he will go further than Dave Batista ever did because Mason Ryan said these words; "I don't think, I'm ready for Raw".

    Most wrestlers, Dave Batista, Kevin Nash and more at his age and physique would have been arrogant.

Santino and Vlad Still Tag Team Champions

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    I know for some people this may not be a massive part considering this certain tag team do play a key role in WWE's current, PG Era.

    They keep the children entertained whilst they are performing and during that duration of time the more mature audience go and grab a beer.

    Santino and Vladimir are actually talented stars underneath their horrific gimmick and it is actually very frustrating that WWE do not properly use their talent to the max.

    When they won the titles I always thought it would be for a short stint and they would lose the belts in a lame attempt of humour by the creative team.

    For me, these guys being still champs is a surprise.

Ziggler Losing His Title and Becoming Number One Contender All In One Night

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    This for me is a big mistake by the creative team because I do believe that Edge will defeat him in style come Sunday and with no Intercontental Championship he has nothing.

    His career has been an up and down journey due to heavy critisicim and suspension because of drug abuse and I think in a years time we will be taking about another move down the ladder for Dolph Ziggler.

    His relationship with Vickie may give him platfrom for some storylines but apart from that bleek chance I would say enjoy Dolph's match on Sunday.

Teddy Long Being

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    This just shows the crative teams lack of creativity it is basically the same storyline as the Undertaker's attack or the bret hart incident last year when someone ran over hi leg.

    They're are plenty of suspects such as;

    Dolph Ziggler - Is he trying to land Vicke the job on a full-time basis.

    The Corre - It is a little mysterious that after their heated confrontation he ends up on the floor.

    Drew McIntyre - He has had major problems with Teddy in the past and he has being getting a little push as of late.

    Chavo Guerrero - Same motive as Ziggler.

    Or was it that Michael Tarver attacked Teddy, as part CM Punk's orders of initiation as well as framing The Corre. This would really help the on-going rivalry between Punk and Barrett as well as both The Corre and Nexus

WWE Placing LayCool Back In The Title Angle

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    They may be goergous and great heel but Melina and the Diva's Championship deserve more respect than what they are being presented with in all fairness.

    I assumed that Melina would have challenged Natalya at the Royal Rumble and we would have watched a good old-fashioned 15+ minutes of diva's action but WWE made another stupid and pointless twist.

    They threw these two back in the hunt, which is ridiculous seeings as talented diva's like Gail Kim, Maryse and more were never given the chance to challenge Natalya, whilst LayCool had plenty of chances at getting rid of Natalya.

    And this BS about the championship rematch clause is insane because I always though WWE made a big deal of it expiring within 30 days? If i am wrong please correct me.

Rey Mysterio (kayfabe) Breaks Cody Rhodes' Nose

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    I love Cody Rhodes, his gimmick and definitely his skills and I am happy he is doing great compares to Ted DiBiase, who was once also a part of Legacy.

    Rhodes always appealed to me as the more talented one, apart from Randy Orton obviously.

    Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio have shown they have the ability to put on a great match and this feud is going to be very entertaining.

    It is going to be excellent to see what Rhodes is going to do in retaliation to Mysterio's bone crushing 619, pardon the pun.

Ezekiel Jackson Joining The Corre

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    When I seen Ezekiel Jackson burst down the ramp, two great emotions ran through my body as the beast was staing in the arena.

    Content and absolute shock.

    Ezekiel Jackson is currently in the history books as the final ever ECW Champion not only will he be remembered for that but he has also bodyslamed The Big Show.

    Now, I know the slam was not as big as Hogan's and never will be but it was stil\l great because as we know The Big Show had a solid year on the Blue Brand throughout 2010.

    He became number one contender and then after that he buried Jack Swagger and the poor Straight Edge Society, he almost buried CM Punk as well but our messiah is too good for that.

    Has Big Show finally met his match on SmackDown? The show, that has been revolving a lot around The Big Show recently


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    If you have been reading my last Slide Show you will understand that I have started a new conception that shows past tag team a little love, and thats explain the photo.

    So guys, what are your thoughts on my prediciton for the Teddy Long angle? Do you want to see LayCool re-gain the gold? Has Big Show met his match and was I right about Shawn Michaels?

    If they're are any new writers to Bleacher Report who are looking for assistance please contact me and I can try and help you guys with the process.

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    Thanks For Reading, Jonny Cooney.